The Hilton Hawks getting absolutely annihilated by the South Perth Millers by a whopping 60 shots.
Manning Eagles snatching a controversial one point win over the ladder leaders, the Cockburn Roosters.
The Freo Mariners and the Kalamunda Cougars having reasonably comfortable wins at the expense of Spearwood and Rockingham.
The Thornlie Ravens making mince meat of the inconsistent Leeming Lions.
Conditions on Saturday, were simply miserable, so credit to all you bowlers for toughing it out.

Manning 1 73 (6) v Cockburn 72 (2)
 Wayne Heldt 16 v Josip (joe) Marevic  18
 Alan Pryce 18 v Kenneth Wylie  19
 Michael Carey 21 v William Tepania  19
 Murray Piggott 18 v Michael Simunovic  16

An extremely controversial victory to the Eagles by one shot only, but we may not have heard the last about this game I believe.
Three rinks separated by two shots and the other by one shot, what a contest it was. The rinks skipped by Marevic and Ken Wylie winning for the Roosters and the rinks for the Eagles won by Carey and Piggott. Rain, confusion, controversy and some great bowls, this game had it all.
Kalamunda 87 (6.5) v Rockingham 74 (1.5)
 Gregory Trevaskis 17 v Bruce Edwards  15
 Arthur Bartlett 20 v Robert Costello  20
 Dwayne Wooltorton 18 v Mark Devenny  26
 William Brandsma 32 v John Lethlean  13

The Rams had to travel a long way for this game, apparently they became a little dizzy up in the hills of Kalamunda. But if it wasn’t for the skill and mastery of Billy Brandsma they might have gone back down to the coast with more than 1.5 points. Billy was simply in awesome touch and the opposition four skipped by John Lethlean were helpless to counter the carnage on this rink, try as they might. Fill in Skip Greg Trevaskis also having a win for the home side. Mark Devenny skipped his Rockingham four to a good win over the Wooltorton rink. The visitors disappointed, but not dismayed with the result, it is fair to say.
Spearwood 63 (1) v Fremantle 77 (7)
 Ivan Unkovich 16 v Tony Krajancic  20
 Denis Tomasich 17 v Peter Wachmer  20
 Ivan Perica 10 v Shaun McCormack  21
 Ken Nadilo 20 v James F Stewart  16

The home side have no chance of avoiding relegation, but they certainly gave the visiting Mariners a fight to the end. Young Shaun McCormack skipping his rink of Wright, Sumich and Lindsay to a very good win by 11 shots. This basically proved the difference between these two near neighbours. Wachmer and Krajancic gaining the other wins for the visitors. Ken Nadilo, grabbing one point for the home side, beating fill in skip Stewart by 4 shots.
Thornlie 93 (7.5) v Leeming 68 (0.5)
 Paul Pohe 21 v Gary Ford  21
 Michael Yates 25 v Noel Bennetts  13
 Murray White 24 v James Newton  12
 Mark Separovich 23 v Karl Vandersluys  22

The Ravens putting up a great show at home to give the visiting Lions a bit of a towelling, and winning by a handsome 25 shots at the end. The rinks skipped by Michael Yates and Murray White both having 12 shot wins over Bennetts and Newton. Gary Ford, who is having a good year, snatching a draw to gain the visitors only score. The Ravens certainly not giving up without a fight, for sure. They have now snuck up to 8th spot on the ladder, well done.
South Perth 111 (8) v Hilton Park 51 (0)
 Vincent Santostefano 22 v Travis Simpson  20
 Denis Bandy 31 v Robert Foy  17
 Michael McRae 31 v Craig Standley  8
 Steve Kelly 27 v Hugh McKay  6

To my mind, both of these sixteens, have produced some mystifying results of late, with this one “ Taking the cake “. The Millers simply outplayed the Hawks, winning by a whopping 60 shots and taking the whole 8 points on offer.
Bandy, McRae and Kelly all winning by big margins to send the visitors packing without a point. Travis Simpson putting up a good fight for the Hawks, but succumbing to Santostefano at the finish.
A Stewards inquiry needed I think, with this result.
Hilton Park1375124.5993104894.7554.5
South Perth137602510741006106.7653
T Krajancic1120103Fremantle
M Simunovich103084Cockburn
B Brandsma103067Kalamunda
M Carey93143Manning
G Ford84127Leeming
J Marevic85055Cockburn
W Tepania85039Cockburn
M Yates71054Thornlie
G O'Brien75031Manning
V Santostefano76016South Perth
M McRae76011South Perth
R Foy63115Hilton Park
K Wylie65213Cockburn
R Costello65141Rockingham
I Perica650-12Spearwood
A Bartlett6618Kalamunda
M Devenny6607Rockingham
J Newton67019Leeming
D Wooltorton670-28Kalamunda
B Edwards670-39Rockingham
G Vaughan54022Thornlie
P Pohe5511Thornlie
T Simpson55020Hilton Park
P Wachmer550-21Fremantle
I Unkovich561-21Spearwood
S McCormack5609Fremantle
K Vandersluys571-6Leeming
C Standley580-20Hilton Park
M White41022Thornlie
D McIlhenney42020Manning
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
B Roelefs4400South Perth
R Hunter440-3Hilton Park
K Nadilo471-23Spearwood
D Bandy31047South Perth
K McKay3108Hilton Park
M Separovich320-32Thornlie
A Pryce3401Manning
S Kelly38012South Perth
D Bacich20113Fremantle
M Gill221-5Fremantle
N Bennetts220-12Leeming
M Piggott232-19Manning
S Adams240-27Manning
W Olive250-29Kalamunda
D Tomasich270-67Spearwood
G Trevaskis1002Kalamunda
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
J Stean121-7Thornlie
P Townshend120-7Kalamunda
J Lethlean120-15Rockingham
D Calvo120-18South Perth
K Tremlett120-24Rockingham
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
H McKay140-33Hilton Park
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
B Coote180-44Fremantle
W Heldt010-2Manning
J Stewart010-4Fremantle
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming