Countryweek Singles 2021
Brought to you by -
Bush Chook

Section 1

Bruce Manning - Moora
Brian Humfrey - Tammin
Jeremy Genders - Williams
Interesting section
My Selection - Bruce Manning

Section 2

Geoffrey Page - Middleton Beach
Arthur Crabbe - Gnowangerup
Con Funazzi                      - Dudley Park
Some big names in this section,Funazzi a previous pairs winner ,Crabbe has more badges on his hat than a war veteran ,Page solid
My Selection - Con Funazzi

Section 3

Peter Gerrand - Merredin
Todd Main - Jurien
Brenden McGree - Three Springs               
Merredin a strong club and Gerrand has been part of the furniture a long time,Main &Mcgree in this though.
My Selection - Peter Gerrand

Section 4

Campbell Aiken - Williams
Richard Wheeldon - Tammin
Mark Mills - Eaton                              
I think this one will be out of Mills & Wheeldon,toss the coin
My Selection - Richard Wheeldon

Section 5

Tim Haslam - Pingelly
Murray Siegert - Goomalling
Kim Davidson - Wagin                             
all good players in there own right
My Selection - Kim Davidson

Section 6

Jamie Criddle - Westonia
Mark Clarke - Eaton
Jimmy Heal                       - Three Springs               
Eaton a very strong club so clarke will have a say here but if Criddle can keep out of the bars and night clubs he could go deep this year.
My Selection - Jamie Criddle

Section 7

Michael Rodan - Moora
John Exton - Brunswick
Ian Woodruff - Darkan                           
South versus North
My Selection - Mick Rodan

Section 8

Ben Parker - Merredin
David Cliff - Brookton
Justin Smith - York                                
One of the biggest names in Wa bowls J Smith winner only 2 years ago should be to strong,but be weary of Parker he is on the rise
My Selection - Justin Smith

Section 9

Douglas Kelly - Meckering
Graham Lethlean - Badgingarra
Glen Plaisted - Wongan Hills                
Kelly been playing mid week bowls in the metro and in good form hard to go past him here
My Selection - Doug Kelly

Section 10

Keith Jones - Boulder
Kevin McGregor - Middleton Beach
Trevor Cosgrove                 - Shackleton                    
McGregor is very solid,Jones could surprise Cosgrove generally goes deep . Coin toss
My Selection - Trevor Cosgrove

Section 11

Richard Howlett - Halls Head
Phil Clarke - Boulder
John Gearing                       - Civic Merredin              
Gearing ultra consistent,Howlett sounds like he has runs on the board also
My Selection - John Gearing

Section 12

Chris King - Perenjori
Geoff Cox - Kellerberrin
Tom Cabassi                        - Gingin                             
What a section we have here all 3 have claims , Be prepared fo a long afternoon markers .
My Selection - Tom Cabassi

Section 13

George Batt - Boddington
Peter Clifford - Donnybrook
Jared Nehme - Ongerup                        
Batttle of the south here.
My Selection - George Batt

Section 14

Herb McClelland - Kellerberrin
Kristian Carr - Goomalling
Lance Litchfield - Jurien                             
McClelland is consistant, Carr went well in State singles and also playing metro mid week
My Selection - Kristian Carr

Section 15

Maurice Crameri - Cunderdin
Gavin Burbery - Pingelly
Kelvin Crosby - Emu Point
Crosby has claims ,Crameri massive competitor
My Selection - Maurice Crameri

Section 16

John Dye - Broomehill
Shane Hunter - Bruce Rock
Malcolm Ogden - Three Springs               
Coin toss
My Selection - John Dye

Section 17

Peter Swaan - Wonthella
Jason Guerini - Yilgarn
Stephen Hughes - Dumbleyung                 
Wonthella very strong , Guerini on the rise but must be in bed before midnight
My Selection - Stephen Hughes

Section 18

James Stokes - Tammin
Doug Wright - Emu Point
Tom Kempin - Broomehill                    
Stokes a good draw bowler , wright looks the goods here
My Selection - Doug Wright

