What a finish to a brilliant season of bowls in the 1 Blue, who would have predicted an end like this, Sorrento stepping up to win a very tight contest at home against one of the most polished sides seen in this division in years, with the win Sorrento have given themselves every chance of getting to White next year, well done the Mighty Mounters on a brilliant season and we all wish you well next year in White, finish off your good work with a big win against Cockburn. Mundaring finishing their hard fought year off with a win against a Morley side who were predicted to try and bounce back to White but the competition showed how tough Blue was this year and now they fight for their spot in 1st Division next week. North Beach jumping up to 2nd spot with a win against a gallant Manning side who deserve full credit to the way they played and conducted themselves all year. The talented Swan side left their run home a little late and after a great win still see themselves in the unpredictable playoff game after dumping Yokine out of 2nd spot and missing finals action all together, although Yokine would be disappointed they should be proud of their efforts and proved a very good side this season. All was left for Joondalup to do was get the points from a Doubleview side who has struggled to get wins away from their favoured greens at home, in one of the biggest upsets of the season saw Doubleview win 3 rinks and hold the division by the slimmest of margins 0.5 of a point, well done to a hard working side who lost 2 full rinks out of their top 2 sides, on the flip side Joondalup missed the playoffs but should be buoyed by the 1st year in 1st division, plenty to like about this side and if rumours of a couple of quality players joining the club are true they will certainly be around the place next season. Congratulations to all players who played in the division this season, plenty of spirit, plenty of great bowls and good luck to Mt Lawley, good luck to all teams in playoff games, wishing Mundaring and Manning all the best and see you back in Blue very soon.
Joondalup 71 (1) v Doubleview 95 (7)
 Chris Leggett 16 v Bradley Pearce  23
 Ben Leggett 30 v Ben Willesee  18
 Patrick Daley 9 v Christopher McKenna  30
 Jimmy Buchanan 16 v Brandon Heta  24

Hold the phone, hold the phone…… what DV wins away against the up and coming Joondalup 16… With the View boys tipped to finish 9th due to diminished playing strength and up against the young guns of the comp tipped to finish 3rd you would have struggled to get odds on DV getting enough points to avoid playing the following weekend, up step a proud team of 16 to prove the doubters wrong, 4 new skippers and a host of promoted players showed what team bowls are all about, sticking together when the chips were down but never giving up was the motto for DV, well done on the 6th spot and only 8 points out of the finals mix, 3 new skippers in Pearce 9th & Heta 10th, Mckenna 12th shows the depth the club is building again, I am sure the bus trip home and the night was filled with celebration. Joondalup whilst disappointed should be extremely proud this season, finishing 5 and just missing out on the finals will sting but no doubt will rebound to bigger and better things next season, with whispers of new players joining it could be the fillet the club needs to get to White and show more clubs what beautiful grass greens are like up there. With the crucial match up of Buchanan taking on young gun Heta it was a match that was pivotal to DV’s season, Heta jumped out early and was never in danger of not getting the job done, Young Leggett squaring the ledger against the Willesee side who would never lay down was an enthralling contest, Mckenna and co were dominant in all lines and helped the other rinks breathe easy throughout the contest, sublime leading and all round brilliance from all on that rink proved to good for Daley’s boys, down to the last point for season and it was Pearce 4 taking on an experienced Old man Leggett, with the Pearce rink jumping out early with some great work from the front end it to be comfortable and all looking rosy, Leggett and co were having none of it and roared back in to the contest squaring the scores with 4 ends to go, up stepped Tennant and Pearce to put the Joondalup flame out late in the game to ensure the 1 valuable point was safe and signing the season off as a success.
Yokine 67 (0.5) v Swan 82 (7.5)
 Anthony Kay 15 v Tony Natalotto  20
 Bradley Morrison 18 v David Park  20
 Shane Shaw 16 v Daniel Wood  24
 Trevor McGillivray 18 v Paul Kelly  18

In what was a must win game for both teams it was the merry band of travelling boys from Swan that put themselves in the great position of avoiding the relegation game against a desperate Yokine side that only needed to win to cement their grip on 2nd place… Hold the phone… Swan won…. With the 7.5 points they would have been up and about thinking their late season resurgence was enough, with a massive last 4 games the Swan boys displayed the true talent that the whole competition knew they had, needing Joondalup to get the home points against a very plucky Doubleview team it all seemed to be going to plan, wait what DV stormed home?? Once again it was Natalotto taking care of business and doing what he does best accounting for the more than capable Kay rink with a solid 5 shot win, Natalotto finishing 6th in the standings and Kay 7th, congrats on good seasons to both Skippers, Park getting over young gun Morrison in a very close encounter and Wood seeing off Shaw by 8 and Swan feeling good about themselves, with the Kelly and McGillivray rinks all square at the end of the day it was 7.5 points and Swan feeling safe, apparently the DV boys would like to know what McGillvary drinks as they will sure be shouting him beers for a while. Swan should have no fears going into the relegation play off game, up their with the form side of the comp they just left their run .5 of a point to late, no doubt they will hold their well deserved place in Blue. Yokine can feel hard done by, playing great team bowls for most of the season it may be a little uneasiness amongst the group that contributed to not fulfilling a really good season, overall a great bunch of blokes and I am sure they will rebound stronger next season in Blue.
Sorrento 86 (7) v Mt Lawley 83 (1)
 Leith Oldham 22 v Andrew Jones  21
 Ronald Rogers 23 v Corey Bessant  17
 Alan Walton 27 v Mark Masel  24
 Lance Martin 14 v Anthony Einfeld  21

