Wowee! What a weekend of results. Manning did every thing they could to give themselves a chance of staying up, unfortunately for them, Morley, Swans and Doubleview also won which means they will be joining Mundaring in 2nd division next season. These upsets over Joondalup, Yokine and Sorrento and with North Beach also losing, means that the race for the play off spots is well and truly still alive. Let’s talk about that in the preview later in the week…

Manning 2 76 (6) v Sorrento 72 (2)
 Brian Jeppesen 22 v Leith Oldham  10
 Allan Taylor 25 v Ronald Rogers  10
 Phil Gillespie 17 v Alan Walton  28
 Brett Adams 12 v Rick Munt  24

Manning went into this game knowing that they needed to win and rely on other results going their way to remain in blue next season. Half this scenario eventuated. They recorded a very impressive win, however with upsets happening all around town, they will be joining Mundaring in 2nd divi next year. Sorrento on the other hand benefited from the upsets as this means the group from 2nd to 5th all remain close and it’s a four horse race for the two play off spots. With North Beach hosting Manning and Joondalp hosting Doubleview, it’s not looking great for Sorrento who host the Mounters, but let’s see what happens. Walton and Munt with a couple of big rink wins will give them some confidence heading into the game.
Mt Lawley 105 (7) v Mundaring 58 (1)
 Corey Bessant 20 v Lindsay Pickles  13
 Paul Sinden 21 v Rex Cox  22
 Andrew Jones 28 v John Doncon  11
 Anthony Einfeld 36 v Geoffrey Bear  12

1st vs 10th going into this game and the result went as most people would expect. Mundaring had to win to keep their hopes alive and unfortunately had to take on the Mounters who remain undefeated at home all season. Anthony “El Jefe’” Einfeld and his rink wound back the clock and mounted a Bear, Moose “stacked rink” Jones and Co. romped in with a 17 shot win over Doncon (must be handy having the number one player in one blue in as your 3rd). Jiff “Club Champ” Bessant, his brother Corey, his mate Guy and Uncle Keith recorded a 7 shot win which left a sour taste over Pickles. Cox and Paul “21st in the state” Sinden had a topsy turvy game, with the Veteran from the hills getting over the line by one. Mount Lawley raising their bat and passing 100 points for the season and unfortunately for Mundaring, they’ll need to regroup and find a way to succeed in 2nd divi next year.
Doubleview 82 (7) v North Beach 72 (1)
 Christopher McKenna 23 v John Carlsen  13
 Brandon Heta 24 v Terry Jones  14
 Bradley Pearce 21 v John Bartorillo  18
 Ben Willesee 14 v Lee Mitten  27

North Beach packed their bags and left the Glasshouse and travelled the short distance down the road to the play Doubleview with plenty on the line for both teams, with both teams destiny in their own hands it was set for an almighty tussle and it sure did not disappoint, some big bowls played by all players on all rinks but in the end it was Doubleview emerging with the valuable 7 points, with The Mounters earning a well deserved promotion and the valiant Mundaring and Manning all but set to play in 2nd Division next year there is still plenty of permutations for the rest of the Blue North sides to play for next week in what is sure to be an absolute frantic round of pennants.
Ben Willesee and Co took on Lee Mitten’s rink and the North Beach boys jumped out early and were making life difficult for the View boys, even with Faulkner and Bell finding their range only to be answered time and again. Eddie “Captain” Johnson was around the mark and Willesee moving the kitty at will it was never enough with the Beach Boys having “Fun Fun Fun” till they take all the shots away!!! Willesee playing an absolute bomb late in the game to move the kitty back for a big 7 shots only for the kitty to bounce forward and be six down, with the view boys muttering “God only knows” the score line was not a true indication of the game.
The next rink along saw Mckenna take on Carlsen and this time round it was the Beach Boys wondering what they had to do get shot, View’s front end were magnificent to set up the win, big bowls by Hutchinson, Hunter and Carlsen were aplenty but dealt with some seemingly effortless draw bowls by Watts and McKenna, great team effort by the View boys sees them hitting their straps just at the right time.
Bartorillo jumped out early and with a perfectly weighted shot on the 3rd end to make a 6 it seemed like it was going to be a long day for the Pearce 4 being 9 down after 3 ends, not to be deterred the View boys picked themselves up and bounced straight back in the contest and after 7 ends it was all but square, Cosgrove and Whitfield holding the slight advantage over Stevenson and Barr in a brilliant tussle, Ed “Dream Crusher” Retallack winding back the clock and making it look easy on a lovely Doubleview surface which seemed to be to his liking and Barts doing his bit looked to be on top, once again it was timely Tennant and Pearce bowls which kept the Beach boys from singing to loudly and by the 17th end it all looked to be comfortable for Pearce and Co, never laying down the Beach boys made the view boys play it right out and by reports the 3 shot margin was a fair result in a good spirited game by all.
Heta’s rink has proved to be a stumbling block for most visiting teams this season and Jones found that out early in the contest, with plenty of Leed magic up front, sprinkle in some Langdon steadiness and a touch of Heta brilliance and there you have it and double figure lead before you know it, credit to Jones and co for not throwing in the towel and fighting the contest out to the end, they showed why the Beach Boys are still in the hunt for 3rd spot, with all the players playing brilliantly it was the Steady View rink to ultimately come out on top to help the View grab a well-earned 7 points.
So the stage is set, can North Beach get to 3rd and will Doubleview hold on to 6th…… Stay tuned…….
Swan 83 (6) v Joondalup 77 (2)
 Daniel Wood 30 v Chris Leggett  17
 David Park 24 v Ben Leggett  21
 Paul Kelly 15 v Patrick Daley  16
 Tony Natalotto 14 v Jimmy Buchanan  23

