"> The bottom 2 sides continue to keep their season alive, Manning with a good win over Kardinya, and Bassendean drawing with South Perth. both games came down to the very last bowl of the day as well. Our top 3 sides do look like they are locked in to playing finals, Osborne Park and Sorrento with wins, Osborne Park especially with their impressive 8 nil result over north Beach to take the Pat Caffell Cup. 4 games remain, who will grab the final spot in the finals, and which 2 teams will be demoted. Hard to know exactly who that will be at the moment.
Manning 75 (6) v Kardinya 73 (2)
 Lee Such 20 v Marc Abonnel  16
 Shane Knott 18 v Brad Ball  11
 Anthony Williams 18 v Steven Novak  19
 Lewis Grigg 19 v David Rankin  27

Anthony Williams gets the win for Manning with the last bowl of the day and a vital 4 points for the them with it. This sounds like it was a tight game all day, Dave Rankin the big winner for the day by 9 shots over Lewis Grigg, but this was nearly offset by the 7 shot win by Shane Knott over Brad Ball. Coupled with the 4 shot win by Lee Such, it was enough to see Manning take the points by 2 shots in the end.
Kardinya remain in 4th spot but that position is wide open with Doubleview still not far behind them but also Cambridge and North Beach still a chance to grab that 4th spot should they string games together. Finals are off the cards for Manning but they have now won their past 2 weeks, perhaps wearing masks has suited them! They are now in 8th spot but only 2 points clear of 10th, they will still be eyeing off the 7th placed North Beach, only 6 points behind them.
Cambridge 82 (7) v Doubleview 71 (1)
 Clive Adams 16 v John Slavich  15
 Steven Rushforth 23 v Charles Slavich  22
 Blake Nairn 13 v Ryan Moyle  19
 Cameron Harris 30 v Stewart Gosstray  15

This was a comfortable victory to Cambridge but it was even more comfortable at some stages as Steve Rushforth was 15 shots clear of Charlie Slavich but he has a withering burst of shots near the end to nearly pinch the point but just falling short by the 1 shot. I even think Rushforth getting that shot with his last bowl, impressive work by Slavich and it was in the last 6 ends of the game as well. The big winner for Cambridge was the Cameron Harris rink by 15 over Stewart Gosstray. It was a reversal of fortune from the week before for Harris who lost by 25, but a week is a long time in bowls and his rink was able to carry the points for the day. Clive Adams winning by a sole shot as well with Doubleviews point coming from Ryan Moyle.
Doubleview have now lost their last 5 and play a resurgent Bassendean on Friday night this week, unbelievably they still sit 5th and only 6.5 points from 4th spot. All they need to do is start winning and they can still play finals. Cambridge also will be eyeing off finals but they are in a unique position of win games, maybeplay finals, lose games, maybe get demoted.
Sorrento 86 (6.5) v Rossmoyne 59 (1.5)
 Shane Ernest Rixom 16 v Allan Petchell  12
 Shane Loftus 19 v John Carter  20
 Kyle McIlroy 33 v Eddie Gollan  9
 Christopher Lander 18 v Rawley Lang  18

The big win by Kyle McIlroy by 24 shots over the ultra consistent Eddie Gollan winning the aggregate for Sorrento and keep them in 3rd spot on the ladder, but Rossmoyne showing some pluck and showing they are not over-awed by playing in the Premier League this year. Allan Petchell going down by 4 shots to Shane Rixom, Rawley Lang drawing with Chris Lander and John Carter getting a point with his 1 shot win over Shane Loftus. Daniel Brown unavailable with work committments this weekend.
So Sorrento sits 3rd quite comfortably by 7.5 points but playing well enough that they should be able to hold that top 3 position. They are also 7.5 shy of 2nd placed Osborne Park who they play in 2 games time so that should be a corker. Rossmoyne locked in battle for the bottom 2 with fellow cellar dwellars Manning and Bassendean who they play at home coming up so they would be confident they can win those games and do enough to retain their spot in the PL.
Osborne Park 92 (8) v North Beach 54 (0)
 Neville Stevens 21 v Brad Gillingham  10
 Gary Caffell 22 v Mark Douthie  16
 Cody Packer 27 v Geoffrey Devenish  14
 Ryan Brown 22 v Paul Walker  14

