State Singles 2021
Ok better get cracking on my tips and thoughts hopefully will get through them all before Sunday. Just about everyone who the below tippers think will win the Mens section are all in the bottom half of the draw. I'm going for the winner to come from Rankin, Brandsma or Brown. The top half I am going for Such, Bessant or Walker to get to the pointy end.
The ladies will again be selected by Hattie, we await her tips to see who she thinks will win.
Mens Winners (based on tips rec'd)
Name13th Jan14th Jan15th Jan16th Jan
Womens Winners (based on tips rec'd)

Name13th Jan14th Jan15th Jan16th Jan
Total Tipsters - 87

Section 1

P Loveland - Bedford
B Henley - Kardinya
D Ravlich - Cockburn
Section 1, always exciting to start the singles off, you'll find my descriptions will get smaller as I try and get through all the sections. Brad Henley in good form
My Selection - Brad Henley
PLoveland 1.15%,BHenley 75.86%,DRavlich 22.99%

Section 2

G Taylor - Sorrento
L Strahan - Cambridge
B Richardson - Civic Merredin
Lance Strahan returning to pennants and good to see Billy Richardson make the trek to Perth but hard to go past the state pairs winner in Greg Taylor
My Selection - Greg Taylor
GTaylor 34.48%,LStrahan 58.62%,BRichardson 6.9%

Section 3

M Allen - Manning
D Stanik - Joondalup
G Harper - Roleystone
Will go for the leader in the Manning PL side here
My Selection - Matty Allen
MAllen 83.91%,DStanik 14.94%,GHarper 1.15%

Section 4

P Smith - Perth & Tattersalls
J Carrigan - Bassendean
C De Jager - Bullsbrook
Don't know much about these guys outside of the Bassendean bowler. John Carrigan goes well for a novice but Perth and Tatts having a good season so their bowlers must be in good form
My Selection - P Smith
PSmith 67.82%,JCarrigan 27.59%,CDeJager 4.6%

Section 5

R Wemm - Osborne Park
D Hagen - South Perth
T Cabassi - Gingin
Not an easy section at all but Tom Cabassi did beat Grant Nicol last year and that’s good form for me.
My Selection - Tom Cabassi
RWemm 12.64%,DHagen 13.79%,TCabassi 73.56%

Section 6

D Wood - Swan
P Knight - Sorrento
P Davies - Kardinya
Three good players here, Paul Davies a sectional last year before running into Clive Adams, Daniel Wood a section winner last year as well and it will be between these 2, Paul Knight good enough to be a thorn though. Will go for Wood
My Selection - Daniel Wood
DWood 25.29%,PKnight 4.6%,PDavies 70.11%

Section 7

C Girvan - Willetton
S Connell - Mt Lawley
P Brotherston - Cockburn
Great to see Cameron Girvan playing state events again and he has a tough section. Stephen Connell a sectional winner last year and Paul Brotherston doesn't look like he enters the singles much, in 2019 was beaten by Ryan Moyle.
My Selection - Stephen Connell
CGirvan 49.43%,SConnell 32.18%,PBrotherston 17.24%

Section 8

B White - Doubleview
M Wright - Bassendean
J Buchanan - Joondalup
Looks to be a race between the top and bottom. Brad White has won his section the past 3 years, James Buchanan won last year but the singles form of White will be hard to toss
My Selection - Brad White
BWhite 57.47%,MWright 2.3%,JBuchanan 40.23%

Section 9

M Lee - Meadow Springs
N Costello - North Beach
E Gollan - Rossmoyne
Eddie Gollan is a sectional winner the past 2 years and also some knockout games last year. Neville Costello doesn't enter often but is a good bowler. Gollan is superb form skippering in the Premier League so will go for him
My Selection - Eddie Gollan
MLee 0%,NCostello 27.59%,EGollan 72.41%

Section 10

W Hyatt - Dudley Park
P Holmes - South Perth
L Such - Manning
This should be a cracking game between Lee Such and Will Hyatt to progress. Hyatt defeated me last year and bowled very well, a young player to look out for. Lee Such is in the state squad and has had some good singles wins over East.
My Selection - Lee Such
WHyatt 13.79%,PHolmes 2.3%,LSuch 83.91%

Section 11

J Krstic - Bassendean
S Walker - South Perth
D Comrie - Kardinya
In most other sections you would go for Comrie of Krstic with some certainty but Scott Walker has an imposing singles record. Round of 16 last year, sectional winner year before and did not play the year before because of duties in England for the PBA.Hard to go past him
My Selection - Scott Walker
JKrstic 0%,SWalker 94.25%,DComrie 5.75%

