Round 16 only had one surprise defeat, that of the Kalamunda Cougars beating the Leeming Lions away from home. But not too far away at Hilton, the bottom side Spearwood nearly produced a huge surprise, just falling to the Hilton Hawks by only 3 shots. All other games went as expected you might say.
Fremantle 87 (7) v South Perth 64 (1)
 Tony Krajancic 26 v Denis Bandy  14
 Barry Coote 14 v Michael McRae  12
 Shaun McCormack 19 v Steve Kelly  23
 Peter Wachmer 28 v Vincent Santostefano  15

The Mariners got their season back on track with a very solid win over the unsettled Millers. Rumours of unrest at South Perth probably didn’t help either. Wachmer in control all day against Santostefano, winning by 13 shots. The Krackerjack rink back in the winners circle with a handsome win over the Bandy foursome. Barry Coote would be well pleased with his win over the very strong Mick McRae rink. Steve Kelly picking up what could be a valuable point for the visitors, beating young McCormack. The Mariners now third, with the Millers slipping to seventh on the table.
Leeming 67 (2) v Kalamunda 73 (6)
 Ian Ashworth 20 v Arthur Bartlett  13
 Noel Bennetts 11 v William Brandsma  21
 James Newton 23 v Ian Quayle  20
 Karl Vandersluys 13 v Dwayne Wooltorton  19

A pulsating clash at the home of the Lions, saw the visitors haul in the home side and pip them at the finish by just six shots. Billy and his crew of Price, Trevaskis and Cooper won by ten shots over Noel Bennett’s rink to carry the day. As I have said many times, you don’t stop Brandsma, you don’t stop Kalamunda. The other good winner for the Cougars, was the Wooltorton foursome, who beat the strong Vandersluys rink by six shots.
The Cougars now with a great chance of finishing in the top three, well done.
The Lions slip right down to eighth on the ladder, who would have thought.
Cockburn 112 (7) v Rockingham 65 (1)
 William Tepania 32 v Mark Devenny  10
 Kenneth Wylie 11 v Bruce Edwards  27
 Michael Simunovic 34 v John Lethlean  9
 Josip (joe) Marevic 35 v Robert Costello  19

The Roosters annihilated the visiting Rams by some 47 shots on their tricky undercover surface, picking up another 7 points on the way. Simunovic and Tepania having big wins of 25 and 22 shots respectively. Joe Marevic also winning as he liked over the Costello rink. The veteran Bruce Edwards picking up a handy point for the Rams. Congratulations to the Roosters who have nailed top spot and will be promoted to White next year.
Thornlie 85 (7) v Manning 1 62 (1)
 Mark Separovich 21 v Alan Pryce  18
 Paul Pohe 16 v Murray Piggott  17
 Michael Yates 21 v Graham O'Brien  14
 Jim Stean 27 v Michael Carey  13

The Ravens have been unstoppable of late, winning six of their last seven games. The addition of the noisy Michael Yates seems to have lifted them no end. They won this one against the 2nd placed team quite easily, picking up 7 points into the bargain. Paul Pohe losing at the line by one shot only to Murray Piggott, otherwise it would have been a whitewash to the impressive home team. Jim Stean the big winner for the Ravens, beating the strong Carey rink by 14 shots. Separovich accounted for Pryce, albeit narrowly, with Yates carrying on his winning ways with a solid 7 shot win over O’Brien. Manning hanging on to 2nd spot on the ladder with the Ravens now 5th.
Hilton Park 79 (6) v Spearwood 76 (2)
 Travis Simpson 18 v Ivan Unkovich  24
 Robert Foy 17 v Ken Nadilo  22
 Craig Standley 26 v Ivan Perica  17
 Hugh McKay 18 v Denis Tomasich  13

In a cliffhanger at Hilton on a heavy track, the home side were challenged all the way by the feisty Spearwood boys. Craig Standley, with Willis, Stone and Maxwell carrying the day for the Hawks with an easy nine shot win over Ivan Perica. Father McKay over Tomasich by six shots for the Hawks, with the Spearwood stalwarts in Unkovich and Nadilo nearly getting their team over the line. The Hawks once again failing to really fire up. Spearwood to their credit nearly pulling off a huge upset.
Hilton Park1687128.51188131490.4162.5
South Perth168803012921246103.6962
M Simunovich1330115Cockburn
T Krajancic133099Fremantle
B Brandsma124089Kalamunda
M Yates101087Thornlie
J Marevic106081Cockburn
W Tepania106065Cockburn
M Carey9619Manning
J Newton97044Leeming
B Edwards970-15Rockingham
G Ford84127Leeming
K Wylie86241Cockburn
R Costello86131Rockingham
I Unkovich8614Spearwood
G O'Brien87018Manning
M McRae88016South Perth
R Foy751-10Hilton Park
P Pohe76121Thornlie
D Wooltorton781-44Kalamunda
M Devenny780-5Rockingham
V Santostefano790-24South Perth
P Wachmer661-9Fremantle
T Simpson66015Hilton Park
I Perica670-24Spearwood
A Bartlett682-14Kalamunda
K Vandersluys6819Leeming
K Nadilo681-18Spearwood
C Standley6100-49Hilton Park
D Bandy52051South Perth
M Separovich530-13Thornlie
G Vaughan54022Thornlie
A Pryce55018Manning
S McCormack581-7Fremantle
S Kelly59021South Perth
D McIlhenney42020Manning
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
M White43017Thornlie
M Piggott442-23Manning
B Roelefs4400South Perth
R Hunter450-4Hilton Park
K McKay3203Hilton Park
N Bennetts340-26Leeming
D Bacich20113Fremantle
I Ashworth20014Leeming
J Stean2217Thornlie
M Gill221-5Fremantle
S Adams240-27Manning
J Lethlean240-28Rockingham
H McKay250-39Hilton Park
W Olive260-41Kalamunda
B Coote281-42Fremantle
D Tomasich2100-94Spearwood
G Trevaskis1002Kalamunda
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
P Townshend120-7Kalamunda
D Calvo120-18South Perth
K Tremlett120-24Rockingham
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
I Quayle011-3Kalamunda
W Heldt010-2Manning
L Bertei010-8Leeming
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
J Bowden010-15Leeming
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
J Stewart020-10Fremantle
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming
N Sokol030-40Spearwood