Section 19

Damian Dixon - Donnybrook
Steven Chester - Goomalling
Noel Warner - Tammin                         
Tough to pick here
My Selection - Steven Chester

Section 20

Martin Bigg - Comet Bay
Darren Postans - Civic Merredin
Justin Lofthouse - Dandaragan                  
All good players in there own right .Postan proven in singles
My Selection - Darren Postans

Section 21

Shaun Donohoe - Gingin
Wayne Counsel - Carnamah
Trever Wilkins - Cunderdin                     
Silky previous country week winner & still playing well expect Donohue & Counsel to push him
My Selection - Trevor Wilkins

Section 22

Bill McGrath - Boddington
Robert Marinoni - Moodiarrup
Ian Carlshausen - Denison                         
Not much intel on these 3 ,coin toss
My Selection - Ian Carlhausen

Section 23

Stephen Gregory - Civic Merredin
Jeffrey Hookham - Eaton
Paul Beresford - Boulder                          
Phew a hot section here Gregory nows his way around the pubs so might be playing under duress ,Beresford interleague and zone rep hookman solid
My Selection - Stephen Gregory

Section 24

Alex Paron - Shackleton
Jon Trotter - Geraldton
Steven Unsworth - Pinjarra                          
The big concretor looks the goods here.
My Selection - Alex Paron

Section 25

Stuart McAlpine - Dalwallinu
Richard Plant - Albany
Glen Bryant - Mullewa                        
coin toss
My Selection - Glen Bryant

Section 26

Robert Blackman - Yilgarn
Paul Opitz - Dudley Park
Mark Castle - Borden                           
dudley park bat very deep
My Selection - Paul Opitz

Section 27

Clive Morton - Newdegate
Henry Slawinski - Wonthella
Mark Wunnenberg - Darkan                           
Slawinski a legend , Wunnerberg proven & Norton will trouble both
My Selection - Mark Wunnenberg

Section 28

Jim Duggan - Tammin
Graeme Carr - Goomalling
Dean Offer - Albany                            
Duggan for me
My Selection - Jimmy Duggan

Section 29

Geoff Main - Kellerberrin
Rick Lyon - Eaton
Brett Baker - Dudley Park
the big Goonch should get this one but from all reports Lyon & Baker are well equippedto take this out
My Selection - Geoff Main

Section 30

Michael Warburton - Williams
Max Fairhead - Mukinbudin
Shane Giudice-Nairn       - Geraldton                      
Looks between Nairn & Warburton , IF Nairn can stay off his phone I think he can go very deep this year
My Selection - Shane Guidice-Nairn

Section 31

James Neulist - Yilgarn
Dan Jolly - Dalwallinu
Peter Miller - Brunswick                     
Neulist is areal wild card a could surprise many Jolly in good form and a previous pairs winner with the big Tbone , Miller will earn it if he goes thru.
My Selection - Dan Jolly

Section 32

Stephen Tuffley - Emu point
Dennis Wilkinson - Brookton
Clive Gibsone                      - Cunderdin                     
coin toss not much intel
My Selection - Stephen Tuffley

Section 33

Bradley King - Geraldton
Jim Pooley - Donnybrook
Bevan Fancote - Brookton                       
King ,Previous winner and a major player agin this year Fancote may be the resistance
My Selection - Brad King

Section 34

Shane Manuel - Northam
Charles Russell - Broomehill
Wayne Della Bosca - Yilgarn                            
Della Bosca has taken a few big scalps before but Manuel for me( just)
My Selection - Shane Manuel

Section 35

Robin Smith - Mukinbudin
Kristian Kenworthy - Three Springs
Riley Anderson - Quairading                    
Kenworthy and Anderson good players but I will go for an upset
My Selection - Robin Smith

Section 36

Ged Cashmore - Jurien
Bruce McGowan - Darkan
Matthew France                 - Merredin                       
Matty ( Drag It ) France a previous singles and pairs winner and will be at the pointy end again , The ex beacon boy may be the stumbling block
My Selection - Matthew France