Section 12

J Edgar - Kardinya
C McKay - Victoria Park Carlisle
W Neilson - Joondalup
I remember when Charlie McKay beat Matt Mitchell at Mt Lawley and he was a sectional winner last year with 2 knockout games before a tight loss to Daniel Trewhella. Wes Neilson in good form at Joondalup in Blue North at also a sectional winner last year and a couple of knockout games before losing to runner up Blake Butler. Gonna be a tough game
My Selection - Wes Neilson
JEdgar 1.15%,CMcKay 12.64%,WNeilson 86.21%

Section 13

L Kelly - Mt Lawley
G Faulkner - Doubleview
D Marsland - Mosman Park
Three good games here, Gav Faulkner is a solid draw bowler but has had some tough sections recently, did get to the Round of 16 in 2018. Laurie Kelly doesn't play much in the Singles but my selection will be Dale Marsland. Doesn't have an impressive record but is a solid draw bowler
My Selection - Dale Marsland
LKelly 0%,GFaulkner 32.18%,DMarsland 66.67%

Section 14

C Bates - Manning
C Dyer - North Perth
T Leahy - Kardinya
Travis Leahy the new recruit to Kardinya had a good singles last year winning through to the round of 32, Clint Dyer did play last year but unsuccessful in his section
My Selection - Travis Leahy
CBates 4.6%,CDyer 2.3%,TLeahy 93.1%

Section 15

C Margin - Bassendean
P Kain - Sorrento
M Dragicevich - North Beach
All 3 of these players did not escape their sections last year but Chris Margin does have a good singles record and should get through
My Selection - Chris Margin
CMargin 95.4%,PKain 3.45%,MDragicevich 1.15%

Section 16

L Pickles - Mundaring
M Craig - Roleystone
M Kemp - Manning
Lindsay Pickles the only one to play last year but did not get out of his section, the year prior Miles Kemp came through a tough section and won a couple of knockout games, has led for years at Manning as well and a good draw bowler
My Selection - Miles Kemp
LPickles 9.2%,MCraig 0%,MKemp 90.8%

Section 17

R Cooper - Kalamunda
B Alp - Corrigin
G Stokes - Bassendean
Don't underestimate the attire of Rod Cooper, he can be a deceptively difficult bowler to overcome. Having said that I will go for Grant Stokes, a narrow loss to eventual winner in John Slavich last year good form for mine
My Selection - Grant Stokes
RCooper 21.84%,BAlp 12.64%,GStokes 65.52%

Section 18

C Harris - Cambridge
B Hogg - Manning
J Bowden - Leeman
Don't know who J Bowden is or even where Leeman is. Cameron Harris had to overcome a Brad last year and won some knockout games. Brad Hogg our bowls ambassador is easy to forget he is still a novice at the sport, one thinks though it won't be long before we his name at the deep end of some tournaments.
My Selection - Cameron Harris
CHarris 95.4%,BHogg 3.45%,JBowden 1.15%

Section 19

G Keep - Collie
N Reagan - North Perth
D Herbert - Warwick
Gary Keep burst into our knowledge in 2018 with a round of 16 loss to Daniel Brown and buttered up with a good run last year as well. I have no formlines for Herbert, Nick Reagan is an interesting case, a narrow loss to lose the section last year and a tough section the year before. Is a good player and can play singles, looks like another tough game for him this year
My Selection - Gary Keep
GKeep 32.18%,NReagan 66.67%,DHerbert 1.15%

Section 20

P Retallack - North Beach
B Davis - Armadale
K Willett - Joondalup
Keith Willett did lose 21-14 to Shane Knott in 2019, that’s good form for this section. Peter Retallack lost both games last year but is playing Premier League and Brian Davis though playing 2nd division is a good player. Is he a good singles player? No form to speak of at all for him. I'll take a punt and choose him.
My Selection - Brian Davis
PRetallack 88.51%,BDavis 6.9%,KWillett 4.6%

Section 21

M Cranswick - Mosman Park
D Slavich - Doubleview
D Park - Swan
It was in 2018 that we saw Mitchell Cranswick runner up in the state singles to Warren Holt and hasn't done much since. Still, he should be too good for his opponents this weekend
My Selection - Mitchell Cranswick
MCranswick 72.41%,DSlavich 8.05%,DPark 19.54%

Section 22

M Hoskin - Mannning
H Rick - Newdegate
S Deering - Doubleview
Don't know these guys at all and neither did any of them play last year. Simon Deering recently promoted to the Premier League for Doubleview so must be going all right. Gotta stick by the simons anyway, too few of us around
My Selection - Simon Deering
MHoskin 4.6%,HRick 14.94%,SDeering 79.31%

Section 23

G Caffell - Osborne Park
N Woods - Eaton
A Williams - Manning
2 former Osborne Park teammates square off here in Gary Caffell and Neville Woods but I think they will be upstaged by Anthony Williams. Was a sectional loser last year and Gary Caffell so experienced but will go for the youthful player here
My Selection - Anthony Williams
GCaffell 41.38%,NWoods 1.15%,AWilliams 57.47%

