State Pairs Men 2020
The winning tipper will again get a $50 voucher to use at the Cork & Bottle in Bassendean, thank you to Mike Bessant for supporting my tipping contests again. Not many people have actually used their winning voucher but I can guarantee the food is nice and the wine is of the best quality.

Ant the winner is.......Warwick Neville from Roleystone! Congratulations Warwick, I will organise your voucher from the Cork & Bottle. It proved to be a tough tipping competition, 38 sections and the average was only 15.3 correct tips. No-one tipped the winning pair either

22 - Warwick Neville
21 - Bruce Eagles, Stein Davies
20 - shane loftus, Kellie Nairn, Peter Coffey
19 - Brad Ball, Bruce Fullagar, mike bessant, Tom Vlahos, Ron Monger, Scott Walker
18 - Peter Roberts, Travis Ingram, Scott Aungier, Shane Smith, Brian Barnfield, Brad Pearce, Peter Flack, Brett Taylor, Mark Gill, Otto Dawson, Roland Hardie, Alan Southern, Phil Hutchinson
17 - Blake Nairn, Nev Stevens, Steve Kelly, scott edmonds, Kris Birch, Dale Marsland, Debbie Saunders, Greg Taylor, Graeme Alp, Enzo Mun, Rob Gray, Glenn Pauling, Corey Bessant, Eddy Hammond, Mark Douthie, Dave Rankin, BRETT TIE, David Newton, Ken Nadilo, Saffronne Alden, max carmichael, Giuliana Reagan, Michael Dewson, Trevor Southern, Steve Diable, Steve West
16 - Grant Nicol, Ray Povey, Paul Hunter, Andfew Pasalich, Brett Baker, Darryl Flintoff, Callum Alberti, rhett butler, Aaron Smith, Tyrone Alberti, Allan Jones, Simon Alden, Trina Alden, Clive Busch, Gary Ashworth, Scott Jaggs, Rob Lawrence, Paul Gerdtz, Trystan Smallacombe
15 - shane anning, daniel newton, Brad Gillingham, Murray Hulbert, Matthew Mitchell, Mark Wunnenberg, Jeremy Thomas, Jamie Coghlan, Peter Wachmer, Joe Krstic, Greg Reagan, Leigh ALDEN, Mitchell Cranswick, Stewart Gosstray
14 - David Malkin, Jim Buchanan, Anth Einfeld, Hutch , Norm Fathers, Justin Opie, Nick Reagan, Alan Britton, Deborah Watson, Wayne Neilson, Paul Walker, Gareth Hill, Max Robinson, Brian Wright, Bill Fraser, Marc Abonnel, John Carter, David Snelgar, Tim Murray, Arthur Bartlett, keith hough, Dean Calvo, John Carlsen
13 - Wayne Molloy, Sally Wilke, Daniel Browny, Steve Novak, Louie Beurteaux, Mark Masel, Terry Cranswick, Jim Ricci, Devaan Shrirem, wally harvey, Travis Leahy, Ken Monkhouse
12 - pietro villa, Heather Elliott, Denis Mullenger, Santa Claus, Ryan Moyle
11 - Segan Pasalich, Graeme Wishart
10 - Ross bresland
8 - Ben Peniyo
7 - Geoff Graham

Total Tipsters - 123

Section 1

Rayner/Buckle Composite
Humfrey/Humfrey Composite
Southern/Southern Swan
Stokes/Booth Kardinya
I think this is a race in two, the Southern boys did well in the state pairs in 2017 getting to the quarter and taking some big scalps along the way, but Craig Stokes is an improved skipper and I'm going to lean to them, but only just
My Selection - Stokes/Booth
Rayner/Buckle 3.25%, Humfrey/Humfrey 2.44%, Southern/Southern 74.8%, Stokes/Booth 30.08%

Section 2

Sharp/Faigenbaum Yokine
Mitchell/Trewhella Composite
Ngui/Gill Fremantle
Willett/Ryan Joondalup
Tom Mitchell and Daniel Trewhella seem the obvious selection here, how long will the injured knee of Mitchell hold up to the rigours of state pairs will be interesting
My Selection - Mitchell/Trewhella
Sharp/Faigenbaum 0%, Mitchell/Trewhella 107.32%, Ngui/Gill 3.25%, Willett/Ryan 0.81%

