18 Jamie Coghlan
17 - Jim Newton
16 - Ross Pringle, Ray Povey, BRETT TIE
15 - Travis Leahy, Phil Deas, Michael Brooks, Mark Wunnenberg, Louis Beurteaux, Joe Krstic
14 - Wayne Molloy, Warwick Neville, Steve Kelly, Simon Alden, Scott Walker, Peter Budd, malcolm burton, jeff eaton, Grant Nicol, Erron Martin, Deborah Watson, Deb Saunders
13 - Stewart Gosstray, Steve Novak, Shane Anning, Peter Wachmer, Paul Sinden, Nev Stevens, max carmichael, Leigh ALDEN, Karl Vandersluys, Graeme Alp, Brad Gillingham, Arthur Bartlett, Anth Einfeld
12 - Sally Wilke, Ross Bolton, Roland Hardie, Michael Dewson, Jim Stewart, Glenn Lynch, Gary Ashworth
11 - Tyrone Alberti, Terry Cranswick, segan pasalich, Mark Masel, Jimmy Buchanan, Hutch , Dean Calvo, Darryl Flintoff, Callum Alberti, Blake Nairn
10 - PAUL GERDTZ, Kellie Nairn, Greg Reagan
State Triples 2020/21
I'm going to try something a bit different and post my thought as to who might make up the 4 semi finalists instead of each section. I will post my winners in each section as well but with no commentary

Semi-finalist 1 Buchanan, Krstic, Packer, Smith, Williams, Nairn - The best backed teams skippered by Nairn and Packer might clash in the quarter final and every possibility the winner of that game may take the title. Both have difficult sections to overcome though. Sections 1 & 2 also hard to pick a winner but I think the semi finalist will come from Section 3 or 4. I'm going to go for the Nairn combination.
Semi-finalist 2 Moyle, Biddle, Bessant, Adams, McGinlay, Trewhella, Masel - Another loaded group, Section 6 is a tough section to choose the winner. Adams, Bessant and McGinlay all good players with good teams. Trewhella has a good side to take it all the way as well, 3 state level players. I'm going for the Moyle combination though, solid leader, great skipper and an exceptional middle man.
Semi-finalist 3 Giudice-Nairn, Caffell, Ball, Slavich, Stevens, Hoffman - Triples to me is all about the combinations, the leader is most important to me, and it's hard to go past the Slavich team. Proven Triples winners they are two-time Masters Triples winners, 3 players who would fit into the state team easily and they work well together. Section 9 looks tough to pick with 3 good teams but John Slavich for mine
Semi-finalist 4 East, Criddle, Douthie, Hyatt, Alden, Brown, Novak, Rankin - Section 17, wow, haven't they saved the best until last. Easy to suggest the winner of this section will likely be our semi-finalist, they play the alignment as well so will be match hardened by the semi final stage. Some very solid combinations in this group of 5 sections as well, but my selection will be the Rankin team.

Mens Winners (based on tips rec'd)
Name8th April
Womens Winners (based on tips rec'd)
Name8th April

Total Tipsters - 43


Section 1

Jimmy Buchanan Mike Korycin Martin Cheeseman
Ross Pringle Mark Potente Mark Thomas
Clint Dyer Markus Merz Matt McEwen
Wally Harvey G Eades Reza Vind

My Selection - Buchanan
JiBuchanan 48.84%, RoPringle 20.93%, ClDyer 9.3%, WaHarvey 20.93%

Section 2

Stephen Fewster Paul Fewster Stephen Beckwith
Ross Bresland Peter Holmes Derek Angell
Jovan Krstic Travis Lynch Harley Goddard
Steven Rushforth Stephen Buckley Geoffrey Jones

My Selection - Krstic
StFewster 11.63%, RoBresland 69.77%, JoKrstic 2.33%, StRushforth 16.28%

Section 3

Les Carruthers Ron Buiks Warwick Neville
Chris Margin David Killisch von Horn Grant Stokes
Cody Packer Shane Knott Scott O'Brien
Haydn Smith Phil Jones Gary Ashworth