Section 24

J Exton - Brunswick
G Freeman - Leeming
C Bessant - Mt Lawley
Greg Freeman did beat Peter Madigan a former semi-finalist last year and no form for Exton. Corey Bessant though has won some singles titles and always tough to beat, and a good chance to get through the bottom half of the draw
My Selection - Corey Bessant
JExton 1.15%,GFreeman 0%,CBessant 98.85%

Section 25

D Kitson - Warnbro
A Axton - Mandurah
M Van Bemmel - Mosman Park
2 X-factors in consecutive games which I am not aware of. All 3 did not play last year, noy the prior 3 years so hard to gauge on recent singles form. Both Van Bemmel and kitson leading for their One Whites on a Saturday and don't know enough who to select. Will go with the masses and choose Van Bemmel
My Selection - M Van Bemmell
DmKitson 39.08%,AAxton 8.05%,MVanBemmel 52.87%

Section 26

R Bowron - Eaton
M Holt - Kardinya
M Ryan - joondalup
When Rob Bowron makes the trip to Perth he goes all right be that for Countryweek or the PBA.
My Selection - Rob Bowron
RBowron 72.41%,MHolt 17.24%,MRyan 10.34%

Section 27

S Shaw - Yokine
G Vaughan - Thornlie
J Carlsen - North Beach
A dicey section here, Glyn Vaughan was a difficult singles player in his hey day, Shane Shaw did win a game 21-0 last year but John Carlsen did make it to the quarter finals last year in a huge run. Form prior wasn't good but will select him here
My Selection - John Carlsen
SShaw 8.05%,GVaughan 65.52%,JCarlsen 26.44%

Section 28

W Holt - Wagin
R Lang - Rossmoyne
T Southern - Swan
The 2018 singles winner in Warren Holt here, where he also won the Countryweek singles but his form since hasn't been so good. Rawley Lang skippering well in the PL and has won his section the last 3 years, 2 of those years losing to Charlie slavich narrowly so Holt won't get it all his own way. Trevor Southern also no slouch, have a leaning towards an upset in this section
My Selection - Rawley Lang
WHolt 85.06%,RLang 3.45%,TSouthern 11.49%

Section 29

L McKay - Bassendean
J Fielding - Mt Lawley
A Regan - Kardinya
Tony Regan has copped a Bassendean player in his section the past 2 years but did not progress courtesy of the third player. John Fielding would like those stats but I will go for my Bassendean teammate who is playing well at the moment
My Selection - Lloyd McKay
LMcKay 77.01%,JFielding 14.94%,ARegan 8.05%

Section 30

G Reagan - South Perth
P Sinden - Mt Lawley
P Feszczak - Rossmoyne
Greg Reagan did win his section in 2019, Paul Sinden last year wqon his section and beat Kyle McIlroy in a knockout game before losing. He is a solid singles player and leader in this years state fours winning team
My Selection - Paul Sinden
GReagan 32.18%,PSinden 66.67%,PFeszczak 1.15%