Section 3

O'Neil/Watson Bedford
Srhoy/Gurr Cockburn
Buchanan/Korycn Joondalup
Harvey/Collier Composite
Wide open section here, great to see the legend Steve Srhoy having a run, not sure who he is partnered with though. Jimmy Buchanan and Mike Korycin look to have enough in the bag to win this section
My Selection - Buchanan/Korycin
O'Neil/Watson 5.69%, Srhoy/Gurr 21.14%, Buchanan/Korycn 78.05%, Harvey/Collier 6.5%

Section 4

Griffiths/McClelland Kellerberrin
Deering/Castledine Doubleview
Rixom/Loftus Sorrento
Gerdtz/Hudson Dowerin
Simon Deering and Ryan Castledine are the recent qualifiers for the BPL Cup as one of 3 WA qualifiers, but they have a huge job to overcome the Shane pairing, Loftus and Rixom who are flying this year in the Premier League
My Selection - Rixom/Loftus
Griffiths/McClelland 4.07%, Deering/Castledine 4.07%, Rixom/Loftus 102.44%, Gerdtz/Hudson 0.81%

Section 5

Hosking/Kendall Leeming
Slavich/Bessant Composite
Edmonds/Cerff Composite
Gittens/Wooldridge Composite
The tippers have narrowed this down to a race in 2 and they play each other in the final game as well to win the section. A real Doubleview connection amongst the four so bragging rights will be on offer. Will go for the Charlie Slavich Corey Bessant combination, but would not surprise to see the other pair win
My Selection - Slavich/Bessant
Hosking/Kendall 0%, Slavich/Bessant 91.06%, Edmonds/Cerff 20.33%, Gittens/Wooldridge 0%

Section 6

Jose/Dye Composite
Vitale/Tba Composite
Marsland/Downey Claremont
Perica/Stojan Spearwood
A confusion of names here, that’s not Dale Marsland from Mosman Park nor is it Sam Perica from Kardinya, and we have no idea who Mike vitale is playing with. I'm going to select the Spearwood pairing only because they play higher in the pennant divisions than the others, not sure what the country guys will be bringing.
My Selection - Perica/Stojan
Jose/Dye 4.07%, Vitale/Tba 13.82%, Marsland/Downey 68.29%, Perica/Stojan 24.39%

Section 7

Costello/Griffin Composite
Adams/Potts Cambridge
Stevens/Coyle Composite
Smith/Jones York
another of our BPL Cup qualifying pairs, Clive Adams and Phil Potts, a late replacement for Lance Strahan but an extremely adequate late call up should win this section but they do face former champs Haydn Smith and Phil Jones. No easy game in this section really, Neville Costello and Derek Griffin solid as is the Neville Stevens Wayne Coyle pair. Good section
My Selection - Adams/Potts
Costello/Griffin 0.81%, Adams/Potts 80.49%, Stevens/Coyle 3.25%, Smith/Jones 26.83%

Section 8

Harris/Biddle Composite
Novak/Faulkner Composite
Rayner/De Jager Bullsbrook
Scott/Fredericks Doubleview
The tippers look like they can't split the top 2, they play first up when fresh and the winner of that game will win the section. The young guns are strong, Cameron Harris doing a fine job in his first year skippering in the Premier League and Connor Biddle at Osborne Park playing well, together they did make the semis last year and only lost on the extra end to the eventual winners. But I'm going for the experience of Steve Novak and Gavin Faulkner.
My Selection - Novak/Faulkner
Harris/Biddle 48.78%, Novak/Faulkner 57.72%, Rayner/DeJager 0.81%, Scott/Fredericks 3.25%

Section 9

Coote/Wachmer Fremantle
Moyle/Whitfield Doubleview
Kain/Jasper Sorrento
Barker/Johnson Quinns Rocks
Ryan Moyle is pushing for state selection he is in that good form at the moment and paired with I assume Tom Whitfield, they should be comfortable winners of this section
My Selection - Moyle/Whitfield
Coote/Wachmer 5.69%, Moyle/Whitfield 103.25%, Kain/Jasper 1.63%, Barker/Johnson 0.81%