Section 37

Geoffrey Whyatt - Eaton
Edward Ludemann - Bolgart
John Goddard - Hopetoun                      
Roll up Roll up one and all some heavy hitters here Goddard one of the most consistant bowlers at a high level this state has produced and coming off a Semi Final appearance in the state singles . Can he go all the way ? Whyatt a legend also so expect a cracking game
My Selection - John Goddard

Section 38

John Currie - Narembeen
Grant Whyte - Mukinbudin
Dene Solomon - Perenjori                       

My Selection - John Currie

Section 39

Kevin Brooks - Cervantes
Gary Cosgrove - Geraldton
Tim Hyatt - Dudley Park

My Selection - Tim Hyatt

Section 40

Rodney Stokes - Tammin
Shaun Morton - Civic Merredin
Bradley Horton - Eaton                              
Very solid section ,some excellent draw bowlers , toss the coin
My Selection - Brad Horton

Section 41

Russel Hall - Dumbleyung
George Hams - Ongerup
Bill Cowan - Narembeen                   
out of the hat
My Selection - Russel Hall

Section 42

Roger Pascoe - Boulder
Gerrit Olde - Middleton Beach
Michael Carr - Beacon                           
Carr a very consistent draw bowler but the big Panda from the goldfields knows how to play singles,he he rcan get to bed before 3 am each night look out competition
My Selection - Roger Pascoe

Section 43

John Nelson - Kellerberrin
David Haines - Merredin
Athol Ventris                       - Mukinbudin                  
interesting section Ventris & Haines are up and coming . Nelson a real competitor . Would not surprise me if anyone wins
My Selection - John Nelson

Section 44

John Ashton - Newdegate
Chris Schell - Goomalling
Ian Fox - Dandaragan                  
this section will belong to Goomaling
My Selection - Chris Schell

Section 45

Gary Ilich - Kondinin
Robert McTaggart - Denison
Luke Risinger - Carnamah
Risinger could cause the upset here but I will select Illich
My Selection - Gary Illich

Section 46

Derek Jones - Boulder
Michael Crane - Tammin
Kevin Adriaens - Merredin                       
Jones & Crane are very steady but I think this one will be won Brilliantly
My Selection - Kev Adriens

Section 47

Haydn Dixon - Tammin
Ron Thompson - Karlgarin
Graeme Jose - Dumbleyung                 
Bundle these 3 up and you would have a bery good triples team
My Selection - Graeme Jose

Section 48

Charles Wass - Coorow
Wayne Langborne - Halls Head
Kim Lauder - Wonthella                     
coin toss not much intel
My Selection - Wayne Langborne

Section 49

Andrew Antonio - Three Springs
Richard Sounness - Emu Point
Jamie Hooper - Boulder                          
Antonio & Hooper in this up to there necks
My Selection - Richard Sounness

Section 50

Geoff White - Goomalling
Ray Lewis - Leeman
Aaron Goulden - Wongan Hills                
Goulden or White could get chocolates
My Selection - Geoff White

Section 51

Andrew Goodman - Waroona
Brian Chambers - Jurien
Don Dellar - Wongan Hills                
coin toss
My Selection - Brian Chambers

Section 52

Shane Freestone - Yilgarn
Zbiszek Slawinski - Wonthella
Brian Osman - Middleton Beach         
Freestone will be in for a big week either on the green or after hours ,Osman looks the winner but there is that famous Slawinski name
My Selection - Brian Osman

Section 53

David McDonald - Shackleton
Brett Hooper - Boulder
Donald Russell - Dandaragan                  
boulder for mine
My Selection - Brett Hooper

Section 54

Phil Coxon - Yunderup
Paul Hitchcock - Denison
Matthew Mitchell           - Emu Point                      
Hitchy will give some cheek here but impossible to go past last years winner Mitchell is fast becoming one of the very best in the state
My Selection - Matthew Mitchell

Section 55

Ryan Gobbart - Borden
Matthew King - Kukerin
Paul Wood                           - Manjimup
Hard to pick the winner
My Selection - Ryan Gobbart