Section 31

A Pryce - Manning
B Gillingham - North Beach
L Fasolo - Bassendean

My Selection -
APryce 13.79%,BGillingham 83.91%,LFasolo 1.15%

Section 32

S Fewster - Bassendean
T Vlahos - Joondulup
N Stevens - Osborne Park

My Selection -
SFewster 31.03%,TVlahos 3.45%,NStevens 65.52%

Section 33

S Smith - Quinns Rocks
F Tyson - Sorrento
K Nadilo - Spearwood

My Selection -
ShSmith 78.16%,FTyson 5.75%,KNadilo 16.09%

Section 34

M Mitchell - Emu Point
T Cranswick - Mosman Park
M Hosking - Leeming

My Selection -
MMitchell 91.95%,TCranswick 6.9%,MHosking 1.15%

Section 35

W Tepania - Cockburn
T Kinnane - South Perth
B Brandsma - Kalamunda

My Selection -
WTepania 3.45%,TKinnane 5.75%,BBrandsma 89.66%

Section 36

S Loftus - Sorrento
B Driscoll - Joondalup
R Cole - Quinns Rocks

My Selection -
SLoftus 95.4%,BDriscoll 1.15%,RCole 2.3%

Section 37

M Palumbo - Mt Lawley
K Bowden - Fremantle
J Marevic - Cockburn

My Selection -
MPalumbo 16.09%,KBowden 17.24%,JMarevic 66.67%

Section 38

B Nairn - Cambridge
I Unkovich - Spearwood
D Melbin - Coorow

My Selection -
BNairn 97.7%,IUnkovich 2.3%,DMelbin 0%

Section 39

J Newton - Leeming
J Gilchrist - Scarborough
D Downey - Emu Point

My Selection -
JNewton 11.49%,JGilchrist 3.45%,DDowney 85.06%

Section 40

A Barron - Sorrento
C Booth - Kardinya
R Moyle - Doubleview

My Selection -
ABarron 0%,CBooth 1.15%,RMoyle 98.85%

Section 41

A Andersson - Leeming
M Biglin - South Perth
S Knott - Manning

My Selection -
AAndersson 0%,MBiglin 9.2%,SKnott 90.8%

Section 42

B McGrechan - Yokine
C Carruthers - Safety Bay
R D'Souza - Bassendean

My Selection -
BMcGrechan 2.3%,CCarruthers 80.46%,RD'Souza 17.24%

Section 43

T Higham - Leeming
J Opie - South Perth
A Rankine - Bullsbrook

My Selection -
THigham 1.15%,JOpie 97.7%,ARankine 1.15%

Section 44

G Watson - Boulder
J Shepherd - Civic Merredin
K Manton - Denmark

My Selection -
GWatson 29.89%,JShepherd 10.34%,KManton 59.77%

Section 45

M Monteiro - Kardinya
B Manton - Bassendean
P Calllison - Mt Lawley

My Selection -
MMonteiro 0%,BManton 97.7%,PCalllison 2.3%

Section 46

K McIlroy - Sorrento
M Rollings - Osborne Park
D Cosgrove - Doubleview

My Selection -
KMcIlroy 86.21%,MRollings 13.79%,DCosgrove 0%

Section 47

T Krajancic - Fremantle
J Carter - Osborne Park
R Ellis - Bassendean

My Selection -
TKrajancic 70.11%,JCarter 13.79%,REllis 16.09%

Section 48

T Alberti - South Perth
D Flintoff - Kardinya
W Harvey - Rossmoyne

My Selection -
TAlberti 91.95%,DFlintoff 5.75%,WHarvey 1.15%

Section 49

G Pauling - South Perth
J Rollnik - Ellenbrook
J Kendall - Leeming

My Selection -
GPauling 94.25%,JRollnik 4.6%,JKendall 1.15%

Section 50

J Galipo - South Perth
M Dewson - Perth
G Martin - Scarborough

My Selection -
JGalipo 20.69%,MDewson 3.45%,GMartin 75.86%

Section 51

S Mulhall - Safety Bay
M Menzies - Bedford
S Anning - Swan

My Selection -
SMulhall 11.49%,MMenzies 3.45%,SAnning 83.91%

Section 52

B Nelson - Wanneroo
A Tennant - Doubleview
C Hoffman - Mosman Park

My Selection -
BNelson 1.15%,ATennant 20.69%,CHoffman 78.16%

Section 53

D Snelgar - Bassendean
A Jones - Mt Lawley
B Leggett - Joondalup

My Selection -
DSnelgar 2.3%,AJones 40.23%,BLeggett 57.47%

Section 54

J Morss - Bassendean
A Taylor - Joondalup
G Miller - Dudley Park

My Selection -
JMorss 62.07%,ATaylor 3.45%,GMiller 34.48%

Section 55

R Pringle - Kalamunda
S Palmer - North Beach
P Hickey - Leeming

My Selection -
RPringle 88.51%,SPalmer 2.3%,PHickey 9.2%

Section 56

J Goddard - Hopetoun
J Vlahos - Joondulup
C Taboni - Osborne Park

My Selection -
JGoddard 93.1%,JVlahos 3.45%,CTaboni 3.45%

Section 57

G Burgess - Leeming
G O'Neill - Bedford
K Cornell - Mt Lawley

My Selection -
GBurgess 21.84%,GO'Neill 22.99%,KCornell 55.17%

Section 58

G Jones - Cambridge
S Pasalich - Osborne Park
P Wachmer - Fremantle

My Selection -
GJones 1.15%,SPasalich 50.57%,PWachmer 48.28%

Section 59

F Flanagan - Binningup
D Reagan - South Perth
S Swanson - Mosman Park

My Selection -
FFlanagan 5.75%,DReagan 18.39%,SSwanson 73.56%

Section 60

M Vitale - Stirling