Osborne Park take the sweep of the week with all 8 points over North Beach and take home the Pat Caffell Cup. a 38 shot win with all 4 rinks comfortable winners and they are hitting form at the right time of the season. Their next 2 weeks sees them play top placed South Perth and 3rd placed Sorrento, so we'll get a more defined view of them going into the finals. With the finals being played on grass, they are looking like favourites at the moment to win the pennant, but still a long way to go for that.
North Beach probably no surprise with the loss but they would be rueing not being able to grab a rink or 2. In the bottom half of the table rink wins are nearly as important as aggregates as my predictions can see each of the bottom 5 sides winning 2 of the next 4 games, so it may well be that rinks could decide 8th from 9th, especially if any of these teams drop a home game I expect them to win. North Beach especially with such a good home ground advantage can't afford to drop on those games against Sorrento or Cambridge.
South Perth 74 (4) v Bassendean 74 (4)
 Glenn Pauling 23 v Dan Nicholls  13
 Ross Bresland 15 v Beau Manton  22
 Scott Walker 16 v Stein Davies  23
 Justin Opie 20 v Simon Alden  16

Lee Such on the radio show gave this match of the week which I thought was a bit odd considering it was 1st versus 10th but he was spot on, a drawn game sees both sides get 4 points. Unbelievable both teams fought out a draw in the first half of the season as well, that time South Perth winning on 3 rinks that time. Also incredibly there are 672 bowls that a side plays in a match and in both occasions, it was the 672nd bowl played by South Perth that got the draw on both occasions. Glenn Pauling the hero for South Perth on this occasion with a weighted shot to push in some bowls, was a touch narrow and found a split between 2 Bassendean bowls to slow the bowl down enough to grab shot. Heartbreaking for Bassendean as those 2 points would have come in very handy for them, but 4 points is probably more than what a lot of people would have expected they would get in the game.
South Perth have been the dominant team all year but Osborne Park closing hard and top spot for South Perth critical for them for a home first day of the finals series to give them the best chance to get to the big dance. They are 4 clear of Osborne Park and they play each other at Osborne Park next week. South Perth win that and with 2 home games left it is likely a win will see them finish to. Bassendean undefeated their past 4 games and a 1 shot loss against Osborne Park and they have turned their season around since Xmas, but they might have left their run too late. Critical games coming up against Kardinya at home and Rossmoyne away will decide their season.
South Perth1493238.51182979120.7478.5
Osborne Pk14103132.511081051105.4274.5
North Beach1468025.51046109995.1849.5
G Pauling1220105South Perth
R Moyle112170Doubleview
C Adams103174Cambridge
C Packer104080Osborne Pk
J Opie104070South Perth
D Rankin94137Kardinya
R Bresland95054South Perth
J Slavich84264Doubleview
S Knott85111Manning
S Rixom8519Sorrento
M Douthie8512North Beach
S Novak86020Kardinya
R Brown860-13Osborne Pk
D Brown73149Sorrento
G Caffell761-5Osborne Pk
S Walker761-26South Perth
E Gollan761-55Rossmoyne
K McIlroy77029Sorrento
C Harris770-23Cambridge
B Nairn6626Cambridge
N Stevens662-5Osborne Pk
L Such661-2Manning
B Manton661-16Bassendean
G Devenish671-14North Beach
M Abonnel680-5Kardinya
S Rushforth530-2Cambridge
P Walker5624North Beach
C Lander5720Sorrento
S Davies581-8Bassendean
J Carter580-9Rossmoyne
A Williams580-15Manning
S Alden590-29Bassendean
S Gosstray471-43Doubleview
R Lang481-36Rossmoyne
D Nicholls491-35Bassendean
B Gillingham491-37North Beach
C Slavich4100-41Doubleview
L Grigg371-29Manning
A Petchell3110-100Rossmoyne
B Ball2306Kardinya
S Perica250-16Kardinya
C Edson1004Rossmoyne
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
L Strahan141-26Cambridge
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
J McGinlay010-8North Beach
S Scott020-17Doubleview
A Heal020-20Manning
D Radford020-22Kardinya
B Butler030-12Manning
S Loftus030-21Sorrento