Section 10

Griffin/Biglin South Perth
Davies/Whitely Composite
Burley/Godden Perth & Tattersalls
Bettens/Lilley Bullsbrook
Good friends Neale Griffin and Mitch Biglin team up here and should win the section but don't discount Paul Davies from Kardinya with some good support from Matt Wihtely from Bassendean. It won't be easy for the South Perth pair
My Selection - Griffin/Biglin
Griffin/Biglin 82.11%, Davies/Whitely 28.46%, Burley/Godden 0%, Bettens/Lilley 0%

Section 11

Hyatt/Walker Composite
Pasalich/Pasalich Osborne Park
Henley/White Kardinya
Dunn/O'Brien Composite
Not sure of the Pasalich pair, I'll take a punt on it being Andrew and Segan (not sure why we don't have first names this year) but it's a tough section. Will Hyatt from Dudley Park is a very consistent bowler and I saw first hand how good Brad Henley at Kardy is going this year. If you unplug his boom box that might put him off, but I'm going for the Kardy boys here
My Selection - Henley/White
Hyatt/Walker 54.47%, Pasalich/Pasalich 24.39%, Henley/White 30.89%, Dunn/O'Brien 1.63%

Section 12

Cranswick/Downey Composite
Evans/Evans Bullsbrook
Butler/Burton Sorrento
Mason/Martin Scarborough
Another pairing of good friends Dave Downey and Mitchell Cranswick and it looks hard to decide between them or the Rhett Butler Mal Burton combination. Great to see Rhett returning to bowls after the heart issues, but I'm going for the friends here
My Selection - Cranswick/Downey
Cranswick/Downey 49.59%, Evans/Evans 0.81%, Butler/Burton 52.85%, Mason/Martin 8.13%

Section 13

Wooltorton/Potente Composite
Pearce/Willesee Doubleview
Bresland/Angell South Perth
McIlroy/Slavich Composite
Kyle McIlroy and John Slavich are my selection to win the tournament, both in good form with loads of experience, will need to draw on all of that to overcome Ross Bresland and his steady leader Derek Angell, but I think they can go all the way
My Selection - McIlroy/J Slavich
Wooltorton/Potente 0.81%, Pearce/Willesee 1.63%, Bresland/Angell 14.63%, McIlroy/Slavich 93.5%

Section 14

Vlahos/Stanik Joondalup
Sims/Munday Leeming
Bates/Simpson Dudley Park
Hulbert/Morgan Sorrento
I'm going to go for my first real upset here, the obvious selection is the Ron Bate and Mark Simpson pair, welcome back to WA by the way Ron, but I'm going for the Murray Hulbert and Peter Morgan duo. An unfashionable duo but ultra consistent and I reckon they might do it
My Selection - Hulbert/Morgan
Vlahos/Stanik 0.81%, Sims/Munday 1.63%, Bates/Simpson 95.93%, Hulbert/Morgan 13.01%

Section 15

Packer/Mitchell Composite
Cole/Starbuck Halls Head
Ashworth/Archer York
Calvo/Hughes South Perth
Last years winners, tournament favs at time of writing, they should go awfully close again and should win this section comfortably.
My Selection - Packer/M Mitchell
Packer/Mitchell 106.5%, Cole/Starbuck 0%, Ashworth/Archer 1.63%, Calvo/Hughes 3.25%

Section 16

Lander/Cunningham Sorrento
Carr/Clarke Goomalling
Marsland/Kemp Composite
Anning/Hilsz Swan
This will be the Dale Marsland from Mosman Park teaming up with Miles Kemp from Manning, and it looks a race in 2 with Chris Lander and Ross Cunningham. I think Dale Marsland will look the goods here
My Selection - Marsland/Kemp
Lander/Cunningham 50.41%, Carr/Clarke 0.81%, Marsland/Kemp 58.54%, Anning/Hilsz 1.63%