L Onley Jnr - Hilton park
S Rushforth - Cambridge

My Selection -
MVitale 16.09%,LOnley Jnr 0%,SRushforth 82.76%

Section 61

P Park - Swan
J Bartorillo - North Beach
C McKenna - Doubleview

My Selection -
PPark 29.89%,JBartorillo 4.6%,CMcKenna 65.52%

Section 62

P Gunness - North Beach
P Cole - Halls Head
N Kirkup - Bassendean

My Selection -
PGunness 1.15%,PCole 71.26%,NKirkup 25.29%

Section 63

M Sharrett - Sorrento
D Rankin - Kardinya
G Yabuka - North Beach

My Selection -
MSharrett 1.15%,DRankin 97.7%,GYabuka 1.15%

Section 64

C Biddle - Osborne Park
K Wind - Roleystone
B Chalwell - Dudley Park

My Selection -
CBiddle 93.1%,KWind 1.15%,BChalwell 5.75%

Section 65

A Southern - Swan
M Thomas - Kalamunda
D Trewhella - Scarborough

My Selection -
ASouthern 6.9%,MThomas 1.15%,DTrewhella 91.95%

Section 66

S Scott - Doubleview
P Walker - North Beach
M Zusman - Cockburn

My Selection -
SScott 20.69%,PWalker 75.86%,MZusman 3.45%

Section 67

K Gavranich - East Fremantle
P Hilsz - Swan
A Smith - Bassendean

My Selection -
KGavranich 1.15%,PHilsz 6.9%,ASmith 91.95%

Section 68

R Bates - Kardinya
B Fraser - Quairading
A Pasalich - Osborne Park

My Selection -
RBates 88.51%,BFraser 5.75%,APasalich 5.75%

Section 69

G Wilkes - Safety Bay
S Niven - Sorrento
M Douthie - North Beach

My Selection -
GWilkes 1.15%,SNiven 1.15%,MDouthie 97.7%

Section 70

B King - Geraldton
C Lander - Sorrento
T Lynch - Bassendean

My Selection -
BKing 4.6%,CLander 91.95%,TLynch 3.45%

Section 71

J East - Osborne Park
S Novak - Kardinya
T Weir - Osborne Park

My Selection -
JEast 56.32%,SNovak 40.23%,TWeir 3.45%

Section 72

M Masel - Mt Lawley
I Linford - Sorrento
R Buckle - Byford

My Selection -
MMasel 89.66%,ILinford 9.2%,RBuckle 1.15%

Section 73

D Opie - Cambridge
P Allen - Osborne Park
R Havercroft - South Perth

My Selection -
DOpie 86.21%,PAllen 3.45%,RHavercroft 10.34%

Section 74

M Wyndham - Joondalup
B Eagles - Sorrento
B Ball - Kardinya

My Selection -
MWyndham 0%,BEagles 37.93%,BBall 62.07%

Section 75

S Mawdsley - Warnbro
M Nuttall - Roleystone
C Green - Mt Lawley

My Selection -
SMawdsley 94.25%,MNuttall 2.3%,CGreen 3.45%

Section 76

J O'Brien - Mandurah
T O'Meehan - Borden
M Ellis - Manning

My Selection -
JO'Brien 11.49%,TO'Meehan 4.6%,MEllis 83.91%

Section 77

M Whitely - Bassendean
S O'brien - Manning
G Ashworth - York

My Selection -
MWhitely 35.63%,SO'brien 58.62%,GAshworth 5.75%

Section 78

L Beurteaux - Mosman Park
C Parr - Quinns Rocks
D Brown - Sorrento

My Selection -
LBeurteaux 10.34%,CParr 2.3%,DBrown 87.36%

Section 79

G Ford - Leeming
P Kelly - Swan
C Slavich - Doubleview

My Selection -
GFord 4.6%,PKelly 3.45%,CSlavich 91.95%

Section 80

D Calvo - South Perth
S Alden - Bassendean
S Rixom - Sorrento

My Selection -
DCalvo 1.15%,SiAlden 62.07%,SRixom 36.78%

Section 81

C Wooldridge - Cambridge
C Packer - Osborne Park
T Massang - Mosman Park

My Selection -
CWooldridge 1.15%,CPacker 97.7%,TMassang 1.15%

Section 82

W Fairjones - Quinns Rocks
P Morgan - Sorrento
A Heal - Manning

My Selection -
WFairjones 1.15%,PMorgan 10.34%,AHeal 87.36%

Section 83

A Burrows - Quinns Rocks
G O'Brien - Manning
C Adams - Cambridge

My Selection -
ABurrows 0%,GO'Brien 0%,CAdams 100%

Section 84

M Hulbert - Sorrento
A Foster - Cambridge
M Fredericks - Doubleview

My Selection -
MHulbert 73.56%,AFoster 22.99%,MFredericks 2.3%

Section 85

J Robertson - Middleton Beach
G Nicol - Gosnells
G Hill - Fremantle

My Selection -
JRobertson 18.39%,GNicol 78.16%,GHill 3.45%

Section 86

B Butler - Manning
K Carr - Goomalling
L Moretti - South Perth

My Selection -
BButler 96.55%,KCarr 0%,LMoretti 3.45%

Section 1

M Cooney - Thornlie
C Gilchrist - Scarborough
J Rogalski - Dudley Park
Maureen Cooney is your definite dark horse here. I see her going through to second and more rounds after many many times. The quality of Jenni is not to be underestimated but you know, I'm going to start this year with the dark horse. Maureen for me.
Hattie's Selection - Maureen Cooney
MCooney 10.34%,CGilchrist 4.6%,JRogalski 83.91%

