Manning 2 86 (7) v Yokine 64 (1)
 Brett Adams 21 v Trevor McGillivray  19
 Phil Gillespie 29 v Bradley Morrison  11
 Brian Jeppesen 23 v Anthony Kay  14
 Allan Taylor 13 v Shane Shaw  20

Yokine would have had the shortest odds out of anyone this round of winning an aggregate. It was 2nd against 10th going into the game and the doggies would have driven down the freeway confident of grabbing the lions share and keeping in touch with top spot, knowing that the Mounters faced a tough proposition in Joondalup. Manning were on their own mission, knowing they needed a win to give themselves a mathematical chance of staying in blue for next season. Brett Adams keeping his win/loss in the positive with a tight win over Trev McGillivray, Jeppesen knocking the Kay rink off their perch at the top of the skip ladder and Phil “no one can stop the claw” Gillespie getting the cans over Morrison. Shaw getting the consolation point for the day, which has looked to be a good move for that rink with Coffee in the supporting act role. Manning doing a fantastic job on the day, jumping Mundaring and within touching distance of the play off spots who all should be nervously looking over their shoulders now. Beware of the wounded Eagle who have pretty much gift wrapped Mount Lawey’s one way ticket into white.
Mt Lawley 76 (6) v Joondalup 66 (2)
 Anthony Einfeld 14 v Patrick Daley  20
 Andrew Jones 25 v Jimmy Buchanan  7
 Mark Masel 15 v Ben Leggett  21
 Corey Bessant 22 v Chris Leggett  18

The boys from Joondalup also headed South to face top of the table Mt Lawley – who had not been beaten at home this season. Both teams would have gone into the game with plenty of confidence, Joondalup having won the reverse fixture up north and Mount Lawley having only lost twice during the season packing a lot of firepower. The game looked to be heading to a 5-3 victory for Mt Lawley, with the Leggets and Pat Daley all up on the scoreboard only to be offset by the rejuvenated AJ and his new bowls (which apparently don’t work) but seem to be doing the trick. Jeff Bessant’s brother and his rink finished strong with a few big conversions to nab their rink in a very tight contest, however unfortunately the Masel rink could not get over the line against the very talented Ben Leggett and Pat Daley got over the line against the Einfeld rink – by all reports the lead on that rink set up the head brilliantly for most of the day. Aj, Kelly, Sinden and Green did not let up the whole day and recorded an aggregate winning 18 shot victory and the Mounters got home by 10. Joondalup still have a chance of playing finals, and should be happy taking a couple of points away from the mounting yard which is a lot more than others will get. Mounters now need 2 points from the remaining 3 games to book their spot in the frequent flyer program next season.
Sorrento 93 (7) v Mundaring 79 (1)
 Leith Oldham 29 v Lindsay Pickles  20
 Rick Munt 30 v Geoffrey Bear  15
 Alan Walton 15 v Rex Cox  28
 Ronald Rogers 19 v John Doncon  16

This game went as suspected with Mundaring getting their standard solitary point away from home. Being a Jnr reporter and not having the contacts my predecessors have had, I have not been given any reports from this game, however I can say this… Mundaring are now bottom, they have two home games left against teams just above them (which is the good news). The bad news is in between those games, they travel to the Mounting Yard – not the good kind – the kind where nobody has won a game yet. So win those two home games and pending other results going their way, they might be able to find a way to stay safe. Sorrento are now third and there’s more bad news than good news for them in the hunt for top 3. They travel to North Beach next game, who have only lost once and only 3 points behind them going in to the game. The further bad news is that they play against the only team who have beaten NB at home on the last day of the season. The slightly better news is they play Manning in between, however this is at Manning who just beat Yokine at home. We shall see what happens…
Swan 103 (7.5) v North Beach 68 (0.5)
 Daniel Wood 28 v John Carlsen  11
 David Park 21 v Lee Mitten  18
 Paul Kelly 25 v Terry Jones  25
 Tony Natalotto 29 v John Bartorillo  14

The Swannies who we all know and love have finally started to flap their wings and fly (well, Swans don’t really fly) but they’ve found their strut and pecked away at the Beach Boys. An extremely valuable 7.5 points for them, now sitting 3rd from bottom, only 2 points of 7th and an aggregate away from 6th. The Beach Boys squandering their top 3 spot, however will be looking to get it back next week when they play Sorrento at home. Swan play Doubleview away next week, who they are 8 points behind, so win that’s a must win, with them having to play Joondalup and Yokine in the final two games.
Morley 89 (6) v Doubleview 82 (2)
 Mark West 29 v Christopher McKenna  14
 Michael Radalj 16 v Brandon Heta  22
 Lindsay Sanders 22 v Bradley Pearce  25
 Keith Nazareth 22 v John Slavich  21

