Round 15 produced its normal round of surprises, probably the biggest occurred down at windy Rockingham, where we saw the home side absolutely belt the visiting Hawks. Another big surprise at Manning where a badly depleted Leeming Lions defeated the high flying Manning Eagles.
While up at Kalamunda, three of the rinks were drawn, a very rare occasion. Brandsma beating the strong Krackerjack rink though, to carry the day for the home side. Cockburn and Thornlie continuing on the winning path.

Manning 1 61 (1) v Leeming 90 (7)
 Michael Carey 10 v James Newton  29
 Murray Piggott 11 v Noel Bennetts  22
 Alan Pryce 24 v Leon Bertei  16
 Graham O'Brien 16 v Ian Ashworth  23

Three of Leeming’s best players were out, but away from home they were still able to beat a full strength Manning side.
Winning by 29 shots, and taking 7 points down the road, what a return journey it must have been. Jim Newton, Ian Ashworth and Noel Bennett’s skipping their rinks to great wins, 19, 7, 11 shots respectively.
The only winner for the Eagles was the reliable Pryce rink, who beat new skip Bertel by 8 shots.
The Lions certainly keeping their season alive, while the Eagles might have got a wake up call.
Spearwood 71 (1) v Thornlie 102 (7)
 Nikola Sokol 16 v Mark Separovich  35
 Denis Tomasich 20 v Paul Pohe  21
 Ken Nadilo 13 v Michael Yates  28
 Ivan Unkovich 22 v Murray White  18

The Ravens are hungry for success, and they are coming hard to gain a top three spot. It was only recently that they were battling relegation territory.
They have three hard games to come, but two of them are home on their tricky carpet surface.
But last Saturday they trounced the depleted Spearwood boys by a whopping 31 shots. Yates and Separovich the big victors, winning by 15 and 19 shots respectively. The only winner for the home side was the rink skipped by Ivan (The Great) Unkovich, who beat White by 4 shots.
Rockingham 101 (8) v Hilton Park 54 (0)
 Robert Costello 19 v Robert Hunter  18
 John Lethlean 35 v Robert Foy  12
 Bruce Edwards 20 v Kevin McKay  15
 Mark Devenny 27 v Craig Standley  9

Wow, what a hiding that the Rams gave to the star studded Hawks on Saturday, 8 points and a winning margin of 47 shots, unbelievable to put it mildly. The biggest winner for the Rams was the rink of Lethlean, Villa, Atkins and Laukkanen who thrashed the Robbie Foy skipped rink by a whopping 23 shots. Mark Devenny also winning handsomely over Standley by 18 shots. Robbie Hunter skipping again to nearly grab a point for the low flying Hawks. A fantastic win by the Rams, who now give themselves a finals chance I believe.
South Perth 63 (2) v Cockburn 73 (6)
 Steve Kelly 19 v William Tepania  11
 Vincent Santostefano 9 v Kenneth Wylie  31
 Michael McRae 15 v Michael Simunovic  16
 Denis Bandy 20 v Josip (joe) Marevic  15

Kalamunda 80 (6.5) v Fremantle 63 (1.5)
 Dwayne Wooltorton 19 v Peter Wachmer  19
 Arthur Bartlett 16 v Barry Coote  16
 Ian Quayle 16 v Shaun McCormack  16
 William Brandsma 29 v Tony Krajancic  12

Three draws on four rinks, unbelievable scenes up at Kalamunda, I haven’t seen that before. Wooltorton and Wachmer, Bartlett and Coote, Quayle and McCormack all drawing tight games. But the big talking point from my information was the masterclass display from Billy Brandsma, he virtually won the game off his own bowls. His rink beat the formidable Krajancic four by some 17 shots. Simunovic now battling with Krajancic for top skipper honours.
South Perth158702912281159105.9561
Hilton Park1577126.51109123889.5856.5
M Simunovich123090Cockburn
T Krajancic123087Fremantle
B Brandsma114079Kalamunda
M Yates91080Thornlie
M Carey95123Manning
J Marevic96065Cockburn
W Tepania96043Cockburn
G Ford84127Leeming
K Wylie85257Cockburn
R Costello85147Rockingham
G O'Brien86025Manning
J Newton87041Leeming
M McRae87018South Perth
B Edwards870-31Rockingham
R Foy741-5Hilton Park
P Pohe75122Thornlie
I Unkovich761-2Spearwood
M Devenny77017Rockingham
V Santostefano780-11South Perth
T Simpson65021Hilton Park
I Perica660-15Spearwood
A Bartlett672-7Kalamunda
K Vandersluys67115Leeming
D Wooltorton681-50Kalamunda
D Bandy51063South Perth
G Vaughan54022Thornlie
A Pryce54021Manning
P Wachmer561-22Fremantle
S McCormack571-3Fremantle
K Nadilo581-23Spearwood
C Standley5100-58Hilton Park
D McIlhenney42020Manning
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
M White43017Thornlie
M Separovich430-16Thornlie
B Roelefs4400South Perth
R Hunter450-4Hilton Park
S Kelly49017South Perth
K McKay3203Hilton Park
N Bennetts330-16Leeming
M Piggott342-24Manning
D Bacich20113Fremantle
M Gill221-5Fremantle
J Lethlean230-3Rockingham
S Adams240-27Manning
W Olive260-41Kalamunda
D Tomasich290-89Spearwood
I Ashworth1007Leeming
G Trevaskis1002Kalamunda
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
J Stean121-7Thornlie
P Townshend120-7Kalamunda
D Calvo120-18South Perth
K Tremlett120-24Rockingham
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
H McKay150-44Hilton Park
B Coote181-44Fremantle
I Quayle0010Kalamunda
W Heldt010-2Manning
L Bertei010-8Leeming
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
J Bowden010-15Leeming
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
J Stewart020-10Fremantle
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming
N Sokol030-40Spearwood