Section 2

S Hayes - Waroona
B Baker - Mosman Park
P Bayliss - Bedford
The standout performer here is Bev Baker. She has probably won more titles than I have entered in competition. 27 games for the state, she is still a force to be reckoned with. Who am I picking? Duh….
Hattie's Selection - Bev Baker
SHayes 4.6%,BBaker 91.95%,PBayliss 2.3%

Section 3

M Newton - Leeming
T Hastings - Guilderton
G Botting - Busselton
This section has the current Champion of Champions in it and I would be a little foolish not to go with her. The new Mt Lawley synthetics might give her something to think about but really, it should take long for her to settle in.
Hattie's Selection - Therese Hastings
MNewton 3.45%,THastings 91.95%,GBotting 3.45%

Section 4

S Hemphill - South Perth
I Leahy - Boulder
S Watkins - Leeming
Going by last years Champion of Champions draw, I see that Sandra Hemphill won her singles club championship. Does that mean she is a definite to go through? I suspect that Irene Leahy might have a little something to say about that. I seem to recall Irene's name down the business end of some comps so I will edge out on my limb and go for her.
Hattie's Selection - Irene Leahy
SHemphill 9.2%,ILeahy 80.46%,SWatkins 8.05%

Section 5

J Allen - Mosman Park
M Tallala - Mt Lawley
S Wilke - North Perth
This section is a bit of a toss up between two people for mine. Judy Allen is a quality 2nd in Premier division and Sally Wilke was once part of the State Squad and certainly knows how to put down some good bowls. I suspect Sally has had a go on the Mt Lawley greens lately, so I will go with her as having a small enough advantage to get through
Hattie's Selection - Sally Wilke
JAllen 39.08%,MTallala 2.3%,SWilke 57.47%

Section 6

D Saunders - South Perth
P Bourne - Sorrento
T Madigan - Osborne Park
Phew, now this one is a bit more of a toughie. Deb Saunders (aka Bob Jones) plays plenty of competitions and is super keen to go further and improve and certainly is in a good position to do that. Pauline was a previous Champ of Champs singles winner, which bodes very well in a Singles comp. Toni, although playing back end most of the time at OP, has already shown that she is a fantastic draw bowler, having been in the State team doing just that. Gosh. Dart board anyone?
Hattie's Selection - Toni Madigan
DSaunders 4.6%,PBourne 6.9%,TMadigan 87.36%

Section 7

A Powell - Mt Lawley
E Marshall - Sorrento
J Enright - Carnamah
I reckon I'll go for the State Academy member here, Jess Enright. She has been entering all the State competitions as all Academy members are encouraged to do I'm sure. She obviously has the potential to go far and I'll back her for this one.
Hattie's Selection - Jess Enright
APowell 6.9%,EMarshall 77.01%,JEnright 12.64%

Section 8

A Crabb - Manning
J McLaughlin - North Beach
J Savell - Osborne Park
Gosh, only 8 sections in and I'm already struggling with the tough choices. All 3 of these ladies are Premier players and all three are fantastic draw bowlers. I am going to have to go with recently returned from the Eastern states, Jenni to go through this time. But really, this section hasn't got a very clear winner in m mind.
Hattie's Selection - Jenni McLaughlin
ACrabb 16.09%,JMcLaughlin 11.49%,JSavell 71.26%

Section 9

L Warburton - Mosman Park
K Miller - Mt Barker Golf
B Killisch von Horn - Bassendean
I suspect this is the first time for a while we have seen Brenda Killisch von Horn in a Singles draw, please correct me if that is incorrect. I have heard that she is a very fine player and helping the Basso Saturday Ladies squad climb the ranks. In saying that, Linda Warburton is hard to go past, recent State Pairs winner and generally in very good form.
Hattie's Selection - Linda Warburton
LWarburton 87.36%,KMiller 3.45%,BKillischvonHorn 8.05%

Section 10

N Nilon - Gosnells
I Davies - North Beach
I Arndt - Safety Bay
Although Safety Bay are not having the season in Pennants that they would like to have and some might expect, I would still think Irene has the goods to go through this section.
Hattie's Selection - Irene Arndt
NNilon 0%,IDavies 5.75%,IArndt 93.1%

Section 11

H Packer - Manning
A Cashmore - Jurien
L Poletti - Mosman Park
I am sure most couples over the years have tried to take out the Mens and Ladies Singles and with Cody being in such great form at the moment, Hailey and he would be hoping that this is the year it happens for them. Hailey certainly has the shots to make it happen. Lee Poletti however may be the little fly in the ointment here, former State rep and still going strong. I'm going for Hailey to make it a Packer double
Hattie's Selection - Hailey Packer
HPacker 82.76%,ACashmore 1.15%,LPoletti 14.94%