Section 17

Horwood/Thomas North Perth
Leggett/Neilson Joondalup
Ball/Bates Composite
Arriagada/Wright Rockingham
Another young pairing here, and I give Ben Leggett and Wes Neilson a real chance of winning the section. But Russell Bates and Brad Ball are a strong team, last game of the day will decide the winner and be worth watching. A certainty will be a lot of driving
My Selection - Ball/Bates
Horwood/Thomas 2.44%, Leggett/Neilson 19.51%, Ball/Bates 89.43%, Arriagada/Wright 0%

Section 18

Carbone/Nicol Gosnells
Wemm/Price Osborne Park
Smith/McCormack Perth & Tattersalls
Poggi/Scott Nollamara
Frank Carbone and Grant Nicol look far too good for thissection
My Selection - Carbone/Nicol
Carbone/Nicol 107.32%, Wemm/Price 1.63%, Smith/McCormack 0%, Poggi/Scott 2.44%

Section 19

Lynch/Stokes Bassendean
Alberti/Alberti South Perth
Rollings/Tba Osborne Park
Andersson/Hickey Leeming
All 4 pairings here would fancy themselves to win it. Be good to know who it with Mark Rollings from Osborne Park, he is an improved bowler, the father son Alberti combination will be keen to see how they go and the Bassendean teammates of Travis Lynch and Grant Stokes will go well. A real toss up
My Selection - Rollings/TBA
Lynch/Stokes 47.15%, Alberti/Alberti 45.53%, Rollings/Tba 16.26%, Andersson/Hickey 1.63%

Section 20

O'Neill/Pickering Osborne Park
Reagan/Butler Composite
Reagan/Reagan South Perth
Eagles/Taylor Sorrento
The 3 Reagans have drawn each other, a family square off. But not sure either of them will win the section, Bruce Eagles and Greg Taylor and good pair but I'll be going for the Steve O'Neil and Kevin Pickering pair.
My Selection - O'Neill/Pickering
O'Neill/Pickering 42.28%, Reagan/Butler 24.39%, Reagan/Reagan 3.25%, Eagles/Taylor 41.46%

Section 21

Tepania/Topine Cockburn
Kelly/Callcott Composite
Wunnenberg/Prowse Darkan
Krstic/Morss Bassendean
I really rate Mark Callcott as a bowler, Will Tepania just seems to win games but I'm going for the Bassendean boys Joe Krstic and John Morss, b oth are bowling well and they have paired up nicely
My Selection - Krstic/Morss
Tepania/Topine 34.15%, Kelly/Callcott 11.38%, Wunnenberg/Prowse 8.94%, Krstic/Morss 56.91%

Section 22

Gerrard/Gerrard Dowerin
Carruthers/Owen Safety Bay
Margin/Killish von Horn Bassendean
Trotter/Trotter Geraldton
We saw Chris Carruthers do so well in the Everest this year and it's a good pairing here. It looks a race in two with the Bassendean pair of Chris Margin/David Killisch von Horn. Margin not playing pennants but keeping his hand in with various events, they might just get up here
My Selection - Margim/Killisch von horn
Gerrard/Gerrard 4.07%, Carruthers/Owen 42.28%, Margin/KillishvonHorn 58.54%, Trotter/Trotter 6.5%

Section 23

Lindsay/Wright Fremantle
Roelofs/Galipo South Perth
Keep/Bowron Composite
Beurteaux/Robertson Mosman Park
Big Toes here from Mosman Park a very competitive bowler, not sure of his partner though. Roelefs and Galipo from South Perth but I'll be going for the country pairing of Gary Keep and Rob Bowron
My Selection - Keep/Bowron
Lindsay/Wright 4.07%, Roelofs/Galipo 10.57%, Keep/Bowron 34.15%, Beurteaux/Robertson 62.6%

Section 24

Bartlett/Rollnik Composite
Brown/Such Composite
Grieves/Blacklock Yunderup
Kelly/Moretti South Perth
One of favourite teams Daniel brown and Lee Such look too good here and will be looking to go very deep in the tournament
My Selection - Brown/Such
Bartlett/Rollnik 7.32%, Brown/Such 97.56%, Grieves/Blacklock 1.63%, Kelly/Moretti 4.88%