The View boys hitched up their wagon and headed out East to duel with a worthy adversary in the Morley 16! Just like out an old Western movie the Saloon doors swung open and a strong wind blew through the doors and in stepped the View’s prized gun fighter aka John “Chevy” Slavich and the posse to be greeted by the new sheriff in Town “Nazareth” and his deputies, cards marked, pleasantries exchanged, the green looking nice, game on.
West strode out and took on the talented Mckenna rink and made an immediate statement, getting out early and was never headed and extended the lead end after end, this was a classy display of draw and on shots from all the Morley 4 to leave the View scratching their heads, congrats to the Morley boys on a dominant game which set up a gutsy and well deserved win for the Morley 16.
Heta took on Radalj and with a 6 shot margin it appeared on paper to be pretty comfortable but this was not the case at all, the DV front end dominating only to see the Morley back end play shot after shot only to be countered by Langdon and Heta time and again, Radalj never throwing in the towel and with a few numbers on the last couple of ends with clutch bowls from big Wint and Heta it did give the View boys on the other rinks a chance.
Pearce slugged it with Sanders and shot out to double figures midway through the game, the front end doing enough again, Whitfield and Tennant putting some important bowls in at the right time, Pearce converting when needed and all seem to be going to plan, someone forgot to let Sanders and crew know and the comeback was well and truly on, picking up a couple of 4s late in the game to narrow the margin right up and getting in the position to snatch this game away from the visitors, the Pearce rink steadied to ensure that there was a glimmer of hope for aggregate points and left it to the big guns.
Nazareth took on Chevy which turned out to be an intriguing game of bowls, with both teams being on top at different times throughout the game, some sublime shot making from the View back end with Chevy drawing to inches of the plinth late in the game to make numbers only to see the giant killing Nazareth return the favour to put them ahead by 5 shots overall going into the last end, stage set with Morley holding 2 shots with the skippers bowls to come down, Naza looking for cover with his first and not finding the right line left a trail on for Chev to make the 5 need only to see it narrowly slip past, Naza playing a useful shot but leaving the conversion still on, Chev and team decided to play for the big board and not the rink win and went for the conversion again, game on and bowled delivered on a good line with great weight only to slip past again to be greeted by a booming voice “LOOK MUM , HE GOT THE GAP”, Naza and his boys getting the valuable rink win.
Well done to the Morley boys on closing “THE GAP” on 6th spot, plenty left in the season for both teams, also compliments were passed from all on the quality of the greens which were firm and fast.
Mt Lawley1513203913301008131.9491
North Beach1586130.512081122107.6664.5
A Jones1041103Mt Lawley
A Kay104136Yokine
C Bessant1050104Mt Lawley
R Munt105097Sorrento
M Masel105057Mt Lawley
R Rogers9516Sorrento
J Buchanan96062Joondalup
T Natalotto9605Swan
B Morrison84117Yokine
B Leggett86116Joondalup
R Cox861-25Mundaring
B Pearce861-34Doubleview
L Martin860-4Sorrento
M Callcott860-7Morley
J Bartorillo87059North Beach
B Heta87052Doubleview
T McGillivray8709Yokine
J Carlsen870-21North Beach
C McKenna7308Doubleview
A Einfeld76143Mt Lawley
G Bear770-66Mundaring
L Mitten78011North Beach
B Adams650-3Manning
P Daley690-31Joondalup
P Kelly50125Swan
K Nazareth530-1Morley
W Neilson56113Joondalup
R Aitken56026North Beach
W Mitchell570-44Morley
L Pickles5807Mundaring
P Gillespie5100-86Manning
M Piggott41140Manning
B Jeppeson441-23Manning
W Coffey440-34Yokine
L Sanders490-63Morley
D Wood4100-26Swan
I Linford32017Sorrento
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
S Shaw34012Yokine
D Park340-21Swan
B Willesee360-65Doubleview
A Southern391-25Swan
J Doncon3120-72Mundaring
B Watts21024Doubleview
M West2311Morley
T Jones1019North Beach
G Herriott10015Mt Lawley
L Oldham1009Sorrento
N Costello1008North Beach
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
C Leggett1200Joondalup
M Radalj120-2Morley
K Warne120-8Mundaring
A Walton120-15Sorrento
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
G Ginbey130-22Manning
T Murray150-31Sorrento
A Taylor190-73Manning
L Spinks010-1Morley
J Slavich010-1Doubleview
R Dolton010-3Manning
J Angel010-3Manning
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
P Griffiths010-6Yokine
R Humfrey010-38Yokine