Section 56

Fred Holt - Emu Point
Dean Tinley - Comet Bay
Anthony Ryan - Wyalkatchem               
doesn’t get much hotter than this section , Holt is a master Tinley has the all round game and flare ,Ryan is composed and measured . Stick my neck out and go for Ryan
My Selection - Anthony Ryan

Section 57

Greg Jones - York
Greyham Lee - Hopetoun
Durwin Melbin - Coorow                          
York for me ,if you’re a Smith or Jones from York you go ok
My Selection - Greg Jones

Section 58

Steven Lange - Mukinbudin
Jed Shepherd - Civic Merredin
Ian Hockridge - Karlgarin                        
Battle of the wheatbelt here Lange is hard to beat in any game Shepherd made his name as a leader and has expanded his game in resent years ,not sure about Hockridge
My Selection - Steven Lange

Section 59

Greg Carter - Pingelly
Mike Lee - Meadow Springs
Warren Holt - Wagin                             
this looks a one horse race Holt has gathered a huge resume in the last 5 years and was runner up in the state singles in January, expect him to be at the pointy end.
My Selection - Warren Holt

Section 60

Warren Sarginson - Exmouth
George McArdle - Leeman
Mick Thompson                 - Mullewa                        
battle of the North
My Selection - Warren Sarginson

Section 61

Con Kikeros - Carnamah
Mark Palumbo - York
Geoff Beale - Jurien                             

My Selection - Mark Palumbo

Section 62

David Smith - Condingup
Quentin Davies - Wyalkatchem
Shaun Woodward - Shackleton                    
Q-Stick here but Smith & Woodward could be
My Selection - Quentin Davies

Section 63

David Smart - Boddington
Neville Woods - Eaton
Nicholas Hosking - Moodiarrup                  
My Selection - Neville Woods

Section 64

Paul Smith - Mukinbudin
Philip Barber - Corrigin
Robert Lockyer - Kondinin                        
Barber has been going through fairly deep last few years , Smith has the talent , Lockyer is steady . Smith if he plays well
My Selection - Paul, Smith

Section 65

William Alford - Wonthella
Allan Axton - Mandurah
Norm Wass - Dowerin                         

My Selection - Allan Axton

Section 66

Graeme Smith - Kukerin
Richard Malek - Jurien
Noel Lawrence - Tammin                         

My Selection - Richard Malek

Section 67

Phil Becker - Northam
Peter Reudavey - Geraldton
Thomas O'Connell - Nungarin                       
this is anyones , seriously hard to split
My Selection - Peter Reudavey

Section 68

Harold Wass - Boyup Brook
Jamie Spence - Borden
John Bowler - Kalgoorlie                      
Toss coin
My Selection - Jamie Spence

Section 69

Timothy McKenzie - Perenjori
Colin Burns - Cowaramup
Mark Selby - Emu Point

My Selection - Mark Selby

Section 70

Ross Ditchburn - Kukerin
Ashley Armstrong - Bunbury
Kimberly Trotter - Geraldton                      
Solid Section
My Selection - Ross Ditchburn

Section 71

Ian Carr - Goomalling
Peter Ashworth - Eaton
Steve Hill                              - Kalgoorlie                      

My Selection - Peter Ashworth

Section 72

Richard Schinzig - Moodiarrup
Brian Emery - Jurien
Gary Shadbolt - Mukinbudin                  

My Selection - Richard Schinzig

Section 73

Neil Taylor - Exmouth
Peter Davidson - Kukerin
Gavin Denton - Denison                         

My Selection - Peter Davidson

Section 74

Bob Tiller - Comet Bay
Ashley Sharp - Merredin
Gavin Broun - Latham                           
Bob Tiller very good player , Sharp has all the weapons to go deep in the singles this year after many seasons in the metro premier pennants comp and BPL triples winner last year
My Selection - Ash Sharp

Section 75

Carl Walker - Ongerup
Mitchell Walker - Donnybrook
Barrie Bywater - Toodyay                         
2x Walkers will have to be at there best to beat Bywaters
My Selection - Barrie Bywater

Section 76

Kerry Easton - Wonthella
Darren Manuel - Wongan Hills
Robert Wilson - Quairading                    
Cast a net over these 3
My Selection - Kerry Easton