Section 12

C Ace-Watson - Boulder
D Glass - Northam
K Buchanan - Thornlie
In the back of my mind I have something niggling away that Dot Glass is a Country Singles champion? Not sure how many years ago but I feel it was in the last couple. Along with her going very deep into the Masters Pairs this year, my money is on her to get through this section.
Hattie's Selection - Dot Glass
CAceWatson 75.86%,DGlass 8.05%,KBuchanan 13.79%

Section 13

A Campbell - North Beach
S Johnston - Bassendean
S Alden - Manning
Here we go, anyone's guess here. Playing at the home ground of Saffronne Alden, will that help at all? Shirley Johnston won through to go to the Aus Indoors a couple of years ago so is no stranger to winning Singles play. I think she will scrape through here.
Hattie's Selection - Shirley Johnston
ACampbell 12.64%,SJohnston 16.09%,SaAlden 70.11%

Section 14

M Anderson - Osborne Park
N Porteous - Ellenbrook
E Andersson - Leeming
I have deliberated for quite a while over this section, very tough indeed. Erica from Leeming is a strong lead in Premier league, Margaret a very good skipper in Premier league and if Nerrida was still at Sorrento, you'd best believe she would still be in Premier league. I think I'll go for Margaret in this match up, but I really think it is anybody's section
Hattie's Selection - Margaret Anderson
MAnderson 64.37%,NPorteous 32.18%,EAndersson 2.3%

Section 15

K Reagan - South Perth
L Brannan - Melville
R Leggett - Osborne Park
Lisa should be too strong in this section. Ruby is a great up and comer and definitely one to keep an eye on, but the experience of State squad member Lisa will tell.
Hattie's Selection - Lisa Brannan
KReagan 8.05%,LBrannan 77.01%,RLeggett 13.79%

Section 16

R Coote - Mosman Park
M McGregor - Thornlie
P Chalmers - Osborne Park
Pam Chalmers, not really playing pennants at the moment but boy, when she fills in for them, has a belter. I can't really go past her in this one, she is a fantastic draw bowler and expect her to go pretty deep in this comp.
Hattie's Selection - Pam Chalmers
RCoote 9.2%,MMcGregor 1.15%,PChalmers 88.51%

Section 17

K Gibson - Bassendean
L Hill - Fremantle
K Hughes - Warwick
I'm sorry to say that I am not really across any of these ladies at all. How terrible of me, my finger is certainly not on any pulses here. I am going to go with Klaire Hughes, going off the back of her being a skipper in 1st Division only
Hattie's Selection - Klaire Hughes
KGibson 79.31%,LHill 8.05%,KHughes 11.49%

Section 18

H Heal - Manning
C Taylor - Wanneroo
J Bruce - Busselton
Helen Heal, recent finals appearance in the Masters Pairs, and the year before, and the year before that she won it along with Kristina Krstic. I can't really go past her, she is branching out into back end play in pennants but that does not take away the fact that her draw bowling is excellent
Hattie's Selection - Helen Heal
HHeal 95.4%,CTaylor 1.15%,JBruce 2.3%

Section 19

K Hutchinson - Sorrento
K Andersen - Mosman Park
K Weir - Wanneroo
Here we have the multi titled Kerry Andersen, runner up last year in this competition and looking to take it one step further this year no doubt.
Hattie's Selection - Kerry Andersen
KHutchinson 3.45%,KAndersen 93.1%,KWeir 2.3%

Section 20

G Cooper - North Beach
J Danes - Yunderup
C Tonkovich - Bullsbrook
Oh no! Another section where I’m not sure of the players. I really must get out and about and take more notice of what is going on. J Danes from Yunderup, I haven't even got the luxury of looking her up in metro pennants. Sigh. Sorry ladies, this one really is a dart.
Hattie's Selection - Glenda Cooper
GCooper 82.76%,JDanes 12.64%,CTonkovich 3.45%

Section 21

W Flack - Sorrento
J Summers - Osborne Park
H Morss - South Perth
Phew, back to knowing some people. Julieanne Summers, another Aus Indoors qualifying winner so a player who is not afraid of the Singles format. But really, Helen Morss is hard to go past. Past winner and multi titled bowler, she's the pick for me
Hattie's Selection - Helen Morss
WFlack 0%,JSummers 8.05%,HMorss 89.66%

Section 22

J Lancaster - Beacon
P Jennings - Bedford
S Lyster - Manning
Although I will quite honestly admit that I'm not as across the country bowlers as I could be, I am aware of Jo Lancaster. A past State Squad member (is she a current one? I’m not too sure. Is there a list somewhere?) and a classy bowler. I'm going for her in this section
Hattie's Selection - Jo Lancaster
JLancaster 60.92%,PJennings 1.15%,SLyster 36.78%

