What a fascinating round this is. We have the top of the table clash, 3rd vs 4th, 5th-8th all playing against each other and 9th vs 10th.
At 5pm on Saturday evening (apart from the game at North Beach) results will be in and the ladder could look like a number of many different combinations. If Swan and Joondalup both win 8-0, Swan all of a sudden jumps into 6th spot and safe from playoffs. If Swan lose and Manning beat Mundaring, Manning can jump to 7th (provided Joondalup beat Morley). If North Beach beat Sorrento by less than Joondalup beat Morley, Joodalup jump into 3rd spot on the ladder and into a play off spot. If Mt Lawley win, they are through to one white with 2 games to spare. If Yokine win, they sure up 2nd spot and force Mounters to win another one just in case. Confused yet? Sorry – let’s get into the game by game predictions before I topple over from dizziness.


J Buchanan, M Korycin, E Dardengo, M Cheesman
B Leggett, T Vlahos, J Groves, T Dangerfield
P Daley, J Hunter, N Groves, M Wyndham
C Leggett, W Neilson, D Urquhart, G Barry
INS: D Urquhart, N Groves
OUTS: D Stanik, M Ryan

M Radalj, W Mitchell, P Leyland, G Pinto
M West, V Orchard, B Geilke, W Hinchcliffe
K Nazareth, L Spinks, G Grieve, K Engelen
L Sanders, T Dawson, J Engelen, R Dunstan
INS: No changes

Joondalup pushed Mounters all the way last week and are a very strong side. With four top level skips and a solid team outfit, they will be looking to prove a point this week and force that promotion spot which they would have been aiming for before the season. Out of all the teams not getting the automatic promotion, the Dashing Dolphins are probably the team who will make the most of the promotion chance in the playoffs. Old man Buchanan will be looking to bounce back after his defeat at the Mounting yard and this game is a chance to get a big number. Daddy Leggett and man cub will be in the battle for the cans and Pat Daley will be out to continue his fine form after picking up a good win last week. Morley had a great win at home against the View last week with Keith “hair still perfect” of Nazareth taking a big scalp over the marquee selection (that wasn’t a go at Chevy’s haircut by the way.) I think Dolphins at home are a different kettle of fish and will school the Mavericks and swim away with a big win. I’m tipping +50 shots
Joondalup vs Morley (8-0)


T Kay, R Humfrey, J McGrath, J Kaplan
B Morrison, M Lemos, J Matthews, P Hunter
S Shaw, W Coffey, G Robertson, F Faigenbaum
T McGillvray, J West, K Humfrey, B McGrechan
INS: No changes

A Einfeld, A Graham, K Cornell, C Lenzo
C Bessant, G Herriot, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, J Cottier jnr, M Palumbo, P Callison
A Jones, L Kelly, P Sinden, C Green
INS: No changes

This local derby never fails to deliver. Always a very close affair and one thing is for sure, both teams hate losing this fixture. Both teams have had a couple of “iffy” weeks. Both recording solid 7-1 wins two weeks back against good opposition and then Yokine losing to Manning and Mount Lawley just getting over the line against Joondalup at home. Mount Lawley know that a win here guarantees promotion into one white next year. Yokine would be aware that a loss here would mean the chasing pack of Dolphins, Swans and Seagulls will be hot on their tail. 3 skips in this game are in the top 5 on the ladder and plenty of quality across the ground here as well. Mount Lawley have the edge on paper and won here last year, so I will tip them, however should be a close battle.
Yokine vs Mt Lawley (2-6)


C McKenna, L Barry, N Feletti, M Fredericks
B Pearce, A Tennant, S Whitfield, D Cosgrove
B Willesee, E Johnson, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Heta, W Langdon, B Leed, M Leed
INS: L Barry, D Cosgrove
OUTS: B Watts, J Slavich

D Park, R Hutchinson, M Eckett, P Hilsz
P Kelly, S Anning, B Harris, D Foster
T Natalotto, M Garner, G Crain, M Garner
D Wood, A Southern, G Foster, T Southern
INS: G Crain
OUTS: G Tibbles

This is one game this week which could have a huge impact on multiple teams. If Doubleview win, they solidify 6th position and provide some breathing space for themselves ahead of the play off spot (this is assuming Joondalup beat Morley at home). An 8-0 win to Swan will see them jump Morley and Doubleview into 6th position and make the last 2 games very interesting. This is the hardest one to pick this week. The Swannies have perked up recently with Paul “Making Gravy” Kelly in some fine form. My heart wants to go with the travelling Swannies, however I just think Doubleview at home have hit some very good form (they pushed Mount Lawley all the way a few weeks back) and will win a narrow one. If Big Red was skipping, it may have been a different story and swayed my decision. With Swan playing Joondalup and Yokine in the final two weeks, you’d hope they get a couple of points here and rely on Manning and Mundaring dropping points in the final run home.
Doubleview vs Swan (7-1)


J Doncon        , P Van Der Reest, M Bending, R Coumbe        
L Pickles       , N Marsh, K Green, W Johnson
R Cox, M Critchell, T Watson, D Williams
G Bear, T Smith, D Gavin, P Rhodes
INS: No changes

B Adams, J Andrew, S Adams, B Hogg
J Angel, P Bowden, R Pears, L Moulton
B Jeppesen, A Booth, D Griffiths, J Evans
P Gillespie, G Ginbey, P Gatti, D McCloskey
INS: R Pears
OUTS: A Taylor

Bottom of the table clash. A win for either team here and a loss to Swan will make the battle for 8th spot very tense for the final 2 games. A loss in this game will mean they are a whole aggregate behind 9th and it’ll be an uphill battle over the final two weeks. Manning have the toughest run home, they play Sorrento at home then North Beach away, while Mundaring play Mount Lawley away then Morley back at home. So you’d think Manning will lose the final two and Mundaring might win one. For this one though, I think Mundaring will be too strong at home, and Manning can probably wave goodbye to the prospect of playing one blue next year.
Mundaring vs Manning (7-1)


T Jones, R Aitken, S Palmer, G Gregson
J Carlsen, R Hunter, R Hutchinson, D Anderson
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Barr, S Stevenson
L Mitten, R Munday, B Abrahamson, B Palfrey
INS: No changes

L Oldham, R Bone, C Grisbrook, G Murray
R Rogers, C Jasper, B Collins, B Kiely
R Munt, L Martin, B Gunson, S Mortimer
A Walton, P Knight, P Kain, S Niven
INS: P Knight
OUTS: T Murray

Another game that will cause waves through the division – well, top half anyway…
Whoever wins this game will finish the round in 3rd, and whoever loses will finish the round in 5th – providing Joondalup beat Morley and jump into 4th. Sorrento have been very up and down this year and North Beach have only been beaten once at home (by the team going to white) so for this game, I think North Beach will get the job done (only because it’s at home) and will have the play off spot in their own hands going into the final 2 rounds.
North Beach vs Sorrento (7-1)