Our regular writer nis a bit snowed under with work, thanks to this anonymous writer for the review of this weeks games On another sunny and warm Saturday afternoon the results for 1 Blue North went pretty much as expected with the up and coming Joondalup getting the majority of points against Manning, Yokine putting some distance between 2nd spot and the rest of the field, The Mounters flexing their considerable muscle against a plucky Doubleview 16, Swan starting to find their stride at the right time of the season and North Beach getting it done against Mundaring.

Joondalup 111 (7) v Manning 2 62 (1)
 Patrick Daley 16 v Brett Adams  24
 Jimmy Buchanan 42 v Phil Gillespie  11
 Chris Leggett 30 v Brian Jeppesen  15
 Ben Leggett 23 v Allan Taylor  12

The Manning 16 travelled the long road North to face Joondalup on some of the best grass greens in the State and came up against the ever improving Joondalup and unfortunately for Phil Gillespie 4 they encountered the RED HOT Jim Buchanan 4! With Bowls in the head all day and the crafty Buchanan doing what he does best it seemed to be an up hill battle all the way, no disgrace here as when this rink fires it appears that there is not many rinks in this division that stay with them all day. Chris Leggett showing the his young fella how it is done and accounting for the Gentleman Jeppensen and his rink by 15, again the story came back that it was the case of just having more bowls in the head all day.
Ben Leggett got the points over Allan Taylor by 11 shots, this would have been a good game to watch with the skill of Leggett and team against a 4 who would never lie down, it was reported that the 11 shot win was not a true indication of this game and some telling bowls throughout the contest were played to cement this win. Brett Adams and team salvaged the point for Manning over a very talented Daley 4 and must have played some great bowls, sorry I don’t have much to report on this game but congratulations to the Adams 4.
Yokine 90 (7) v Sorrento 69 (1)
 Anthony Kay 27 v Lance Martin  17
 Bradley Morrison 19 v Rick Munt  15
 Shane Shaw 25 v Alan Walton  14
 Trevor McGillivray 19 v Ronald Rogers  23

Yokine hosted the strong Sorrento 16 with both teams keeping a keen eye on 2nd spot and not knowing how the Mt Lawley result would go and an outside chance of closing the gap to the top side, it was set for a hotly contested game.
Tony Kay and his 4 set the tone for the rest of the Doggies accounting for the Martin 4, continual pressure and shot making ability sees this rink on top of the tree with very good reason and they showed this again getting the win. Brad Morrison taking on Rick Munt would have been worth a look, only 4 shots here, the up and coming Morrison has what it takes with a big array of shots and no doubt he needed them to get over the line. Shane Shaw a comfortable 11 shots up and well done to his rink over Alan Walton, Trevor McGillivray couldn’t quite get past the Rogers Rink, taking home an important point to help them maintain a 6 point lead over 6th spot.
Doubleview 70 (1) v Mt Lawley 81 (7)
 Bradley Pearce 25 v Anthony Einfeld  16
 Brandon Heta 15 v Andrew Jones  18
 Ben Willesee 10 v Mark Masel  25
 Christopher McKenna 20 v Corey Bessant  22

For some this was billed as the Match of the Day on a fast running and flat green….. With Mt Lawley sitting on top of the tree and Doubleview sitting in 6th there would have been an argument that the Yokine and Sorrento game deserved prized billing?? But word on the street was that Doubleview had no intention of letting the Mounters have it their own way, so like Apollo taking on Balboa it was on and it surely did not disappoint, the underdogs firing shots only to see the favourite dance away and play some telling bowls but the underdogs just kept fighting back to find a way to rise again and with 4 or 5 ends to play there were only 8 shots in this tightly fought contest, in the end it was the class of the Mt Lawley back ends across the board to get the Lions share of the these points and all but wrap up top spot.
The Willesee and Masel contest was pretty much a 1 vs 4 game and that is no disrespect to the 3 other guys in Masels rink, the Willesee 4 played amazing bowls only to have Mark draw to perfection time and time and time and time( OK I stop there) again, a great display of drawing and weighted shots, even the guile of the cagey veteran Eddie J and the craft Skipper could not put the Masel flame out. Andrew Jones and his guys were pushed all the way by the Heta 4 with AJ showing he has lost nothing from his state rep days and I am sure the are PL clubs who would love seeing him wear their colours, again AJ getting it done against the up and coming Heta, another even contest that came down to the last end.
Well it was just like déjà vu all over again on the Bessant and Mckenna rink with Mckenna front end powered by the classy Ninja and unflappable Feletti adding and Watts playing well, having built the head and holding 5s and 6s around 6 times it was Corey displaying his best to kill or covert and showed why this rink is rated so highly, this was a battle to be watched, both front ends slugged it out all day, the 3rds playing some big bowls but in the end it was the class of Corey that told and had to work hard over the creative Mckenna.
Not was all lost for DV with the Pearce 4 fighting all day and giving the other rinks a chance to get valuable point, they jumped out early and Einfelds 4 fought back but continual pressure by the Pearce’s front end and telling bowls by Tennant had Pearce breathing easier and being able to add when it counted, this was another case of constant bowls in the head giving the skipper the opportunity to add or cover as needed.