My Selection - Packer
LeCarruthers 0%, ChMargin 0%, CoPacker 83.72%, HaSmith 16.28%

Section 4

Anthony Williams Lewis Grigg Nathan Jones
Blake Nairn Glenn Pauling Scott Walker
Peter Wachmer Barry Coote Merv Davis
Richard D'Souza Mark West Mick Palumbo

My Selection - Nairn
AnWilliams 11.63%, BlNairn 86.05%, PeWachmer 2.33%, RiD'Souza 0%

Section 5

Ryan Moyle Matthew Mitchell Miles Kemp
Stein Davies Paul Anderson Calvin Rodgers
Jim Newton Geoff Burgess Alan Andersson
Connor Biddle Steve O'Neill Ian Lilburne

My Selection - Moyle
RyMoyle 95.35%, StDavies 4.65%, JiNewton 0%, CoBiddle 0%

Section 6

Corey Bessant Charlie Slavich Jeff Bessant
Joe McGinlay Brad Gillingham Peter Retallack
Clive Adams Lance Strahan Cameron Harris
Tom Cabassi Andrew Worthington Ken Street

My Selection - Adams
CoBessant 23.26%, JoMcGinlay 9.3%, ClAdams 67.44%, ToCabassi 0%

Section 7

Sam Perica Mick Marovic Jack Edgar
Dean Calvo Stuart Masterson Geoff Bovell
Michael Sweeney Marcus Sear Steve Richards
Daniel Trewhella Warren Holt Thomas Mitchell

My Selection - Trewhella
SaPerica 2.33%, DeCalvo 4.65%, MiSweeney 0%, DaTrewhella 93.02%

Section 8

David Stanik Chris Garner Trevor Vellios
Andy Rankine Carel De Jager George Rayner
Sean Mawdsley George Jackson Tba Tba
Mark Masel Paul Sinden Cameron Green

My Selection - Masel
DaStanik 2.33%, AnRankine 0%, SeMawdsley 23.26%, MaMasel 74.42%

Section 9

Shane Giudice-Nairn Kyle McIlroy Michael Walton
Rhys Tillemans Corey Holland Mark Vatri
Gary Caffell Kevin Pickering Grant Nicol
Brad Ball Chris Lander Russell Bates

My Selection - Giudice-Nairn
ShGiudiceNairn 2.33%, RhTillemans 0%, GaCaffell 39.53%, BrBall 58.14%

Section 10

Cameron Girvan Dave Reynolds Trevor Thompson
John Slavich Lee Such Justin Opie
Andrew Foster Ross Donald Jesse Brown
Paul Davies Danny Comrie Norm Ball

My Selection - Slavich
CaGirvan 0%, JoSlavich 97.67%, AnFoster 0%, PaDavies 2.33%

Section 11

Neville Stevens Coyle Wayne Andrew Drayton
Darryl Flintoff Geoffrey Holmes Richard Schinzig
Bruce Eagles Murray Hulbert Geoff Murray
Joe Marevic Ivan Mateljak Jim Ricci

My Selection - Stevens
NeStevens 39.53%, DaFlintoff 2.33%, BrEagles 55.81%, JoMarevic 2.33%

Section 12

Arthur Bartlett Dwane Wooltorton Robert Farrant
Allan Axton Russell Hare Kevin Dickinson
Tyrone Alberti Callum Alberti Rhys Cummings
Cameron Hoffman Mark Robertson Tristan Massang

My Selection - Hoffman
ArBartlett 13.95%, AlAxton 0%, TyAlberti 11.63%, CaHoffman 74.42%

Section 13

Jack East Erron Martin Segan Pasalich
Andy Elmer Joe Rollnik Michael Ryan
Joe Criddle Jon Trotter Jeff Eaton
Rick Munt Sean Niven Frank Tyson

My Selection - Criddle
JaEast 93.02%, AnElmer 0%, JoCriddle 4.65%, RiMunt 2.33%

Section 14

David Downey Mitchell Cranswick Terry Cranswick
Mark Pasalich Mark Rollings Andrew Pasalich
Mark Douthie Gavin Crosthwaite Jerome Clayton
Will Hyatt Mark Simpson Tim Hyatt