Section 77

Brian Roderick - Wagin
Michael Harris - Gnowangerup
Brian Thomas - Wonthella                     

My Selection - Brian Roderick

Section 78

Sam Musca - Merredin
Nick Del Nero - Dalwallinu
Ian Hill                               - Northam                        
Musca always in the game , Hill a good player
My Selection - Nick Del Nero

Section 79

Mike Dodd - Dalwallinu
Aaron Smith - Esperance
Ray Morgan - Three Springs               
Dodd & Morgan good players in there own right but Smith in my view is one of the most exciting players I have seen ,his weight control is second to none
My Selection - Aaron Smith

Section 80

Gregory Vaughan - Narembeen
Trevor Pearce - Jerramungup
Ron Dadd                             - Goomalling                   
Vaughn will enjoy heading to the big smoke and getting awy from the needle punch to play on some good grasss, consistent allsatrs rep he will get the job done here
My Selection - Greg Vaughn

Section 81

Greg Aitken - Eaton
Donald Macpherson - Wongan Hills
Ian James - Jurien                             
tough to pick the winner here
My Selection - Ian James

Section 82

Dennis Tyler - Waroona
Victor Wellstead - Gnowangerup
Kevin Robartson - Geraldton                      
Some experience here
My Selection - Kevin Robartson

Section 83

Ronald Bickers - Capel
Jack Tyson - Dalwallinu
Jim Robertson - Middleton Beach         
Plays state singles every year and always performs well
My Selection - Jim Robertson

Section 84

Ian Quartermaine - Dudley Park
Phillip Graham - Kellerberrin
Merv Burges                       - Meckering                     
Quartermaine a good player , Graham handy on his day
My Selection - Merv Burges

Section 85

Shaun Crees - Westonia
Joe Cukela - Geraldton
David Tonkin - Newdegate
Crees is up and coming and making an impact cukela is super consistant ,Tokin will need to be at best
My Selection - Joe Cukela

Section 86

Darrel Hudson - Dowerin
Mike Baker - Eaton
Brad Crisp - Kondinin                        
toss the coin here
My Selection - Mike Baker

Section 87

Andy Neilson - Goomalling
Luis Henriques - Jurien
Joel Innes - Kellerberrin                   

My Selection - Andy Neilson

Section 88

Noel Miguel - Beacon
Patrick Ward - Guilderton
Geoff Hull - Yunderup                      
tough opposition but Miguel will prevail in this one
My Selection - Noel Miguel

Section 89

Michael Creagh - Ongerup
Stephen Bartlett - Quairading
Colin Coxon                      - Northam                        
Quairading for this one
My Selection - Stephen Bartlett

Section 90

Michael Morrison - Three Springs
Edwin Dodd - Wonthella
Colin Gibbs                       - Eaton                              
Dodd a legend in the sport Gibbs could surprise
My Selection - Edwin Dodd

Section 91

Michael Currie - Narembeen
Chris O'Donnell - Comet Bay
Graeme Prowse - Darkan                           
Prowse is well adept , but Currie should be able to hold off Odonell & Prowse
My Selection - Michael Currie

Section 92

Kevin Shemeld - Busselton
Darren Baum - Ongerup
Peter Nicholls - Kellerberrin                   
Cast the net over these 3 again, Schemeld just
My Selection - Kevin Schemeld

Section 93

Gary Sherry - Pingelly
Joe O'Neill - Dowerin
Donald Sclater - Ongerup                        
Sherry for mine
My Selection - Gary Sherry

Section 94

Wayne Coyle - Dunsborough
Rod Edwards - Ravensthorpe
Grant Butt - Doodlakine

My Selection - Wayne Coyle

Section 95

Phil Manning - Moora
Paul Wellington - Harvey
Allan Shaddick - Gnowangerup              

My Selection - Phil Manning

Section 96

Geoffrey Ludemann - Bolgart
Samuel Horley - Wickepin
David Downey - Emu Point

My Selection - David Doweney

Section 97

Joseph Kennedy - Kalgoorlie
Geoffrey Holmes - Moodiarrup
Tim Stevens - Eaton                              
this will be definetly a long section can Stevens upset Joe
My Selection - Joe Kennedy