In a turn up for the books the Sorrento lads sent a strong message to all and sundry that they are the real deal with a great win over the talented Mt Lawley 16, by winning the lions share of the points the Sorrento lads swept into the finals like a Sydney downpour and with their tails up they will be a hard side to beat this weekend. Again congratulations to the mighty Mounters who well and truly straddled the entire competition this year, pushing home their dominance with 4 skippers inside the top 13 with 3 out of the top 4 proving to be driving force! There will be a few clubs following the Mounters success this weekend and for the upcoming seasons as they have built a model which appears to be solid and no doubt copied by other clubs reaching for higher playing honours. With Oldham accounting for AJ by 1, Rogers getting the hue win against the Bessant rink and Walton doing the business over the talented Masel 4 it was left to Enfeld and co to fly the flag for the Mounters in a very tightly fought encounter.
Mundaring 83 (7) v Morley 69 (1)
 Lindsay Pickles 22 v Lindsay Sanders  18
 Rex Cox 13 v Michael Radalj  22
 John Doncon 19 v Mark West  17
 Geoffrey Bear 29 v Keith Nazareth  12

Again not much feed back from up the hill who may have been to busy celebrating with a fantastic win to finish their season and resign Morley to a play off game for survival. Morley were tipped to finish in 5th spot and Mundaring 7th and both teams slipped down 2 positions on the prediction, Morley will be rueing a few missed opportunities and now will find themselves pushing hard to stay in Blue, enough talent there and will see if they can muster a big effort to win when they need to the most. Congratulations to Mundaring snaring the 7 points with the ever dangerous Bear rink having a big win and Pickles and Doncon winning tightly fought contests, Mark “The Man” Radalj having a good win against the never easy to beat Inspector Rex would have been an entertaining contest to watch. Good luck to the Mundaring boys next season and we hope to see bounce straight back up next year.
North Beach 103 (8) v Manning 2 77 (0)
 John Carlsen 25 v Phil Gillespie  22
 Terry Jones 23 v Brett Adams  13
 John Bartorillo 26 v Allan Taylor  18
 Lee Mitten 29 v Brian Jeppesen  24

No reports from this game but Manning travelled up the long and winding road to the face the Beach Boys at the Glasshouse and the result going as expected with the Beach Boys claiming all 8 points and laying claim to 2nd spot on the ladder and winning the right to playoff for a spot in 1 White next season , in what turned out to be a massive home ground advantage they also showed they could win away from home and recording 10 with 37.5 rink wins the 4th highest, surprisingly they did not have any skippers in the Top 10 and showed a very even effort across all rinks this year. Manning should be proud of their efforts this season chalking up 6 wins and showing plenty of spirit, it was never going to be an easy task taking on a lot of opposition 1st teams. Well done to Lee Mitten and his rink, the 11th ranked Skipper in the comp with 10 wins for the year. North Beach were tipped at the start of the year to finished 8th and really showed the masses that they may have got that slightly incorrect! Manning were tipped to finish 10th and after a lot of hard work ended up in this spot in a very close division.
Mt Lawley1815304615951229129.78104
North Beach18107137.514701355108.4979.5
A Jones1251120Mt Lawley
C Bessant1260120Mt Lawley
R Munt116086Sorrento
M Masel116055Mt Lawley
J Buchanan117073Joondalup
T Natalotto117019Swan
A Kay107124Yokine
R Rogers1071-6Sorrento
B Pearce1071-28Doubleview
B Heta108063Doubleview
L Mitten108032North Beach
C McKenna94038Doubleview
A Einfeld97157Mt Lawley
T McGillivray97126Yokine
B Leggett98120Joondalup
R Cox981-54Mundaring
G Bear980-48Mundaring
J Bartorillo99058North Beach
J Carlsen990-35North Beach
B Morrison8613Yokine
M Callcott860-7Morley
L Martin870-11Sorrento
P Daley8100-31Joondalup
L Pickles79018Mundaring
D Wood71002Swan
P Kelly61225Swan
D Park640-12Swan
K Nazareth650-13Morley
B Adams671-25Manning
P Gillespie6120-79Manning
W Neilson56113Joondalup
B Jeppeson561-30Manning
R Aitken56026North Beach
W Mitchell570-44Morley
L Sanders5110-85Morley
M Piggott41140Manning
A Walton4206Sorrento
M West44110Morley
W Coffey440-34Yokine
J Doncon4131-87Mundaring
T Jones31132North Beach
L Oldham3104Sorrento
I Linford32017Sorrento
M Radalj3301Morley
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
S Shaw370-13Yokine
A Southern391-25Swan
B Willesee390-108Doubleview
B Watts21024Doubleview
C Leggett240-13Joondalup
A Taylor2100-66Manning
G Herriott10015Mt Lawley
N Costello1008North Beach
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
G Ginbey130-22Manning
T Murray150-31Sorrento
L Spinks010-1Morley
J Slavich010-1Doubleview
P Sinden010-1Mt Lawley
R Dolton010-3Manning
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
P Griffiths010-6Yokine
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
M Lemos020-5Yokine
J Angel020-28Manning