An unbelievably tight finish to our Division last Saturday, with still only 7 points separating 2nd and 6th spot.
Heartiest congratulations to the Cockburn Roosters who easily gained promotion to First White next year.
Commiserations to Spearwood and Rockingham who leave this division next year, we hope to see you back up soon.
Good luck to the Manning Eagles and the Fremantle Mariners who finished 2nd and 3rd. They will play in the Challenge Playoffs to try and gain promotion to First White next year.
Unfortunately the Leeming Lions and the South Perth Millers will have to play in the Challenge Playoffs on Saturday to try and retain their 1st Blue status.

Fremantle 70 (3) v Cockburn 76 (5)
 Tony Krajancic 18 v Josip (joe) Marevic  17
 Barry Coote 25 v Michael Simunovic  13
 Shaun McCormack 8 v Jim Ricci  33
 Peter Wachmer 19 v William Tepania  13

The Roosters, courtesy of the Ricci rink defeated the plucky Mariners last Saturday by just six shots, winning on one rink only.
The Mariners put up a brave fight, successful on three rinks, a plucky effort.
Ricci, Wylie, Sokol and Mike Zusman thrashed the McCormack rink by a massive 25 shots. McCormack doing it very hard of late, losing his last four games unfortunately. The Krackerjack rink sealed the top spot in the Skip table by beating Marevic, while Wachmer beat Tepania. Barry Coote, Jimmy Stewart, Marcus Starcevich and John Chessell were the stars though, beating the very strong Simunovic four by 12 shots.
Leeming 110 (8) v Rockingham 67 (0)
 James Newton 25 v John Lethlean  23
 Noel Bennetts 35 v Bruce Edwards  11
 Ian Ashworth 18 v Robert Costello  17
 Karl Vandersluys 32 v Mark Devenny  16

The Lions on their home turf thrashed the visiting Rams by 43 big shots on Saturday to bounce back on to the winners circle. Noel Bennett’s, Greg Freeman, Norm Shannon and Dennis Anderson absolutely belted the Edwards rink by 24 shots to help carry the big aggregate win. Big Karl back on the winning track to win by 16 shots over Devenny. Costello from the Rams only losing by 1 shot to Ian Ashworth.
The Lions due to play in the Relegation Playoffs this coming Saturday though.
Spearwood 76 (6) v Kalamunda 75 (2)
 Ivan Perica 12 v Dwayne Wooltorton  20
 Ivan Unkovich 26 v Gregory Trevaskis  14
 Ken Nadilo 21 v Arthur Bartlett  19
 Thomas Mathein 17 v William Brandsma  22

What a magnificent win by the Spearwood boys on Saturday, when they literally snatched a one shot win over the very disappointed Cougars at Spearwood. This game had everything, a big of angst, fierce competitiveness and some very good bowls. It would have to be said that “ Ivan the Great “ carried the day for his team with a brilliant 22 shot win over the Trevaskis rink. Nadilo winning narrowly by 2 shots over Bartlett. Billy Brandsma had a win as usual, and narrowly missed a couple of drives to win the game for the visitors. A good win by the home side, a long track up the hill for the Cougars.
Thornlie 85 (7) v South Perth 71 (1)
 Mark Separovich 20 v Vincent Santostefano  23
 Jim Stean 18 v Steve Kelly  15
 Murray White 27 v Michael McRae  14
 Michael Yates 20 v Denis Bandy  19

Well, after being firm favourites to finish in the top three, the Millers season seemed to unravel late in the year. They now see themselves in the Relegation Playoffs in a battle to stay in First Blue. The big winners for the Ravens were the unheralded rink of Skip Murray Wright, Greg Collier, Clive Penaluna and Tony Williams who beat the McRae four by 13 shots.
Jim Stean gaining a further point for the home side, beating the Kelly rink.
Hilton Park 75 (4) v Manning 1 75 (4)
 Kevin McKay 14 v Alan Pryce  21
 Robert Foy 14 v Graham O'Brien  22
 Craig Standley 26 v Michael Carey  14
 Hugh McKay 21 v Murray Piggott  18

Another fascinating game played on the tricky grass surface at the home of the Hawks. What a clash it was, with some brilliant bowls played by a number of the players. Alan Pryce skipped his team to a 7 shot win over Kevin McKay, while Graeme O’Brien, who has had a very good year, won by 8 over the strong Foy rink. For the Hawks, Craig Standley had a big win over Michael Carey, winning by 12 shots to nearly get the home side over the line. Veteran Hugh McKay, in good touch, winning by 3 over Piggott. This clash between the Hawks and the Eagles had all the players on their toes, but come 5pm it was all tied up. What a game.
Hilton Park1897232.51344146991.4972.5
South Perth189903414471386104.470
T Krajancic1530104Fremantle
B Brandsma1440125Kalamunda
M Simunovich1340103Cockburn
M Yates121093Thornlie
W Tepania117069Cockburn
G O'Brien107030Manning
J Marevic108073Cockburn
J Newton108045Leeming
I Unkovich96116Spearwood
M Carey981-4Manning
V Santostefano990-2South Perth
B Edwards990-53Rockingham
G Ford84127Leeming
K Wylie86241Cockburn
P Wachmer86111Fremantle
R Foy861-11Hilton Park
R Costello88123Rockingham
D Wooltorton891-41Kalamunda
M McRae8100-3South Perth
C Standley8100-26Hilton Park
P Pohe7717Thornlie
I Perica780-28Spearwood
K Vandersluys7916Leeming
K Nadilo791-20Spearwood
M Devenny7100-25Rockingham
D Bandy63051South Perth
M Separovich640-3Thornlie
A Pryce66021Manning
T Simpson6708Hilton Park
A Bartlett6102-29Kalamunda
S Kelly610033South Perth
M White53030Thornlie
G Vaughan54022Thornlie
N Bennetts5404Leeming
M Piggott552-8Manning
S McCormack5101-42Fremantle
D McIlhenney42020Manning
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
B Roelefs4400South Perth
R Hunter450-4Hilton Park
B Coote481-23Fremantle
I Ashworth3100Leeming
J Stean331-21Thornlie
K McKay340-14Hilton Park
J Lethlean350-20Rockingham
H McKay350-36Hilton Park
D Bacich20113Fremantle
J Ricci20032Cockburn
M Gill221-5Fremantle
S Adams240-27Manning
W Olive260-41Kalamunda
D Tomasich2110-112Spearwood
I Quayle11111Kalamunda
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
G Trevaskis110-10Kalamunda
P Townshend120-7Kalamunda
D Calvo120-18South Perth
T Mathein120-21Spearwood
K Tremlett120-24Rockingham
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
W Heldt010-2Manning
L Bertei010-8Leeming
M Peters010-11Rockingham
M Musulin010-11Cockburn
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
J Bowden010-15Leeming
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
J Stewart020-10Fremantle
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming
N Sokol030-40Spearwood