"> In one of the most exciting and closest Premier Leagues we have seen in years, after 17 rounds the positions are set and only the top spot can change hands on this weekends results.
In the battle for top spot, Osborne Park won by 15 shots and grabbed 6.5 points while South Perth went down getting 2 rinks aloing the way. It sees Osborne Park sitting on top of the ladder going into the final round. Whilst their position is not secure, they are 5.5 points clear and need 3 winning rinks to secure a home final. Both Osborne Park and South Perth get the 2nd chance and they will play each other in the qualifying final, but we don't know at what venue yet.
3rd and 4th spot could change as well but in reality it doesn't matter, Kardinya will play Sorrento in the Elimination final as they sit 10 points clear of 5th. Kardinya are starting to get some form together at the right end of the season with a smashing of Doubleview by 58 shots. Sorrento though a very good home win over South Perth to put last weeks horror show behind them, the win securing a finals berth for them after being promoted from White last year.
5th to 8th is only separated by 4.5 points and some of these teams will be rueing close losing margins which snuffed out finals chances. North Beach with their impressive home record need to work on away wins and they could be a sneaky chance at finals next year. Just don't play Friday night games! Cambridge are the ones with the "what could have been" year. 3 games with 1 shot losses, and another 2 and a 4 shot loss while their wins were always solid. Win the close ones is the key. Doubleview and Manning polar opposites but have ended up near each other, Doubleview with a great start to the year which has fizzled out while Manning slow to get away but have finished the year well.
Rossmoyne and Bassendean played each other, the loser was definitely out and winner a slight chance if results went their way. Rossmoyne was the winner but results didn't work out and both teams will be playing in White next year. Rossmoyne especially refreshing with their attitude and positive outlook on the year. Bassendean last season were 2nd on the ladder when COVID hit and 2021 has been horrible for them. They go back to White, already some players won't be donning the green next year so they have a season to re-invigorate and get back to the top flight.

Kardinya 108 (8) v Doubleview 50 (0)
 Steven Novak 32 v Bradley White  14
 David Rankin 27 v Ryan Moyle  10
 Marc Abonnel 23 v John Slavich  18
 Brad Ball 26 v Charles Slavich  8

Rossmoyne 74 (6) v Bassendean 66 (2)
 John Carter 15 v Simon Alden  20
 Eddie Gollan 18 v Beau Manton  16
 Rawley Lang 14 v Dan Nicholls  21
 Allan Petchell 27 v Stein Davies  9

Sorrento 69 (6) v South Perth 66 (2)
 Daniel Brown 16 v Scott Walker  19
 Rhett Butler 22 v Glenn Pauling  16
 Christopher Lander 18 v Justin Opie  14
 Kyle McIlroy 13 v Ross Bresland  17

Osborne Park 80 (6.5) v Manning 65 (1.5)
 Neville Stevens 21 v Lee Such  21
 Gary Caffell 13 v Anthony Williams  17
 Cody Packer 24 v Shane Knott  10
 Ryan Brown 22 v Lewis Grigg  17

North Beach 85 (7) v Cambridge 71 (1)
 Paul Walker 15 v Blake Nairn  26
 Mark Douthie 22 v Clive Adams  15
 Joe McGinlay 26 v Steven Rushforth  18
 Geoffrey Devenish 22 v Cameron Harris  12

Osborne Pk1713314113701249109.6995
South Perth17105245.514011200116.7589.5
North Beach17890321277133096.0264
G Pauling1430106South Perth
R Moyle133162Doubleview
C Packer1340108Osborne Pk
D Rankin115175Kardinya
C Adams115167Cambridge
J Opie116065South Perth
R Bresland116056South Perth
S Knott106110Manning
M Douthie10619North Beach
S Novak107031Kardinya
R Brown10701Osborne Pk
B Nairn96226Cambridge
G Caffell9718Osborne Pk
S Walker971-26South Perth
D Brown85148Sorrento
J Slavich86254Doubleview
B Manton871-1Bassendean
S Rixom871-1Sorrento
G Devenish881-10North Beach
E Gollan881-74Rossmoyne
A Williams8809Manning
C Harris890-34Cambridge
N Stevens7734Osborne Pk
L Such772-2Manning
M Abonnel791-1Kardinya
K McIlroy71001Sorrento
S Rushforth650-11Cambridge
P Walker6821North Beach
C Lander692-11Sorrento
S Davies6101-20Bassendean
S Alden6101-27Bassendean
A Petchell6110-72Rossmoyne
D Nicholls5111-56Bassendean
J Carter5110-29Rossmoyne
C Slavich5120-62Doubleview
B Ball44021Kardinya
L Grigg481-33Manning
S Gosstray481-50Doubleview
B Gillingham4101-53North Beach
R Lang4111-46Rossmoyne
S Perica250-16Kardinya
R Butler1006Sorrento
C Edson1004Rossmoyne
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
J McGinlay1110North Beach
B White120-15Doubleview
L Strahan141-26Cambridge
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Scott020-17Doubleview
A Heal020-20Manning
D Radford020-22Kardinya
B Butler030-12Manning
S Loftus030-21Sorrento