My Selection - Douthie
DaDowney 25.58%, MaPasalich 11.63%, MaDouthie 18.6%, WiHyatt 44.19%

Section 15

Wayne Rayner Tom Nye Geoff Rayner
Neville Costello Derek Griffiths Brian Bukowski
Darren Wilkinson Troy Wilkinson Gary Giblett
Shane Shaw Martin Sharp Fred Faigengaum

My Selection - Wilkinson
WaRayner 2.33%, NeCostello 60.47%, DaWilkinson 32.56%, ShShaw 4.65%

Section 16

Paddy Daley Wesley Neilson Tom Vlahos
Steve Srhoy David Gurr Doug Topine
William Walker Harry Rick Damon Maynard
Simon Alden Ruairi Kenyon Matt Whitely

My Selection - Alden
PaDaley 4.65%, StSrhoy 4.65%, WiWalker 0%, SiAlden 90.7%

Section 17

Rawley Lang Durwin Melbin Regan Jefferys
Daniel Brown Shane Loftus Malcom Burton
Steve Novak Neale Griffin Mitchell Biglin
David Rankin William Brandsma Nicholas Regan

My Selection - Rankin
RaLang 0%, DaBrown 9.3%, StNovak 4.65%, DaRankin 86.05%

Section 1

Irene Arndt Lisa Brannan Jenny Parker
Beverley Davidson Debbie Smith Jennifer Joyce
Bridget Michell Michele Waddell Judith Walker
Robyn Marland Patience Hoad Lee Gray
The Irene Arndt led team looks the goods here, up against some country players and I have no doubts that they will be worth watching. But we know the quality of her team both state team members, they should go through
My Selection - Irene Arndt
IrArndt 88.37%, BeDavidson 6.98%, BrMichell 0%, RoMarland 4.65%

Section 2

Lyn Scott Norma Cox Kerry Johnston
Debbie Maxwell Stella Dyson Dale Maxwell
Vicki Eva Cathie Smith Catherine Chappelle
Kristina Krstic Hailey Packer Robyn Obrien
You would have to assume the storming Manning team will take out this section and also go through right to the pointy end. No exciting insights here, we all know the abilities of all the Manning players and it would take some fairly outstanding bowls to knock them out at this stage.
My Selection - Kristina Krstic
LyScott 0%, DeMaxwell 2.33%, ViEva 0%, KrKrstic 97.67%

Section 3

Jennie Bruce Lea Mias Alexandra Harris
Kelli Wray Kerry Hutchinson Wendy Flack
Klaire Hughes Michelle Dixon Nikki Athienides
Toni Madigan Lee Bunney Robin Higgins
I see Kelli Wray making her first foray into a State competition for quite awhile, I believe injury has kept her out. She has got some very handy Sorrento names in her team, they should be very competitive. However, the other teams also have some very good players, we have State Squad members, ladies going far in 100Up, heaps of great teams here. It makes it damn hard to just choose one lot to go through. I think this will be a tight section but I'm going for Jennie Bruces team to end up on top.
My Selection - Jennie Bruce
JeBruce 9.3%, KeWray 13.95%, KlHughes 0%, ToMadigan 76.74%

Section 4

Lisa Smith Jess Moyle Ruby Leggett
Norah Whittle Alison Smith Anne Sauerwein
Helen Stevens Pam Chalmers Kaitlin Tyrrell
Val Cox Carole Roe Annette Campbell
A couple of State Squad members turning up in this section as well, I suspect all sections will have someone with a State moniker to her name. I reckon the experience of Helen Stevens and team will win out here but look to Jess Moyle and Ruby Leggett to be at the pointy end of state games soon enough. Are they in the State Academy?
My Selection - Helen Stevens
LiSmith 0%, NoWhittle 2.33%, HeStevens 97.67%, VaCox 0%