Well done Mounters and 1 win and you can pop the corks.
Swan 79 (6) v Morley 73 (2)
 Daniel Wood 19 v Mark Callcott  20
 David Park 25 v Keith Nazareth  14
 Paul Kelly 19 v Lindsay Sanders  18
 Tony Natalotto 16 v Michael Radalj  21

Unfortunately not much to report here apart from Swan finding their feet at the right time of the season, Morley would have fancied themselves here but the talented Swan 16 are on the rise with park displaying his class and Kelly going to 5-0 to get the Swan boys over the line in a hotly contested contest, Callcott and Radaji getting to valuable points as they chase 6th spot to free themselves from the relegation games, a big couple of weeks coming up for both these teams as they fight for survival.
Morley 55 (1) v North Beach 67 (7)
 Michael Radalj 10 v John Carlsen  11
 Mark Callcott 14 v Neville Costello  22
 Lindsay Sanders 12 v John Bartorillo  19
 Keith Nazareth 19 v Lee Mitten  15

Again no reports from the Glasshouse or more commonly known as North Beach but hold your head high Mundaring has you got a lot closer than a lot of travelling teams who have to play on that surface……………………………….. The Mitten, Carlsen and Jones rinks getting it done with the ever reliable Bear grabbing a point for the guys up on the hill. It was important points for the Beach boys as now they can start looking at consolidating 3rd spot and look at the play offs, they will admit that there is still 4 games to go but they should feel proud of their season thus far and on the other hand we can all expect Mundaring to fight like the proverbial to get out of 2nd last spot..
Mt Lawley141220371254942133.1285
North Beach148513011401019111.8764
A Kay103145Yokine
M Masel104063Mt Lawley
A Jones94185Mt Lawley
C Bessant950100Mt Lawley
R Munt95082Sorrento
J Buchanan95080Joondalup
B Morrison83135Yokine
R Rogers8513Sorrento
J Bartorillo86074North Beach
T McGillivray86011Yokine
L Martin860-4Sorrento
J Carlsen860-4North Beach
M Callcott860-7Morley
T Natalotto860-10Swan
C McKenna72023Doubleview
A Einfeld75149Mt Lawley
B Leggett76110Joondalup
B Pearce761-37Doubleview
R Cox761-38Mundaring
G Bear760-51Mundaring
B Heta77046Doubleview
L Mitten77014North Beach
P Kelly50025Swan
B Adams550-5Manning
W Neilson56113Joondalup
R Aitken56026North Beach
L Pickles57016Mundaring
W Mitchell570-44Morley
P Daley590-37Joondalup
M Piggott41140Manning
K Nazareth430-2Morley
W Coffey440-34Yokine
L Sanders480-60Morley
P Gillespie4100-104Manning
I Linford32017Sorrento
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
B Jeppeson341-32Manning
B Willesee360-65Doubleview
A Southern391-25Swan
D Wood3100-43Swan
J Doncon3110-69Mundaring
B Watts21024Doubleview
S Shaw2405Yokine
D Park240-24Swan
G Herriott10015Mt Lawley
T Jones1009North Beach
N Costello1008North Beach
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
M Radalj1104Morley
C Leggett1104Joondalup
A Walton110-2Sorrento
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
M West131-14Morley
G Ginbey130-22Manning
T Murray150-31Sorrento
A Taylor180-66Manning
L Spinks010-1Morley
R Dolton010-3Manning
J Angel010-3Manning
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
P Griffiths010-6Yokine
R Humfrey010-38Yokine