Section 25

Bowden/Higham Leeming
Day/Day Carnarvon
Tiller/Tiller Comet Bay
Ekholm/Fasolo Bassendean
Couple of family pairings here, I have seen first hand how manyh upsets the Bassendean team has done in club pairs over the years so they won't be easy, but Rob Tiller and his Dad are good bowlers so will be going for them
My Selection - Tiller/Tiller
Bowden/Higham 0.81%, Day/Day 6.5%, Tiller/Tiller 97.56%, Ekholm/Fasolo 4.88%

Section 26

Murray/Walton sorrento
Caffell/King Osborne Park
Gillingham/Mola North Beach
Weir/Carter Osborne Park
Race in 2 here, again like a few others I feel the last game of the day will decide the winner. Gary Caffell and Gordon King have been bowling together for years and they strike Brad Gillingham and Leo Mola. What will they be like away from North Beach? Another close game, another one decided in game 3, I'll go for the experience.
My Selection - Caffell/King
Murray/Walton 1.63%, Caffell/King 78.05%, Gillingham/Mola 26.02%, Weir/Carter 4.88%

Section 27

Pauling/Walker South Perth
Tenardi/Wood Composite
Davies/Dinnison Bassendean
Snelgar/Goddard Bassendean
Couple of Bassendean pairings here but they are up against it, Glenn Pauling and Scott Walker have won plenty of stuff together over the years but never a state pairs and they seemed primed to have their best tilt at it this year. Pauling on top of the skippers stats and in rare form. Will win the section and a couple more afterrwards I think
My Selection - Pauling/Walker
Pauling/Walker 106.5%, Tenardi/Wood 0.81%, Davies/Dinnison 3.25%, Snelgar/Goddard 0.81%

Section 28

Adams/Walker Composite
Daley/Leggett Joondalup
Carlsen/Richardson Composite
Flack/Niven Sorrento
Tricky little section this one, Patrick Daley crossing to Joondalup this season has been good teaming with Chris Leggett, not sure of the country duo but it's a fair hike to travel so they wouldn't make the trip lightly. John Carlsen with old Bedford teammate Billy Richardson won't go down lightly but I will go for Peter Flack, he is bowling well at the moment in a tough section
My Selection - Flack/Niven
Adams/Walker 35.77%, Daley/Leggett 50.41%, Carlsen/Richardson 6.5%, Flack/Niven 18.7%

Section 29

Carter/Edson Rossmoyne
Fielding/Watt Mt Lawley
Retallack/Buttel North Beach
Vaughan/Riggio Thornlie
Another difficult section, if any side can strike a good patch of form then they can win the section. Matt Buttel I saw first hand leading extremely well last weekend with Peter Retallack will go well but I will go for the Thornlie combination Glyn Vaughan and Pas Riggio. Gotta stick with my left handed brethren
My Selection - Vaughan/Riggio
Carter/Edson 32.52%, Fielding/Watt 4.07%, Retallack/Buttel 51.22%, Vaughan/Riggio 23.58%

Section 30

Masel/Sinden Mt Lawley
Taylor/Nicholls Kellerberrin
Nairn/Wilkinson Composite
Durrant/Havercroft South Perth
Tough section, a pair of our State Fours winning team here in Mark Masel and Paul Sinden coming up against a previous winner in Blake Nairn with an unusual pairing from Bunbury. I don't really know much about Wilkinson, but Blake doesn't play with nobodies and on that fact alone I will go for them
My Selection - Nairn/Wilkinson
Masel/Sinden 28.46%, Taylor/Nicholls 1.63%, Nairn/Wilkinson 68.29%, Durrant/Havercroft 12.2%