Section 98

Bradley Alp - Corrigin
Athol Ward - Emu Point
Will Lines - Dalwallinu                     
Alp on a health kick at the moment , it will be his cheapest Country Week by far
My Selection - Brad Alp

Section 99

Ian Davies - Jurien
Paul Hayes - Boulder
Paul O'Hare - Quairading                    
Out of the Pauls
My Selection - Paul Hayes

Section 100

Bill Price - Westonia
Glen Jones - Dalwallinu
Shane Kahler - Meadow Springs          
Football or bowls no one will give an inch here
My Selection - Glen Jones

Section 101

Don Buegge - Cunderdin
Keith Simmonds - Cowaramup
Greg McKay - Eaton                              
Mckay looks likely bujt buegge is proven in singles hopefully his bowls will turn in the sea breeze
My Selection - Don Buegge

Section 102

Kim Elliott - Denison
Brett Clark - Beacon
Jeffery Buckman              - Scaddan                         

My Selection - Brett Clark

Section 103

Gerald Heavey - Ballidu
Mitchell Hunter - Bruce Rock
Arthur Putland                    - Darkan                           

My Selection - Gerald Heavey

Section 104

Gary Ashworth - York
John Komene - Gnowangerup
Tony O'Brien - Wonthella                     
Komene is a good player,not sure about Obrien but Ashworth would be the favourite in this section
My Selection - Gary Ashworth

Section 105

Mathew Parker - Northam
Paul Cosson - Nungarin
Geoffrey Hosking - Moodiarrup                  
this sectioon will go to northam
My Selection - Mathew Parker

Section 106

Jeff Meyers - Middleton Beach
Daryl Woodfield - Narembeen
Martin Brumer - Exmouth
Meyers and Woodfield will fight this one out
My Selection - Daryl Woodfield

Section 107

Harry Rick - Newdegate
Mark Counsel - Latham
Haydn Smith - York                                
hard to go past the grandaddy of the Smith clan , what a player and his talent has definitely filtered through to the boys
My Selection - Haydn Smith

Section 108

Phillip Innes - Kellerberrin
Michael Ford - Geraldton
Gavin Hanrahan                 - Jurien                             
Ford a winner 3 years ago ,will be looking to go deep again
My Selection -

Section 109

Noel Davey - Geraldton
Mark Turner - Boddington
Geoff Watson - Boulder                          
Davey will lock horns with Watson in this section,Watson very good on the draw
My Selection - Geoff Watson

Section 110

David Goddard - Harvey
Gavin Pearse - Mingenew
Damon Hayter - Narembeen                   
Goddard and Pearse handy bowlers if Hayter can bring his A game he might sneak through
My Selection - David Goddard

Section 111

Glen Watson - Latham
Joel Leeson - Denison
Garry Helliwell - Jurien                             
toss the coin for me
My Selection - Garry Helliwell

Section 112

Hedley Koch - Eaton
Jacob Langdon - Ongerup
Donald Jones - Wongan Hills                

My Selection - Hedley Koch

Section 113

Graeme Smith - Karlgarin
Robert Brandis - Moora
Lance Goddard - Hopetoun                      
Brandis will give some cheek
My Selection - Lance Goddard

Section 114

Don Thomson - Tammin
Len Mazga - Busselton
Kevin Heberle - Gnowangerup              
This will be a super section,all 3 are worthy of going through ,Herbele skippered in CW pairs win a few years back, Thomson played plenty of Rep bowls and Mazga a star
My Selection - Don Thomson

Section 115

Jeremy Padfield - Narembeen
Kent McConnell - Dandaragan
Steven Ieraci - Eaton                              

My Selection - Steve Ieraci

Section 116

Brad Abbott - Mingenew
Mark Simpson - Dudley Park
Jason Davey - Newdegate
looks to be a one horse race , good luck to Abbot& Davey,Simpson is all class and I expect him to go right to the pointy end
My Selection - Mark Simpson