Section 23

C Smith - Mosman Park
R O'Brien - Manning
S Saunders - Osborne Park
Well, how could I possibly choose anyone but Shaan in this? Robyn O'Brien is no slouch and that game will be a tough one no doubt. Robyn certainly has the ability to take it up to Shaan, but I suspect Shaan will be flying high and won't want to stop that momentum.
Hattie's Selection - Shaan Saunders
CSmith 1.15%,RO'Brien 12.64%,SSaunders 85.06%

Section 24

A Masters - Osborne Park
K Krstic - Manning
C Archer - Brunswick
And here we are, the very next section, the other Masters Pairs winner, Amanda. Does this mean if they both win their sections that they will play each other? I think the answer to that is, yes. However, Amanda did get the draw with Kristina in it and I think it has been a very long time since Krissy has not won through her first round of any tournament.
Hattie's Selection - Kristina Krstic
AMasters 2.3%,KKrstic 95.4%,CArcher 1.15%

Section 25

J Adam - Mosman Park
B Chaney - Bassendean
L Merz - Manning
Our current Singles Champion crops up here and I think she will be trying her very best to join the ranks of Kristina and Therese in being back to back champions. And she certainly has the skill and talent to do that. Can’t go past her
Hattie's Selection - Laura Merz
JAdam 2.3%,BChaney 1.15%,LMerz 95.4%

Section 26

D Kitson - Warnbro
K Gobbart - Gingin
S Smith - York
I think this one will be the battle of the country ladies. Gingin vs York, ding, come out fighting. Kathy has certainly been at the pointy end of this comp in the past but I think maybe Sian will be just a little bit better this time around.
Hattie's Selection - Sian Smith
DwKitson 2.3%,KGobbart 54.02%,SiSmith 42.53%

Section 27

K Tyrrell - Osborne Park
J Parker - Mosman Park
L Ritchie - Wanneroo
A couple more Squad members here (gosh, does it feel like there are a lot of squad members or what?), with Jenny going just a one step further and representing the state at the last side series. They are both very good bowlers, but as a lead, I feel Jenny will the one to win over with steady draw bowls.
Hattie's Selection - Jenny Parker
KTyrrell 42.53%,JParker 54.02%,LRitchie 2.3%

Section 28

I Kozak - Port Bouvard
J Gleeson - Leeming
P Alberti - South Perth
Alberti? I seem to be seeing that name all over the place lately, and now here is a lady bowler to complete the set. I have no doubts she has been playing for a while but I just have never seen her come up in the State Singles. It really is fantastic to see so many new names in here, even if I can't comment on so many of them. Anyway, gotta make a pick and I'm going to go for.....
Hattie's Selection - Irene Kozak
IKozak 18.39%,JGleeson 18.39%,PAlberti 62.07%

Section 29

N Athienides - Warwick
R Higgins - North Beach
S Solly - Osborne Park
I think on her day, Robin Higgins is quite a difficult bowler to beat. However, I reckon the steady hand of Shari Solly will outwit her on this occasion. Experience does really help in these comps.
Hattie's Selection - Shari Solly
NAthienides 0%,RHiggins 3.45%,SSolly 95.4%

Section 30

E Meehan - Warnbro
N Abe - Corrigin
A Harris - Busselton
Congratulations to Noelene Abe, making the Jackaroo Senior squad again this year, what a magnificent achievement. Going off the back of that announcement, I would imagine she will be trying to show that they were quite correct in their decision and will be aiming to get right to the finals this year.
Hattie's Selection - Noelene Abe
EMeehan 1.15%,NAbe 96.55%,AHarris 1.15%

Section 31

Y Trotter - Osborne Park
T Cunningham - Mosman Park
L Smith - Perth & Tattersalls
Yet another previous squad member here with Lisa Smith, she has a State Fours win under her belt and will be wanting to get over this sectional hurdle. I think though, that Trish Cunningham might be the sneaky sneaky that will curtail her run.
Hattie's Selection - Trish Cunningham
YTrotter 10.34%,TCunningham 62.07%,LSmith 26.44%

Section 32

J Flanagan - Binningup
H Stevens - Osborne Park
C Chappelle - Mosman Park
State selector Helen Stevens looks the goods in this section, if only because she is the only name I recognise. However, her bowls ability is not in doubt.
Hattie's Selection - Helen Stevens
JFlanagan 0%,HStevens 91.95%,CChappelle 6.9%

Section 33

L Featherby - Mosman Park
B Lord - Joondalup
K White - Manning
Last but not least, Section 33. Lisa Featherby would be the one to choose I reckon, State Pairs winner, another title under her belt would really make this season sensational.
Hattie's Selection - Lisa Featherby
LFeatherby 93.1%,BLord 2.3%,KWhite 1.15%
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