I have listed the upcoming games for each club in brackets after their team name, and if they are (h)ome or (a)way
It is a round that is make or break for a few clubs, not only for survival but also for top spot and a finals berth, so all games have some interest in them.

SOUTH PERTH (Sorrento a, Kardinya h)
S Walker, M Biglin, N Griffin, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, D Mortley, D Angell
J Opie, T Kinnane, P Holmes, K Pride
R Bresland, T Antonio, R Havercroft, J Galipo
INS: No changes

DOUBLEVIEW (Kardinya a, Rossmoyne h)
R Moyle, T Whitfield, G Faulkner, L Thorn
C Slavich, A Wetzler, G Nelson, S Deering
B White, S Scott, S Cerff, J Barry
J Slavich, S Gosstray, R Haring, F Williamson
INS: J Slavich
OUTS: D Cosgrove

1st vs 5th here, Doubleview arrested their 5 game losing streak with a win over Bassendean, also on a Friday night last round. South Perth a bit the opposite, a loss after 3 wins and a draw. Both teams margins under 10 shots.
South Perth with some tough games in their next 3 so they will need to work hard to maintain that vital top spot on the ladder. One would think a loss here and top spot looks beyond them. It's interesting they have won the same amount of games as 3rd and 4th spots, but 2 wins behind 2nd placed Osborne Park, but their rink dominance has kept them on top
Doubleview sitting 5th and 5.5 points behind 4th and they also have a tough run so this to them is probably their last chance to make 4th spot. A win and they are right in the hunt. Relegation now off the table as they sit 17 clear of 9th, so they can look up and play with some abandon to win games
The home record of South Perth and their good night record should see them win this game
South Perth 7-1


MANNING (Osborne Park a, Sorrento h)
A Williams, S Patterson, L Herbert, G Quann
L Such, P Ker, M Kemp, M Ellis
T Mitchell, N Jones, A Heal, P Herbert
S Knott, B Butler, M Allan, S O'Brien
INS: L Herbert
OUTS: L Grigg

NORTH BEACH Cambridge h, Bassendean a)
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
P Walker, N Costello, J Post, G Yabuka
G Devenish, P Augustson, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, G Crosthwaite, M Sear, L Mola
INS: No changes

8th vs 6th here, huge game for both clubs. My future predictor says that the winner of this game is likely to stay in the PL next season, the loser may still as well, but it becomes that little bit harder that's all.
Manning have found their mojo just in time, winbning their past 3 games and this game very winnable as well. They have climbed out of the relegation zone and a win here has the potential to continue that motion upwards, a 7-1 win and they will overtake North Beach
With 1 home game coming up North Beach need to snag an away win to ensure their survival, again a loss it no certainty of demotion but it makes it a bit more nail biting. There away games are against the current 8th and 10th placed teams so very winnable.
The recent form of Manning and the horrible away record of North Beach makes me pick Manning
Manning 7-1


CAMBRIDGE (North Beach a, Osborne Park h)
C Adams, R Bolton, N Bolton, W Manning
S Rushforth, D Opie, A Foster, M Bolton
B Nairn, D Jones, L Strahan, D Leeson
C Harris, N Lewis, P Potts, G Allen
INS: D Opie
OUTS: S Buckley

ROSSMOYNE (Bassendean h, Doubleview a)
J Carter, C Edson, J Symons, P Feszczak
E Gollan, R Vind, P Lees, A Herbert
R Lang, M Barrett, B Cranswick, G Maesepp
A Petchell, W Harvey, D Price, T Churcher
INS: P Feszczak, P Lees
OUTS: B O'Brien, L Jervies

7th vs 10th here, another game with huge repercussions for the season
Cambridge sit 12.5 behind 4th and 10 in front of 9th, so the result of this game will be able to focus them one way or the other. A win and they think they are an outside chance of finals, a loss and they will need to win to stave of 9th.
Rossmoyne, like Bassendean, need to win their remaining 3 games to have any chance of remaining in the PL next season. They have been competitive away from home and could sneak a surprise win, but they will have to play awfully well to do it.
I think Cambridge will pack too many guns and win this contest
Cambridge 7-1


SORRENTO (South Perth h, Manning a)
C Lander, R Cunningham, M Hulbert, I Linford
S Rixom, A Barron, R Butler, M Burton
D Brown, S Loftus, P Flack, G Taylor
K McIlroy, B Eagles, P Murray, P Morgan
INS: No changes

OSBORNE PARK (Manning h, Cambridge a)
N Stevens, T Weir, M Dewson, S Pasalich
G Caffell, C Biddle, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Rollings
R Brown, K Pickering, S O'Neill, G King
INS: No changes

3rd vs 2nd and match of the day status here. both teams seem assured of finals action but what position they take in the final four is still up for grabs.
Sorrento are aiming to be the first team since Wanneroo in 2005 to win the PL Flag after winning the White flag the prior year, and they have rarely put a foot wrong this year. They haven't lost a game at home all year and this will be their sternest test.
Osborne Park for me have been a surprise packet, they do boast Cody Packer but the team has bonded quicker than I thought they might as they sit equal first and a win here gives them every possibility of getting that vital top spot.
An intriguing battle and one that could go either way. The dominant home record of Sorrento will make me select them
Sorrento 6-2


BASSENDEAN (Rossmoyne a, North Beach h)
B Manton, A Elmer, R Ellis, W Neilson
S Alden, S Fewster, R Kenyon, M Whitely
D Nicholls, D Rhodes, A Smith, D Killisch Von Horn
S Davies, L Pike, L McKay, G Stokes
INS: No changes

KARDINYA (Doubleview h, South Perth a)
M Abonnel, G White, D Radford, J Terrell
S Novak, B Henley, D Flintoff, T Leahy
B Ball, S Perica, R Bates, T Cocodis
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, S West
INS: No changes

10th v 4th and while the ladder positions have the greatest disparity of all games but it is no less interesting.
Bassendean have also turned their season around since xmas like Manning with 3 wins, a draw and 2 losses by 1 shot and 6 shots, so they are no pushover for Kardinya. The rain will slow down the greens whcih may play into Bassendeans hands wit Kardinya coming off their lovely 17 second green.
Kardinya sit 4th, 5.5 points clear of 5th and 15 shy of 2nd place and a chance for the double chance, so the Kats have a huge amount to play for.
It should be a close game!
Basso of course!!