Section 31

Taylor/Butler Composite
Alden/Kenyon Bassendean
Abonnel/Jocelyn Composite
Antonio/Kinnane South Perth
My section is quite a tough one, don't know much about the Taylor/ Butler combination, but Tom Antonio teaming up with Troy Kinnane is very good, and I'm hearing lots of good things about Stephen Jocelyn from Mosman Park, a recent mover here to WA from NSW and skippering well in White. A bit of a lottery but hopefully I get thru
My Selection - Alden/Kenyon
Taylor/Butler 6.5%, Alden/Kenyon 58.54%, Abonnel/Jocelyn 17.89%, Antonio/Kinnane 27.64%

Section 32

Perica/Flintoff Kardinya
Bridge/Edwards Cockburn
Radford/Terrell Kardinya
Bartlett/Hayes Composite
A race in 3 here, Sam Perica with Daryl Flintoff, teammates Darryl Radford and John Terrell and last years semi finalists Steven Bartlett and Chooky Hayes. Really tough to split, I think the positions of all sides are very compatible, I'm going to go for the firepower of Perica, but only just.
My Selection - Perica/Flintoff
Perica/Flintoff 47.97%, Bridge/Edwards 0%, Radford/Terrell 49.59%, Bartlett/Hayes 13.82%

Section 33

Thomas/Dunstan Composite
Tennant/McKenna Doubleview
Lancaster/Miguel Beacon
Monkhouse/Garner Byford
Andrew Tennant and Chris McKenna look to be the obvious team to progress from this section
My Selection - Tennant/McKenna
Thomas/Dunstan 2.44%, Tennant/McKenna 94.31%, Lancaster/Miguel 12.2%, Monkhouse/Garner 0.81%

Section 34

Merz/Palumbo Composite
Wood/Park Swan
Gollan/Petchell Rossmoyne
Mackay/Ivory Composite
How good have Rossmoyne and especially Eddie Gollan been this season. So refreshing and I think he will continue that good form with his other skipper Allan Petchell
My Selection - Gollan/Petchell
Merz/Palumbo 10.57%, Wood/Park 19.51%, Gollan/Petchell 79.67%, Mackay/Ivory 1.63%

Section 35

Gosstray/Thomas Composite
Douthie/Devenish North Beach
Rankin/Brandsma Composite
Fewster/D'Souza Bassendean
Wowsers, I think this one is the section of death. I know it has star bowlers David Rankin and Bill Brandsma, but the other 3 combinations contain some very good bowlers. I think Rankin will win all 3 games, but he wouldn't want to take his eyes of the prize else he might go down
My Selection - Rankin/Brandsma
Gosstray/Thomas 4.88%, Douthie/Devenish 7.32%, Rankin/Brandsma 97.56%, Fewster/D'Souza 1.63%

Section 36

Foster/Rushforth Cambridge
Chalmers/Ledger Kalamunda
Newton/Newton Hilton Park
Kelly/Green Mt Lawley
The Cambridge have been picked as favourites to win this section and I suspect they might be right. Andrew Foster I suspect with Steve Rushforth skippering who is undefeated this season after coming in late.
My Selection - Foster/Rushforth
Foster/Rushforth 77.24%, Chalmers/Ledger 5.69%, Newton/Newton 15.45%, Kelly/Green 13.01%

Section 37

Kelly/Watson Composite
Danes/Coxon Yunderup
Opie/Manton Composite
Parr/Smith Quinns Rocks
Outstanding combination and good friend Justin Opie and Beau Manton look far too strong for this section and will be looking to go very deep in the tournament
My Selection - Opie/Manton
Kelly/Watson 2.44%, Danes/Coxon 0.81%, Opie/Manton 104.88%, Parr/Smith 3.25%

Section 38

Hoffman/Cranswick Mosman Park
Knott/Williams Manning
Holt/Holt Composite
/ 0
Gee whiz boy oh boy, what a section to finish. Straight away you would go for Shane Knott and Anthony Williams, but with Manning struggling in the PL perhaps they arent in tip top form at the moment. Warren Holt a very good player with his Dad Fred and Cameron Hoffman with Terry Cranswick go ok together as well. If Knott/Williams slightly off then this section is wide open
My Selection - Knott/Williams
Hoffman/Cranswick 11.38%, Knott/Williams 88.62%, Holt/Holt 10.57%, / 0.81%
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