R Moyle (1-2), T Whitfield, L Thorn, D Cosgrove
  S Alden, S Fewster, R Kenyon, M Whitely
I rate Ryan Moyle very highly so I know this won't be an easy encounter. We have crossed horns every year since Moyle became a regular skipper in the PL, I'm lucky to have the edge at the moment 2-1. The returning Matt Whitely comes into my rink as the leader, and the absence of John Slavich has meant a re-shuffle in the Moyle rink, Tom Whitfield comes up into the 3 position with David Cosgrove coming in to lead
C Slavich (0-0), A Wetzler, G Nelson, S Deering
  D Nicholls, D Rhodes, A Smith, D Killisch Von Horn
First time these 2 have crossed horns in the Premier League, both having losing seasons but very similar, 4 wins and Charlie having the edge with a -34 shots compared to -35, so this should be a tight encounter. Both had awful starts but have found form since Xmas. The winning rink could dictate who wins the night.
B White (0-0), G Faulkner, S Cerff, J Barry
  S Davies, L Pike, L McKay, G Stokes
I didn't even need to consult my files, it will be Brad White's first game as a Premier League skipper, well deserved and hope you play well, but lose. I only mean that from a light hearted point of view, have been hearing good things about your bowls this season. Davies a bit of a topsy turvy year and hasn't yet strung 2 wins together so after last weekends good win against Scott Walker, it is a chance to arrest that record this season
S Gosstray (0-0), S Scott, R Haring, F Williamson
  B Manton, A Elmer, R Ellis, W Neilson
Stewart Gosstray returning from injury after a solid start to the year and the last 2 weeks have not been good reading so he will be looking to address that slide in this game. Beau Manton and his rink on the back of 5 wins and a draw from his past 7 games is the form bowler at Bassendean and the one to beat for Doubleview
INS: D Cosgrove
OUTS: J Slavich

INS: M Whitely
OUTS: D Snelgar

Overall Doubleview will be gutted to have John Slavich unavailable, it was originally changed to this night to assist with the Doubleview guys going to hte BPL Cup which starts this weekend but with COVID that trip got cancelled. Bassendean have been very competitive since Xmas, a 1 shot loss to Osborne Park and a draw last week against South Perth and winning their other 3 games, and they still sit bottom of the ladder. 11 points separate these 2 teams and a chance for Bassendean to make inroads again. for Doubleview they are coming off a 5 game losing streak and yet still remain in touch with the final 4 spot. Win this game and dependent on the scoreline could briefly be in 4th spot. Lots to play for, for both of these teams.
Basso of course!


M Abonnel, G White, D Radford, J Terrell
S Novak, B Henley, D Flintoff, T Leahy
B Ball, S Perica, R Bates, T Cocodis
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, S West
INS: R Bates
OUTS: C Vinci

C Adams, R Bolton, N Bolton, W Manning
S Rushforth, S Buckley, A Foster, M Bolton
B Nairn, D Jones, L Strahan, D Leeson
C Harris, N Lewis, P Potts, G Allen
INS: No changes

Saturday games kick off with a corker, Cambridge fresh from 1 win in a row travel to Kardinya, a venue they won at last year and in 2018, but got hammered at in 2019. Historical occurences are hard with Kardinya this year with their change of surface but they have a 6-1 record at home and would be short favourites to continue that. Cambridge do boast the red hot Blake Nairn but his pennant form has been a bit patchy 6-6 with 2 draws so he will be looking to get positive of the ledger with his promotion to the state side. Kardinya though look too strong at home and I suspect will be a close but overall a comfortable win to them
Kardinya 7-1


J Carter, C Edson, J Symons, B O'Brien
E Gollan, R Vind, L Jervies, A Herbert
R Lang, M Barrett, B Cranswick, G Maesepp
A Petchell, W Harvey, D Price, T Churcher
INS: L Jervies
OUTS: D Green

A Williams, T Mitchell, S Patterson, G Quann
L Such, M Kemp, P Ker, M Ellis
L Grigg, N Jones, A Heal, P Herbert
S Knott, B Butler, M Allan, S O'Brien
INS: No changes

Huge game in the context of the season for both teams, especially going in to the game knowing what Bassendean have done thr night before. 8th vs 9th, for Rossmoyne to continue in the Premier League they need to win this game. A loss and Manning will overtake them and push them into the danger zone and with only 1 home game left, this is a must win for them. Manning have turned their season around with 2 wins in a row, I am hearing they will be playing with masks on again this Saturday to continue their COVID form. Rossmoyne have been very competitive away from home and outside of 1 rink pushed Sorrento all the way last week. The names of Manning have been teasing us all year, I will select them without a lof of confidence, won't surprise at all to see Rossmoyne grab these points.
Manning 6-2


N Stevens, T Weir, M Dewson, S Pasalich
G Caffell, C Biddle, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Rollings
R Brown, K Pickering, S O'Neill, G King
INS: No changes

S Walker, M Biglin, N Griffin, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, D Mortley, D Angell
J Opie, T Kinnane, P Holmes, K Pride
R Bresland, T Antonio, R Havercroft, J Galipo
INS: No changes

The games just keep getting better, top of the table clash here between the heavyweights of the comp this year. Osborne Park have won more games, but South Perth have won more rinks (Cambridge 3rd on rink wins), South Perth having 1 more draw though as well. Amazing really that out of the 672 bowls that a team puts down in a game, on both occasions this season against Bassendean it was South Perth 672nd bowl that drew the game for them. This game though is at Osborne Park but it's a venue South Perth have won at in their past 2 seasons and the grass is running quite well at the moment. form wise, Osborne Park lost once in their past 8 games and South back to some form undefeated in their past 4. Who to pick? real toss of the coin considering South Perths form at Osborne Park, but I will stick with the home team
Osborne Park 6-2


B Gillingham, J McGinlay, P Retallack, M Buttel
P Walker, N Costello, J Post, G Yabuka
G Devenish, P Augustson, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, G Crosthwaite, M Sear, L Mola
INS: No changes

C Lander, R Cunningham, M Hulbert, I Linford
S Rixom, A Barron, R Butler, P Kain
D Brown, S Loftus, P Flack, G Taylor
K McIlroy, B Eagles, P Murray, P Morgan
INS: D Brown
OUTS: G Murray

And we finish with another interesting game, 3rd vs 7th and neighbourhood rivals as well. It's a full squad for Sorrento to choose from as well, how will they handle the glass at North Beach. It's a venue that has haunted teams going there for the past 2 years now, the locals will be wanting it hot and windy to extract maximum benefit. Sorrento are a team used to the wind so it's the speed of the surface that might see them struggle. It is an imposing home record, and a good thing for them as their away record isn't good reading 0-7 and only 9.5 points, so they need to keep winning at home. I think they will this weekend, a win will almost see them shore up a berth in the PL again for next season.
North Beach 6-2