It feels like a broken record but can you believe the upsets again this Round?! This Round possibly tops all upsets as both bottom sides beat top sides, to throw the entire ladder wide open again. We only had 4 games & 2 were massive upsets & the other 2 barely made it home in the weather.
Looking how everyone is stealing points from each other it will be very difficult in that no man's land mid-table spot as come R18 it will be win 1 game & you play Finals, lose that game & you go into relegation playoffs. I did think about 56pts would get you safety at the start of the year but I'm maybe thinking 61pts now as it's starting to bunch from 5th downwards. 2nd to 4th still only have a 6pt spread & it's still hard to believe that a side winning less than half their games (only 6 games from 13) can be sitting 3rd on the ladder. That mid-table bunching has also meant that there is really only 1 game between 3rd & 7th which shows every game is huge from here.
To add to the weirdness of the weekend we had nearly every top 10 skipper lose in an unusual turn of events but it goes to show anything can happen.

Warwick 77 (6) v Safety Bay 74 (2)
 Graeme Smith 20 v Ron Hall  16
 Geoffrey Hinge 27 v Grant Taylor  15
 Brian Ledingham 14 v Chris Carruthers  21
 Jon Borkowski 16 v Christopher Owen  22

Huge upset No1 coming here as the Magpies did as we predicted, got out for an early lead, kept it close in the crappy weather & still held on by the skin of their teeth to grab a massive 7pts.
Smith had Hall by 4 shots, while Hinge knocked a dozen over on Taylor. Ledingham dropped 7 shots to Carruthers & Owen added to Borkowski's woes, winning by 6 shots. Normally the back spot for the Magpies the Borkowski rink is now 5 from 13 with no wins from the last 4, which isn't very concerning considering they are a solid outfit. However, the -45shots is a surprise from such a good rink.
The good news for Warwick is they are now within a game of getting out of trouble & are running 2 from 3 so another 2 wins from the last 5 & they will be close to safety. Safety Bay will regroup this week as they were 4 in a row coming into this game so maybe they'll just write it off & get back on the PL horse for next week.
Result: Warwick 6 - 2
Prediction: Safety Bay 7 - 1

Quinns Rocks 0 (4) v Bassendean 0 (4)
 Rohan Cantrill 0 v Rodney Revell  0
 Martin Hinchcliffe 0 v Travis Lynch  0
 Christopher Parr 0 v Jovan Krstic  0
 John Berecz 0 v Aidan Caccioppoli  0

One would think Quinns might have dropped 2-3 pts through the unfortunate weather conditions but anything could have happened in that weather so putting 4pts on the board keeps both teams ticking over nicely.
Result: Washed Out 4 - 4
Prediction: Quinns Rocks 7 - 1

Wanneroo 75 (7) v Kardinya 34 (1)
 Hugh Ward 19 v Wayne Bezant  5
 Darren Turra 11 v Stephen Vinci  14
 Kingsley Toster 15 v Daryl Radford  10
 David Triffitt 30 v Norm Ball  5

Supposedly Wanneroo were putting the bowls down very fast in this game with a keen eye on the incoming weather & another eye firmly on 64 ends. It obviously worked out well for them as the 7pts was huge after Warnbro dropped their bundle against the bottom side.
Ward's side were out fast & had a quick dozen up on Bezant. Surprisingly Turra drops his top skipper's mantle to Vinci's side who were previously running 50/50 before they got their giant killing hats on in the rain. Toster swung the pedlum back to the Roo's with 5 over Radford but the cans went to Triffitt side's who monstered Ball's side by 25 shots.
Wanneroo needed a quick bounce back after R12 & put in a fine workman like performance on a tricky day that could have easily been abandoned. Kats are now back to 1 from 5 but hopefully might grab a home game soon to give them a chance of survival.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 8 - 0

Osborne Park 84 (7) v Warnbro 51 (1)
 Fernando Di Giuseppe 26 v Lindsay Strange  17
 Mark Pasalich 16 v Sean Mawdsley  9
 John Carter 15 v William Baker  18
 Travis Ingram 27 v Kieran Cousens  7