Section 117

Trevor Martin - Manjimup
Gavin Morgan - Doodlakine
Dean Pollard - Dudley Park
My Selection - Dean Pollard

Section 118

Alan Haynes - Middleton Beach
Geoff Hulm - Condingup
Ted Reilly - Eaton                              

My Selection - Ted Reilly

Section 119

Alan Carlton - Jurien
Shane Pullan - Eaton
Brad Bootsma - Corrigin                          
hot contest here, Pullan is very solid , Bootsma great footballer can he add another string to his bow, Carlton for me
My Selection - Alan Carlton

Section 120

William Fraser - Quairading
Jamie Conway - Pemberton
Bruce Clarke - Goomalling                   
Big Bussling Billy for me
My Selection - William Fraser

Section 121

Wade Clatworthy - Jurien
Ian Wright - Frankland River
Brian Osmetti - Kalgoorlie                      

My Selection - Brian Osmetti

Section 122

Arthur Cousins - Narembeen
Chad Eva - Three Springs
Peter Walker - Newdegate
Chad Eva very handy,Walker could surprise but Cousins well renowned in singles
My Selection - Arthur Cousins

Section 123

Jason O'Brien - Mandurah
Wayne Butler - Northam
Richard Cowcher - Boulder                          
Obrien has the game ,butler will need to win his first to be a chance,Cowcher ultra consistent
My Selection - Richard Cowcher

Section 124

Dennis Reid - Kellerberrin
John Symes - Yilgarn
Geoffry Cosgrove - Mingenew                     
tight section
My Selection - John Symes

Section 125

Clive Bahr - Kukerin
Matt Adams - Yunderup
Ben Flury - Dowerin                         

My Selection - Matt Adams

Section 126

Shane Hickleton - Dalwallinu
Gary Preston - Wonthella
Gary Davies                      - Dunsborough                

My Selection - Gary Preston

Section 127

Joe Clifford - Mingenew
Bryan Chalwell - Dudley Park
Scott Davidson - Wagin                             
its on here , I played al;l 3 of these guys in singles and rate them all highly, Davidson could pinch it but Chalwell is a machine
My Selection - Bryan Chalwell

Section 128

Derek Gregory - Northam
Glen Bradley - Tammin
Wayne Trawinski - Lake Grace
Coin flip
My Selection - Derek Gregory

Section 129

Graham Evans - Busselton
Geoff Richardson - Newdegate
Michael Johnston - Gnowangerup              
Wings looks the goods here
My Selection - Graham Evans

Section 130

Adrian Chesson - Merredin
Mark Adams - Wonthella
Natham Pain - Donnybrook                  
Merredin club singles winner Chesson which is no easy feat with the likes of France & Sharp in the draw, Adams may cause cheek
My Selection - Adrian Chesson

Section 131

Trevor Jones - Dowerin
Tony Stewart - Gnowangerup
Barry Kalinowsky                - Mandurah                     
tough to pick
My Selection - Trevor Jones

Section 132

Alan Hodges - Pingelly
Gary Fuller - Denison
Anthony Caccioppoli         - Manjimup                     

My Selection - Gary Fuller

Section 133

Noel Reed - Wongan Hills
David Dean - Boulder
Robert Bowron - Eaton                              
Boulder & Wongan boys will need to be at there absolute best
My Selection - Rob Bowron

Section 134

Beau Waddell - Newdegate
Andrew Fraser - Perenjori
Myles Reid - Kojonup                         

My Selection - Andrew Fraser

Section 135

Richie Morcombe - Badgingarra
Bruce Edgar - Busselton
Max Lancaster - Beacon                           
Edgar and Lancaster to fight it out
My Selection - Max Lancaster

Section 136

Damon Maynard - Newdegate
Graeme Maley - Coorow
Max Nottle - York                                

My Selection - Max Nottle

Section 137

Robert Shanhun - Cervantes
Raymond Griffiths - Kellerberrin
Barry Rick - Newdegate
Stinger should advance , but cant take it lightly
My Selection - Ray Griffiths