It was all looking a bit grim for Swan at the half way point of the season. Bottom of the table and struggling for answers. They obviously took a lot of confidence from the game against Mt. Lawley – after that very narrow loss, they have won 4 straight and find themselves in a position to even avoid playing off to stay in blue. Daniel got the Wood on Pappa Leggett and Dave Park continued his good run with a win over Legs Leggett. Daley made Kelly wish he “could start the day again” and Jimmy Buchanan just keeps soldiering on, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to winning games of bowls. Both teams need to win this week, Swan in order to avoid playing off to stay in the division and for Joondalup – a chance to join the Mounters in White next year. Good luck to both teams.
Morley 88 (8) v Yokine 64 (0)
 Mark West 19 v Anthony Kay  13
 Michael Radalj 23 v Melville Lemos  19
 Lindsay Sanders 22 v Shane Shaw  20
 Keith Nazareth 24 v Bradley Morrison  12

Well, I don’t think many people would have tipped this one. HUGE win for Morley who keep their dreams alive and sentence Mundaring and Manning to 2nd divi next year. As for Yokine, they remain in 2nd on the ladder thanks to a few upsets, however they will be wanting to get a few points this week against a resurgent Swans outfit to guarantee a play off spot. This game had three close games. West with a great win over Pommy Kay who spent most of the season as the number one skip in blue. Sanders with a tight win over Shane “stalker” Shaw (bowls that is – nobody panic) and Michael “late cameo” Radalj getting over the line against Mel “don’t mess with me” Lemos. The big winner of the day was Kinecke Nazareth over Chooky Morrison. Reports from Morley are that Morley celebrated this win with gusto – right after Nazareth fixed his hair. This win sets up a three way race for 6th spot. Still so much excitement to come in the final week.
Mt Lawley1715204515121143132.28103
North Beach1797133.513671278106.9671.5
A Jones1241121Mt Lawley
C Bessant1250126Mt Lawley
M Masel115058Mt Lawley
R Munt116086Sorrento
J Buchanan116081Joondalup
A Kay106129Yokine
T Natalotto107014Swan
R Rogers971-12Sorrento
B Pearce971-35Doubleview
R Cox971-45Mundaring
T McGillivray97026Yokine
B Heta98055Doubleview
L Mitten98027North Beach
C McKenna84017Doubleview
B Morrison8515Yokine
L Martin860-4Sorrento
M Callcott860-7Morley
A Einfeld87150Mt Lawley
B Leggett8818Joondalup
G Bear880-65Mundaring
J Bartorillo89050North Beach
P Daley890-10Joondalup
J Carlsen890-38North Beach
P Kelly61125Swan
K Nazareth6404Morley
B Adams661-15Manning
L Pickles69014Mundaring
D Wood6100-6Swan
P Gillespie6110-76Manning
D Park540-14Swan
B Jeppeson551-25Manning
W Neilson56113Joondalup
R Aitken56026North Beach
W Mitchell570-44Morley
L Sanders5100-81Morley
M Piggott41140Manning
M West43112Morley
W Coffey440-34Yokine
I Linford32017Sorrento
A Walton3203Sorrento
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
S Shaw360-5Yokine
B Willesee380-96Doubleview
A Southern391-25Swan
J Doncon3131-89Mundaring
T Jones21122North Beach
B Watts21024Doubleview
L Oldham2103Sorrento
C Leggett230-6Joondalup
M Radalj230-8Morley
A Taylor290-58Manning
G Herriott10015Mt Lawley
N Costello1008North Beach
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
G Ginbey130-22Manning
T Murray150-31Sorrento
L Spinks010-1Morley
J Slavich010-1Doubleview
P Sinden010-1Mt Lawley
R Dolton010-3Manning
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
P Griffiths010-6Yokine
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
M Lemos020-5Yokine
J Angel020-28Manning