Section 5

Diane Hudson Dorothy Glass Shirley Dejong
Liz Ritchie Karen Weir Diana O'mara
Lee Poletti Vicki Spragg Noelene Abe
Janet Cocks Rhonda Prosser Debbie Rhine
Yet another section with too many great players in it to make a clean decision. Dot Glass crops up in the winning end of a lot of Country events, and the North Beach team of Premier players is hard to go past. But I reckon I'll go for Lee Poletti's team, Noelene is always a hard lady to beat whether she is leading or skipping.
My Selection - Lee Poletti
DiHudson 0%, LiRitchie 0%, LePoletti 95.35%, JaCocks 4.65%

Section 6

Kaye Blackwell Kerry Andersen Rinske Butcher
Beverley Baker Wendy Stower Trish Cunningham
Kerrie Hudson Kerry Godden Kaye Hughes
Gail Botting Helen Paganoni Anne Cashmore
Kerry Andersen eschewing her Mosman Park team mates is playing with some very good North Beach players, if you are going to go in a composite team, why not Kaye Blackwell and Rinkse Butcher? The Mosman Park team however is very very strong and they will probably remind her why she should be back with them. Mosman Park for me
My Selection - Beverley Baker
KaBlackwell 48.84%, BeBaker 48.84%, KeHudson 2.33%, GaBotting 0%

Section 7

Vicky Ellis Leonie Wilson Maree Lumsden
Renate Coote Shelley Radcliffe Jacinta Zadow
Margaret Anderson Sue Kondratjuk Debra Whitely
Sally Wilke Belinda Lehman Saffronne Alden
Again some very good names here but is anyone going to go past the current 100Up winner? Certainly not me
My Selection - Renate Coote
ViEllis 0%, ReCoote 65.12%, MaAnderson 6.98%, SaWilke 27.91%

Section 8

Kathleen Gobbart Noeleen Keeffe Julie Savell
Irene Kozak Jenni Stretton Lyn Plater
Christine Ace-Watson Irene Leahy Jill Adam
Sue Watkins Faye O'Brien Jan Gleeson
Although my first inclination is to choose Kathy Gobbart and team, I reckon the Chris Ace-Watson team is the one that will make it here. She is obviously very good under pressure and her form is out of sight right now.
My Selection - Chris Ace-Watson
KaGobbart 18.6%, IrKozak 2.33%, ChAceWatson 76.74%, SuWatkins 2.33%

Section 9

Helen Morss Therese Hastings Helen Heal
Barbara Hiller Adrienne Bellairs Sharyee Hayes
Sian Smith Julie Watson Brenda Killisch von Horn
Maggie Newton Karyn Mears Erica Andersson
We may not have seen much of Helen Morss this year at the pointy end in State events however that does not mean she will have lost any of her fire and ability. Couple her up with Therese and Helen Heal, it's a formidable combo that will be hard to beat.
My Selection - Helen Morss
HeMorss 90.7%, BaHiller 4.65%, SiSmith 2.33%, MaNewton 2.33%

Section 10

Sandra Young Shelley Worth Zelda Carlson
Barbara Lorencs Pauline Marsden Elizabeth Marshall
Mandy Heiner Rhonda Porter Di Bryans
Shari Solly Shaan Saunders Amanda Masters
Shaan and Amanda have really had a bumper year this year so far, and it's not over yet. Skippered by the very capable Shari Solly, they will want to bring home a State title and they certainly have the ability to do it.
My Selection - Shari Solly
SaYoung 0%, BaLorencs 0%, MaHeiner 2.33%, ShSolly 97.67%

Section 11

Nie Archer Gail Eccelstone Judy Flanagan
Lisa Featherby Laura Merz Linda Warburton
Jessica Enright Jennifer Jones Susan Collins
Elaine Meehan Brooke Chaney Shirley Johnston
And we finish it off with the current Pairs Champions, gathering Laura Merz into their fold. I believe Jess Enright is part of the State Academy, I am unsure of the rest of her team but I would assume so. Will Linda be able to forget that she is their mentor and coach? Who knows! I suspect that won't stop her from getting through.
My Selection - Lisa Featherby
NiArcher 0%, LiFeatherby 100%, JeEnright 0%, ElMeehan 0%
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