Section 138

Scott Thomson - Goomalling
Norman Cowie - Kojonup
Kevin Rolleston - Eaton                              
Very hard to pick a winner here ,Rolley wont give up and Cowie solid , ill go for the young gun
My Selection - Scott Thompson

Section 139

Jacobus Swart - Varley
Scott O'Neill - Kellerberrin
Peter Boyne - Koorda                           
Big Bird or Big Scotty ?
My Selection - Peter Boyne

Section 140

Peter Cole - Halls Head
Gary Bell - Dunsborough
Syd Loveland - Kojonup                         

My Selection - Peter Cole

Section 141

Ken Preston - Merredin
Timothy Burrow - Karlgarin
Brett Taylor - Kellerberrin                   
Preston always at the pointy end of singles Taylor at his best could prevail
My Selection - Ken Preston

Section 142

Tim O'Meehan - Borden
Paul McPherson - Goomalling
Trevor Haeusler - Carnamah
Coin Toss
My Selection - Tim Omeehan

Section 143

Bailey McDonnell - Northam
Scott Willis - Esperance
Colin Gardiner - Moora                            

My Selection - Scott Willis

Section 144

Simon Walsh - Kojonup
Timothy Adams - Kukerin
Matthew Pennington - Busselton                      
Pennington will be at the pointy end
My Selection - Mat Pennington

Section 145

Ian Woods - Bolgart
Maurice O'Neill - Ongerup
Craig McDonald - Carnamah

My Selection - Craig McDonald

Section 146

Andrew Bean - Dandaragan
Mark Conley - Pingelly
Garry Atkinson                 - Dunsborough                

My Selection - Garry Atkinson

Section 147

Michael Spadaccini - Bunbury
Neil Rowles - Leeman
Mervyn Davis - Brookton                       
Davis for me
My Selection - Mervyn Davis

Section 148

Richard Kenny - Karlgarin
Todd Meston - Bolgart
Greg Wolfe - Three Springs               

My Selection - Todd Meston

Section 149

Stuart Anderson - Halls Head
Mark Schinzig - Moodiarrup
Kim Seinor - Esperance                      

My Selection - Stuart Anderson

Section 150

Phil Jones - York
Peter Tassell - Cowaramup
Axle Thomson - Cunderdin                     
Axle will push Jones but the state pairs champ will go through
My Selection - Phil Jones

Section 151

Murray Walker - Donnybrook
Leonard Keighley - Newdegate
Paul Walsh - Moora                            

My Selection - Paul Walsh

Section 152

David Hunt - Geraldton
Michael Tagliaferri - York
Des Miguel - Beacon                           
Hunt could take the chocolates but the king of Beacon should Prevail
My Selection - Des Miguel

Section 153

Robert Tiller - Comet Bay
Malcolm Roberts - Dumbleyung
David Kempin - Albany                            
tiller is a gun and will go far
My Selection - Rob Tiller

Section 154

Wesley Benton - Latham
Dennis Stokes - Jurien
Neil McIlwaine - Geraldton                      

My Selection - Neil Mcllwaine

Section 155

Richard Waugh - Dowerin
Steven Binder - Boulder
Trevor Allington                 - Brookton                       

My Selection - Steve Binder

Section 156

Ross Warburton - Brunswick
Ray Williams - Tambellup
Eric Tenardi - Narembeen                   
Warburton will be tough to beat but I have faith in Tenardi
My Selection - Eric Tenardi

Section 157

Blake Smith - Mukinbudin
Peter Leeson - Denison
James Newton - Dowerin                         
Young gun Smith will impress
My Selection - Blake Smith

Section 158

Johnathon Davidson - Albany
Brian Gearing - Busselton
Barry Ashton                       - Newdegate
boomer will be hard to beat
My Selection - Brian Gearing

Section 159

Andrew Smith - Goomalling
Ashley Mackin - Tammin
Ian Carson - Scaddan                         

My Selection - Ash Makin

Section 160

Aaron Lyon - Narembeen
Howard Joyce - Busselton
Barry Beer - Jurien                             
Lyon new to CW but will perform somewhere
My Selection - Howard Joyce