"> And so we are now officially down to four - Osborne Park with 14 wins finish 1st, the home final and the double chance. South Perth also earn the double chance and I don't think they have been out of the top 2 all year with 11 wins and 2 draws. 3rd and 4th irrelevant really, Kardy earn the home stripes with 11 wins and Sorrento get 4th spot with 10 wins and 1 draw.
This round also saw officially the demise of Bassendean and Rossmoyne. both are strong sides and strong clubs and should be pushing for promotion next year.

Manning 95 (7) v Sorrento 74 (1)
 Scott O'Brien 18 v Kyle McIlroy  17
 Miles Kemp 21 v Christopher Lander  22
 Nathan Jones 25 v Shane Loftus  18
 Stephen Patterson 31 v Rhett Butler  17

Manning really finished the 2nd half of the year very strongly, perhaps next season they start practicing in September and they should be ready go go in November. This round the 2nds became skippers but it didn't affect them at all as they were too strong for Sorrento to win by 21 shots. It's hard to judge Sorrento on this performance leading into the finals but I'm sure they would have preferred to win this match and not lose it, especially to a team that had flipped it's team around.
Cambridge 70 (2) v Osborne Park 96 (6)
 Clive Adams 20 v Neville Stevens  18
 Steven Rushforth 16 v Ryan Brown  30
 Blake Nairn 20 v Cody Packer  18
 Cameron Harris 14 v Gary Caffell  30

Osborne Park just too strong for the home side Cambridge to win by 26 shots, ensure top spot and the home final and continue their great form. They have won 10 of their past 11 games and 3 of them by a sole shot. It shows they know how to win the tight ones which is a good omen leading in to a finals series. Cambridge were valiant, Blake Nairn had a nice win over Cody Packer but for them it was a year of what ifs, 8 games were decided by under 10 shots, and they lost 7 of them. It highlights how important winning the close games are. Osborne Park played in 10, losing 1 and drawing 1.
Doubleview 87 (7) v Rossmoyne 69 (1)
 Gavin Faulkner 21 v Allan Petchell  14
 Tom Whitfield 31 v Eddie Gollan  16
 Fred Williamson 17 v Rawley Lang  12
 Simon Deering 18 v John Carter  27

Another team to flip their players, Doubleview in this case the leaders and skippers swapping positions and again and it seems to have done their winning chances no harm with a solids 18 shot win. Unlike Manning they flew out of the gates but had a horrible 2nd half of the season winning only 2 of their last 9 games, and those against the demoted clubs. Hearing some positive rumours around Doubleview as they need to get some back end back to the club, it won't take much for them to be back on the top. Rossmoyne have been very competitive this year and won more games than the 9th placed Bassendean so they will be strong again in White and push for promotion.
Bassendean 93 (6) v North Beach 81 (2)
 Simon Alden 20 v Paul Walker  21
 Beau Manton 30 v Geoffrey Devenish  16
 Dan Nicholls 17 v Mark Douthie  23
 Stein Davies 26 v Joe McGinlay  21

The long and sorry season for Bassendean ends in a win but they will be playing in White next year. A very similar side finished in 2nd last year but they started the year very badly with only 1 win before Xmas and were not able to recover. 2 draws again South Perth hurt but ultimately it was more than that which saw them demoted. North Beach again competitive away from home but not winning, they need to work on that in the off season, having their huge home ground advantage works for you at home but against you away, and gradually teams in Premier League will get used to it and away teams will start winning at North Beach. They finished 7th with 8 wins and a chance to build on that for next season.
South Perth 79 (7) v Kardinya 68 (1)
 Scott Walker 23 v David Rankin  14
 Glenn Pauling 24 v Marc Abonnel  11
 Justin Opie 18 v Steven Novak  17
 Ross Bresland 14 v Brad Ball  26

South Perth did what they needed to with a 11 shot 7 point win over fellow finalists Kardinya but with Osborne Park losing they finished 2nd, a double chance but away from home. I think South Perth have been top 2 all season so it's a great achievement by them. Kardinya will be disappointed to lose but they are striking some form at the right of the year and they will be competitive in the Elimination final.
Osborne Pk1814314314661319111.14101
South Perth18115248.514801268116.7296.5
North Beach188100341358142395.4366
G Pauling1530119South Perth
R Moyle133162Doubleview
C Packer1350106Osborne Pk
C Adams125169Cambridge
J Opie126066South Perth
D Rankin116166Kardinya
M Douthie116115North Beach
R Bresland117044South Perth
R Brown117015Osborne Pk
B Nairn106228Cambridge
S Knott106110Manning
G Caffell107124Osborne Pk
S Walker1071-17South Perth
S Novak108030Kardinya
D Brown85148Sorrento
J Slavich86254Doubleview
B Manton871-1Bassendean
S Rixom871-1Sorrento
A Williams8809Manning
G Devenish891-24North Beach
E Gollan891-89Rossmoyne
C Harris8100-50Cambridge
L Such772-2Manning
N Stevens7832Osborne Pk
P Walker7822North Beach
C Lander792-10Sorrento
M Abonnel7101-14Kardinya
S Davies7101-15Bassendean
K McIlroy71100Sorrento
S Rushforth660-25Cambridge
S Alden6111-28Bassendean
J Carter6110-20Rossmoyne
A Petchell6120-79Rossmoyne
B Ball54033Kardinya
D Nicholls5121-62Bassendean
C Slavich5120-62Doubleview
L Grigg481-33Manning
S Gosstray481-50Doubleview
B Gillingham4101-53North Beach
R Lang4121-51Rossmoyne
S Perica250-16Kardinya
T Whitfield10015Doubleview
S Patterson10014Manning
W Neilson10014Bassendean
N Jones1007Manning
G Faulkner1007Doubleview
F Williamson1005Doubleview
C Edson1004Rossmoyne
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
S O'Brien1001Manning
R Butler110-8Sorrento
J McGinlay121-5North Beach
B White120-15Doubleview
L Strahan41-26Cambridge
M Kemp010-1Manning
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Deering010-9Doubleview
S Scott020-17Doubleview
A Heal020-20Manning
D Radford020-22Kardinya
B Butler030-12Manning
S Loftus040-28Sorrento