Huge upset No.2 here. What a result for the Saints.....bottom beats top by over 30 shots!! The Saints were out of the traps early & the Wizards were left snoozing as the weather was reasonable across the rinks & the grass was running very well.
The game barely made it through the minimum before it was called. DiGiuseppe had a stranglehold on Strange for most of the day & was 9 up but Strange was looking good for a minor comeback. Pasalich had Mawdsley by 7 in a close enough contest before it was called. Baker edged Carter by 3 to give the Wizards that valuable point. And Ingram had Cousens wrapped through to the 16 end as the Cousens rink struggled with the fast surface.
We must say there were some slightly controversial comments coming back from Warnbro whether merited or not but the conversation revolved around the suspension of play. Supposedly the Saints Umpire of the Day called it after around 66 ends on the top green but left the ladies & Div 2 playing for another 8 to 10 ends on the clubhouse green before suspending play there. Supposedly the greens were still running well with no pooling, albeit maybe 1 second slower but all games got called in the end. Unsure if Warnbro could have pulled back some of those shots as they were still down across 3 rinks but interesting feedback.
Eitherway, playing out to the end probably would of only given the Wizards a maximum of 1 extra point as they give the Roo's some breathing space at the top.
2 wins in a row now for the Saints. Can they get out of trouble....NO but can they maybe get themselves to a Playoff spot against a lower 1 Blue side like Yokine or Fremantle, absolutely YES. Well done to the Saints.
Result: Osborne Park 7 - 1
Prediction: Warnbro 7 - 1

Mosman Park 98 (7) v Gosnells 61 (1)
 Louie Beurteaux 23 v Brett Holland  11
 Stephen Jocelyn 19 v Frank Carbone  22
 Dale Marsland 29 v Grant Nicol  16
 Cameron Hoffman 27 v Eoghan Gahan  12

Didn't Mossies need this win, coming in only 2 from 5 heading into the final stretch & winning big by nearly 40 shots in the end. The Mossies probably can't afford to loss a single game from here if they want a clean run back into the PL so some interesting games ahead for them, especially come R17 at home.
Beurteaux needed a quick win to not go 3 in a row & got it nicely against Holland. Jocelyn lost to Carbone by 3 shots in a close encounter. Marsland continued the woes for Nicol's side as they dropped short by 13 shots. Then Hoffman put the Agg safely away for the Mossies running 15 shots over Gahan to add to their woes from the week before.
That's 2 losses in a row for Gosnells but before that they won 4 on the trot so they are playing good bowls overall & the last 2 were tricky games so I think they'll bounce back quickly & they will need to as they now sit within the danger zone of playoffs.
Result: Mosman Park 7 - 1
Prediction: Mosman Park 6 - 2

Mosman Park1385030.51060950111.5862.5
Safety Bay1366131.51070982108.9657.5
Quinns Rocks1366124.590196093.8550.5
Osborne Park1349019946108087.5935
S Mawdsley93155Warnbro
D Turra93037Wanneroo
C Owen94024Safety Bay
J Berecz83143Quinns Rocks
R Hall83123Safety Bay
L Strange85041Warnbro
F Carbone85030Gosnells
K Toster85024Wanneroo
D Marsland73345Mosman Park
B Ledingham75114Warwick
R Revell75032Bassendean
C Carruthers76037Safety Bay
G Nicol7604Gosnells
S Jocelyn6400Mosman Park
C Hoffman66129Mosman Park
D Triffitt66114Wanneroo
S Vinci661-20Kardinya
C Parr660-11Quinns Rocks
K Cousens67067Warnbro
H Ward670-9Wanneroo
J Krstic51034Bassendean
L Beurteaux52139Mosman Park
M Pasalich54119Osborne Park
G Taylor5518Safety Bay
R Cantrill561-31Quinns Rocks
M Dewson560-12Osborne Park
N Ball571-32Kardinya
J Borkowski571-45Warwick
B Holland580-6Gosnells
W Bezant580-20Kardinya
F DiGiuseppe40021Osborne Park
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
M Erceg450-17Bassendean
W Baker460-57Warnbro
L Hill471-29Warwick
D Radford31039Kardinya
G Smith341-21Warwick
T Lynch351-5Bassendean
E O'Sullivan360-21Bassendean
M Hinchcliffe390-60Quinns Rocks
J Carter3100-60Osborne Park
E Gahan3100-71Gosnells
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
G Hinge240-22Warwick
C Stokes250-25Kardinya
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
T Ingram11016Osborne Park
R Knapp110-14Kardinya
A Caccioppoli1202Bassendean
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
J Radford010-14Safety Bay
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park